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Snow...Great House Concert...Cold Pipes


Monday January 15, 2024


Monday morning and it’s a winter wonderland in Music City. We go S N O W and plenty of it last night. Just 21 for a high today.

I won’t be getting out for a couple of days as our driveway goes straight down. And it’s not the getting down the driveway that’s a problem…it’s the getting back up. Our little windy curvy dead end road rarely if ever sees a snow plow. Heck, middle Tennessee rarely sees this kind of accumulation. As much as 7 inches in parts of middle Tennessee this morning. Won’t be any school buses coming down this road either for a couple of days. 




With the announcement of all the school closings it makes me think about all the times I read a LONG LONG list of school closings on the radio stations I worked for. And I read them several times each morning. Heck, I remember growing up in Missouri and when it snowed I’d be listening to the radio station HOPING to hear our school was closed!


It got so boring reading that long list that I started playing a game with the listeners called “Name The Fake School.” Somewhere in that long list you might hear me say “Badonkadonk Elementary is on a 2-hour delay this morning. And then the first caller who named the incorrect school would win a prize. The problem with long school lists was that once the parent-listener heard their school…off the radio went for the most part because they too were bored hearing that long list.


Thankfully technology let us drive the listeners to our website where they could find out with a click or two if their school was open. And I’m guessing some parents get a text from their schools now notifying them. I always thought it would have been easier to announce what schools were open instead of the long list of those that were not.



Saturday evening I played a wonderful private house concert with my friends Lauren Mascitti & Wil Nance for Bob and Lori Hill. 



Their beautiful home is in Thompson Station, Tennessee just south of town and they are true lovers of songwriters. Once a month they open the doors to their home and welcome friends and invitees to come and listen to songwriters play their original music. Gosh we had a great turnout and folks brought food and then took their places on couches and chairs and stairs and some stood the entire time. There was no PA system so it was THAT kind of intimate experience. I think we play two and half hours or so with an intermission and folks just hung onto every story and every song. They were so warm and gracious. 



My thanks to Bob and Lori for having us and my old friend Dave Lenahan for making this experience happen.



I’ll be back in Missouri this Sunday for a 2:30 pm show for the Gateway Country Music Association Winter Show at the Wright City, Missouri Lions Club. Wright City is close to where I was born in Montgomery City so I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends for sure. I’m also going to be interviewed by Mike Thomas on KWRE-KFAV radio to promote the show. As soon as I know the day and time I’ll post it and you can listen to the interview “live” online if you’d like. 



I worked for a short while at KWRE when I was young. One of my very first radio jobs. So it’s always fun to be on the air there as a guest these days.



I had a good football weekend as the two teams I root for won. The Packers upset the Cowboys!  In Dallas! Wow. And then Taylor Swift…rather the Kansas City Chiefs beat poor Miami who had to play in the frigid cold in KC. Hoping to have one of those teams to root for in the Super Bowl this year.



This kind of cold weather made me think about one of the coldest days I ever had to work on air. I was a young radio DJ, first radio job at KPCR in Bowling Green, Missouri that was housed in a one bedroom trailer in a cow pasture. I had the sign on shift one Sunday morning after a brutal freeze. Those little 1000 Watt radio stations like KPCR were Sunrise to Sunset operations. That means you could turn the transmitter on at sunrise, but you were required to turn it off when the sun went down. That’s because the FCC was clearing the air for those big 50,000 watt radio station to be heard all over the country without small radio stations interfering. WSM Radio here in Nashville where I also worked is one of those 50,000 watt blowtorches.


This particular COLD morning when I walked into that trailer radio station was memorable because there was no heat. I called the station owner-engineer to tell him everything had frozen! The glass on the studio that I worked from was iced over. No running water. I turned the transmitter on and went to play a record. Back then it was a needle on a 45 rpm record. Well, the needle just slid across the vinyl because all the records were frozen over as well. We head one long playing tape cartridge that played, but other than that…I talked…and talked…a lot. I had to wait until the owner got there with a Bunsen burner and slid underneath that single wide to thaw the pipes out before I could play a record that morning.


So that’s literally a radio memory that’s FROZEN in time for me.



A Doctor says that Ping Pong could be the secret to treating neurological diseases.


The CDC reports that COVID hospitalizations have increased for the 9th week in a row. And the WHO reported 10,000 died worldwide in December from COVID.


The FDNY is now masking first responders once again because of the spike in contagious diseases.



No wonder I've never had anything stolen off of me!



A Top Gun 3 movie is being developed. All for it. The first two were incredible so I can’t wait for a third. Besides Tom Cruise reprising his role as Maverick the word is that actors Miles Teller and Glen Powell will also be back in their roles of “Rooster” and “Hangman”. We’re going to have to wait a bit for it as Tom Cruise is filming Mission Impossible 8 right now…more good news as those films are always fun to watch as well. 





I never bought much less collected comic books as a kid. Part of the reason was I didn’t really have the money to do so when I was at an age where comic books would have been of interest. But I can remember that the Pharmacy in the little town I grew up in had a rack of them so I’d just mosey in and page through some of them. I’m surprised the owner didn’t run me off.


I should have found a way to buy a few apparently as some of them are worth so much money now. In fact this rare Spiderman comic book just fetched 1.3 MILLION dollars.

Yep…I should have bought comic book and I should not have thrown away my baseball cards. Sigh.



Receptionist Takes Rude Customer To Roof After The Customer Demanded A 4th -Floor Room In A Three-Floor Hotel.  Just giving the customer what they want.



The snow has cancelled my songwriting appointment today with Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Seeley and my talented young friend Jennie Tolman. I’d been looking forward to writing with Jeannie for a while…but we’ll have to try and make that happen another time. I got to know Jeannie a bit when she was kind enough to sing a duet with Jenny Tolman that I helped write “Who’ll BeYour Fool”. I was in studio the day they recorded and filmed this song and Jeannie was just so great…and funny! Dang the snow!



So…I’ll be spending some more time on the couch watching the two NFL Playoff games slated for today. Pittsburgh at Buffalo and then Philadelphia at Tampa Bay.


Have a great Monday!