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Road Trip...Sleds...Top All Time Albums


Friday January 19, 2024


Friday morning arrives with plenty of snow left on the ground. 29 for a high today but it will be 52 here by Tuesday and the snow should be gone. We’ve had some dangerous ice to go with the snow and that led to 14 deaths in Tennessee unfortunately. Hard to drive on ice.



I was snowed in for like the 4th day in a row so I had the day free again. And I did a little pre-packing for my trip back home to Missouri tomorrow morning. More on that at the end of today’s Blog.

I worked on some future bookings as well with a show that should be added to the schedule soon in Nashville. Missouri is this weekend then it’s Memphis, a Nashville show, then Georgia and Florida in late February. Details on all of these shows and others are on my website here.


The Memphis show is with Freedom Sings USA next weekend where 5 songwriters including myself sit down with veterans and listen to their stories and turn those stories into songs which are later recorded.


This year Freedom Sings will be doing retreats in Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado and maybe Virginia. I’ll be on all of those trips with the exception of the Little Rock retreat because of a prior commitment. After the veterans songs are written there’s always a concert on Saturday nights to honor those veterans. Those are always open to the general public.



If you don’t have a sled do what some other folks do. Some use a laundry basket.


 Others go down a hill on a trash can lid or in a canoe and a group can go sliding down a hill on an air mattress!   


I kind of like the “cowboy” way they do it in Steamboat Springs, Colorado every year where a horse pulls folks on a shovel.


That way is expensive because you have to buy a horse AND a shovel. But it is the “cowboy” way as the Riders In The Sky would tell you.



Doctors are warning that you can overdose on snortable caffeine powder that’s available on Amazon. Gotta admit. I did not know there was a such a thing as snortable caffeine.


This had to happen. Pickleball injuries they say are soaring as more and more non-young folks are taking up the sport.


A study claims that sleep consistency is more important than duration as far as your health goes. (Probably hard to sleep period if your snorting caffeine powder before you turn out the lights)





Walmart is getting ready to raise the salary for their managers. On average they will pull in $128,000 and the annual bonus could be as high as 200% of base salary. Who knew?  You might see more people applying to wear a blue vest in the future.



The Superbowl is on the way soon. This year they chose Reba to sing the National Anthem. Good for her. Will she be half as good as Whitney or the great version Chris Stapleton laid down last year?  We’ll see…and hear.


I’ve seen two Super Bowls and covered them for the radio stations I worked at. The first was in 1989 in Miami when the Cincinnati Bengals lost in the last few seconds to the San Francisco 49’ers in one of the all-time great Super Bowl games. I got to hear Billy Joel sing the National Anthem at that one…and it wasn’t too shabby.


The second on was in San Diego when the Packers lost to the Broncos when John Elway made that great flipping head over cleats play. The National Anthem at that one was Jewel.


So…tear it up Reba.



Brad Pitt is now 60 years old. Let that sink in. It’s pretty amazing how much I’m never compared to him.



How about the guy in Michigan who used his kids birthdays for his numbers and just won $200,000?!  I’d so do that…but I’m going to need to have a couple more kids. Should be an interesting conversation with my wife later today.



I read an article listing the top selling albums of all time. Hotel California is one of my all-time favorites and it was number 10 on the list.


Here’s the Top 5.


5 Fleetwood Mac “Rumours”


 4 Meat Loaf “Bat Out Of Hell”



3 AC/DC “Back In Black”



2 Pink Floyd “Dark Side Of The Moon”



And did you guess the top seller of all time?


1 Michael Jackson “Thriller” taking in 70 million so far. 




Jimmy Kimmel asked his viewer to tweet weird things their family does or has done. Love this one. A family member says when her family members pose for a picture they always put her younger sisters boyfriend on the outside of the group because they are easier to cut out of the picture when they break up. That’s fairly brilliant stuff right there!



Time to finish up packing as I leave for Missouri tomorrow and then Sunday I’ll be singing at the Wright City, Missouri Lions Club for the Gateway Country Music Association’s Winter Show. Roads are clear so I’m looking forward to the trip and the show and to seeing and playing for a lot of old friends back there.



Have a great weekend!