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Train Songs...Tammy Faye Musical...Moose Licks


Tuesday January 9, 2024


Tuesday it is…all day. We had some rain last night…more today. But they were predicting strong winds last night and we escaped that and I’m thankful. Sometimes we can get a breeze and the power will get knocked out. Folks further south of us had their power go out. High of 53 in Nashville today.



I dug into a “train” song idea with my friend Tim Stafford online yesterday. If you know anything about bluegrass songs or listen to bluegrass then you know there’s a LOT of train songs. And artists just keep recording them. This one goes a little deeper than just trains and has a little history tucked into it…also not bad for a bluegrass song.



Heck, I’ve had a couple of “Train” songs of mine recorded already now that I think about it including the song “Train” that Kristy Cox had out as a single and the song “Mercy Of A Train” that was a single for Lori King and Junction 63.


I’m wrong a lot…but I feel pretty strongly that this new train song is going to find a musical home as well. Thanks to Tim for a great co-write on this one.



I got a call from my friend Jerry Salley who is the head of Billy Blue Records as he was in the studio with Kristy yesterday laying down vocals on a couple songs I helped write that will be on her new project this year. One in particular they think could be a “career” type song for her and that’s always music to a songwriters ear. Thank you Kristy for recording those songs!  Can’t wait to share.



I did watch the College Football Championship last night. Fun to watch and it became clear early that Michigan was the better team. Congrats to the Wolverines. I had Washington so it shows you how much I don’t know about college football.



A dermatologist says it’s okay to change your underwear every other day with minimal activity. Meanwhile a Newsweek survey shows that 47% change their underwear every day. (The most startling part of this reveal to me is finding out that Newsweek to the time to ask people about their underwear habit.)


Research is proving that excessive social media and screen time can affect your sleep and brain function.


Tennessee they say is one of the least healthiest states in the union. I’m not sure if it’s the grits, biscuits, or gravy that’s to blame.



5 Kentucky

4 Arkansas

3 Tennessee

2 Mississippi

1 West Virginia



5 Massachusetts

4 Minnesota

3 Connecticut

2 Utah

1 Hawaii



This one from comedian Norm McDonald who asks, “Why do dogs always race to the door when the doorbell rings? It’s almost never for them.”



Fake Stanley Cups are being sold now by scammers. All of a sudden Stanley Cups have gone viral in popularity. They’ve jacked the prices up seemingly everyone is lining up to try and get one…because it’s trendy I guess. Weird.


I’m not trying to get one because I’m still in line trying to get a danged Furby.



A musical on the life of Tammy Faye is coming to Broadway folks. I’m not sure which is weirder. The fact that someone would actually put together a Broadway show about the televangelist or the fact that they made it a musical. And yes, Jim Bakker will be a character in the show as well.


I wonder if they could use my song “Religion Scares The Hell Out Of Me” that mentions Tammy in the song?



That if you were in the top 5% of most popular when you were in High School that you will make at least 10% more money than those who finished in the bottom 5 of popularity. Proof I guess that it pays to be popular.



Canadian Officials Warn Drivers Not To Let Moose Lick Their Cars. (Gosh, I don’t know. When it’s winter and you’ve got all that salt and gunk on your car I might let a moose loose on my vehicle. Call it the Bullwinkle Car Wash maybe.)




I’ll be writing with Adam Pope today who performs all over the country with his wife Amy. Great couple and they’ve recorded songs I’ve written with them like this little gem “ Playing Patsy”. Adam got some great news this week. They’ve casted him in a show about Johnny Cash whom he loves. He sings quite a few “Cash” songs whenever he performs and now he’s going to be on a long 3 month tour with a big screen and big band performing the music of The Man in Black in theaters everywhere. The production is called “Johnny Cash…The Official Concert Experience”. So happy for him. 



Heck maybe will write something in that Johnny Cash vein today.


Have a great Tuesday!