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New Show...Bluegrass Nominations...Cicadas Again


Wednesday January 11, 2024


It’s Thursday everywhere I can think of. We will be up near 60 here in Nashville today and tomorrow with sunshine but the bottom drops out after that with a high of just 25 Sunday and Monday and maybe some danged snow on Monday as well.



I drove over to Wil Nance’s little mini farm to write with him. Wil is building a beautiful new home that sits high on a hill on his property that should be finished and ready to move into within the next few months. He’s gonna have some kind of sunset views up there.



He also has a little cabin he built…a writing Man Cave if you will for hanging out and writing songs. We had the heater on yesterday and got a good start on a fun country song that we’re targeting specifically for a couple of artists in particular. We’ve got a little more carving to do on it before it will be finished and ready to pitch so we’ll revisit the tune in a month or so.


I’ll see Wil again this Saturday evening when we’ll play a private house concert together in Thompson Station, Tennessee just south of Nashville along with Lauren Mascitti. Looking forward to that.




I added a little songwriter round next Thursday January 18 at the Commodore Grill which is inside the Holiday Inn near Vanderbilt. Joe Rucker who’s a great traditional country singer invited me to join him for that 7 pm show. If you’re in town…feel free to drop by. And speaking of free…there’s no cover charge.




There’s a huge gathering of bluegrass folks here in Nashville next week for SPBGMA…the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America. If you walk into the Sheraton Hotel near our airport next weekend you’ll have to wade through banjos, fiddles, mandolins, dobros and upright bass pickers . There will be a bunch of shows featuring some great bluegrass bands and singers as well as workshops and more.



I want to say congratulations to a few friends who have been nominated for awards at the big Award Show there next weekend.


Young Caroline Owens and my friend Kristy Cox are both nominated for Female Vocalist. I’ve just started writing with Caroline who is one to keep an eye on. 




Kristy has recorded numerous songs I’ve written on her award winning albums including 3 more that will be on her upcoming new album.



And in the Songwriter of the Year Category…these folks who I write with are also nominated.


Jerry Salley, Rick Lang, Donna Ulisse and Mark Brinkman.


I could not be happier for these talented folks and friends. Congrats guys and girls!



Research is saying that a vegan diet can improve your health in less than 8 weeks. (Soon as they can get a vegetable to taste like chicken or a steak I’m in.)


The CDC says that of December 9 of last year there were 1,,614 deaths attributed to COVID. And they’re also saying not enough are accessing treatments and or getting the vaccine.


A USC study claims that hearing aid use could help people extend their lives.



Yep…you know you are having a really bad day when your weenie spins out.



The TV show MythBusters suggests we should keep our cars clean. It’s that time of the year when mud, snow, gunk collects to our vehicles. MythBusters did a test and found out that a mud-caked car going 65 mph got 2 miles less per gallon than it did when the car was squeaky clean. Hit the car wash folks.



Tennessee is going to brace itself for a Cicada explosion next year. Some new brood hatching. Geez. Noisy!  And crunchy when you go for a walk.


When I was in Cincinnati on the radio several years ago an explosion of Cicadas happened. So I rewrote the hit “Whiskey Lullaby” that was a big hit for Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss into “Cicada Lullaby”. My partner Amanda Orlando and I recorded the parody and we played it a LOT while those bugs were out everywhere driving people crazy in the Queen City. And oh yea…we got a lot of request for it.


Here’s the chorus to that parody.


He held that zapper to their heads and pulled the trigger

And finally blew away their memories

He stood outside in his bathrobe and his slippers

And went eyeball to red eyeball like a Banshee

We found him laughing at those ugly critters

And just screaming how he hoped they all would die

He crunched them under his feet like pork fried fritters

And sang to them a Cicada lullaby

Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz

Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz



You could be in Florida where they’re warning that the next invasive species to hit the Sunshine State could be swimming monkeys. Uh huh. Homeowners are fearful they’ll look out their home windows and see them jumping for the diving board into their pools…wearing only a speedo. Maybe. 



Actor Bryan Cranston said this and it resonated with me. “I don’t need a job, I don’t want a job. But I love to work. And there’s a big distinction between the two.” Yep.



Business Insider today is predicting at least 12 million jobs, mostly low income jobs will be gone by 2030 due to AI and automation. Low wage workers are 14 times more likely to be affected. Job security might mean you need to enroll in a program that teaches you how to build robots.



Wife: “I feel horrible. I feel old, fat, and ugly. I need you to pay me a compliment”.


Husband: “Your eyesight is damn near perfect”.



I’ve got the day free of any “got to do” stuff so I’m going to enjoy that.


Have a great Wednesday!