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Roger Miller...Elvis Train...4 Shows In A Row


Friday January 12, 2024


Friday arrives and we’re bracing for cold weather this weekend and possibly snow come Monday morning. And today they’re saying heavy rain and strong winds in Nashville with gusts up to 50-55 mph which will set up that cold weather front to move in. Yikes.


Could be worse. Half of the country is expecting blizzard conditions over the next few days.



I had a pretty lazy Thursday with no appointments. So I took some of that time and wrote a new song by myself which doesn’t happen a whole lot anymore because I’m usually collaborating with other songwriters in this town. It’s a good exercise and I try to remind myself to this every now and then. And every now and then you get lucky and an artist will record one of those song you wrote all by yourself as Kristy Cox did with this song “Blue Ain’t Just A Color” a couple of years ago. Plus, it made me feel like I did SOMETHING yesterday.



All country songwriters are looking for great country song ideas and country titles. But the new Brian Kelley single coming out may top the cake for country titles. Brian Kelley who used to be one half of Florida Georgia Line new song is titled “Trucks, Ducks, Bucks and Beer”. Pretty sure you’ll never hear Lady GaGa singing that.



Then I discovered this bit of trivia I had not heard before about my personal favorite songwriter of all time Roger Miller. His smash hit “Dang Me” that’s been played a zillion times and launched Roger as a superstar is only 1 minute and 47 seconds long. That’s a really short song. But what’s more amazing is that he wrote that classic in 4 minutes. Next time I’m in a writing room and can’t finish a song with anyone in a three hour appointment and have to set another appointment to TRY and finish it…I’m going to remind the room of this story.


Heck, I can’t get dressed in 4 minutes.

Roger Miller was so funny and quick. One funny quote after another. He said one time, "I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing".



Yesterday Dr. Fauci admitted that the idea of “social distancing” was not based on science. That it “sort of just appeared”.


Some doctors admit they take coffee naps. The word is if you drink coffee before taking a nap that you wake up feeling refreshed and energized. (Or you could just take a nap, get up, down 4 Red Bulls and feel energized)


Those in the know say that the “lizard pose” is good for stretching your hips, hamstrings, and abs. Problem is I don’t think there’s any way, even if I WD-40 my hips and body that I could do THIS.




I rented the movie “Blackberry” on Prime last night. The movie is about the rise and fall of the “Blackberry” or “Crackberry” as some called it. They made a fortune off of it before Steve Jobs showed up with the iPhone and they were history. It’s amazing how hot a tech company can be at one time and then with competition…not so much. Two thumbs up for me.





Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has a cattle farm in Hawaii. His cattle eat macadamia nuts and drink beer. The media mogul says it makes for the highest quality beef in the world.


So I’m guessing the cows eat and drink and then call an Uber to get back to the pasture safely.



Some folks embrace the snow. Like the family in Anchorage who got out and built a ginormous snowman 25 feet high.


After living in Wisconsin for six years, I’m kind of over being in a place that has enough snow to build a 25 foot high snow man. The snow skiing was fun (or snow falling as I called it) as was the one time I went out on a snowmobile trail. I looked like the Michelin man from all the clothes I had on.  The ice fishing and curling?  Nope. Didn’t do it. Y’all go on without me.



In Sydney, Australia a bunch of Elvis impersonators got on a train that took them to the big Elvis festival over there. Uh huh.



They call it the Elvis Train.  I’m sure they had great fun. I’m also sure that not every person is cut out to be an Elvis impersonator.




Canadian Police In Quebec Warn That Posting Videos Of Alleged Package Thieves Could Be A Violation Of Their Privacy Rights. (Hard to believe Porch Pirates have that kind of right) Or you could rig your doorbell camera to make the sound of a shotgun being cocked when it detects one of those thieves.


My Friday is pretty wide open but tomorrow night I’ll be playing a house concert in Thompson Station, Tennessee with songwriters Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti at a beautiful home owned by lovers of songwriters and songwriter shows. It's going to be very intimate as we are singing with no microphones or PA system...just up close and personal. My thanks to my old friend Dave Lenahan for setting this up. 


And that will be the start of 4 weekends in a row of shows.


Next Sunday I’m home in Missouri on Sunday Jan 21 for the Gateway Country Music Association Winter Show at the Lions Club in Wright City, Missouri.




Then January 26 & 27 in Memphis with Freedom Sings USA writing with veterans.



And February 3 in Franklin, TN at Puckett’s with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier for a “Hits & Grins” show.


And the rest of this weekend is going to have me on the couch with the heat on watching the NFL Playoffs that begin tomorrow.


Have a great weekend!