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Memphis Ahead...So Is Dollywood...Elle King


Tuesday January 23, 2024

Tuesday morning arises and we’re going to see a little more snow melting away today. 52 for a high today. Some rain the next few days so we’ll be seeing some flood warnings for sure.



I had an open day after getting back off the road late Sunday night and it gave me time to reset and unpack for a few days before packing again Friday for this trip to Memphis to write with our veterans again.


And…I did get to see a lot of our snow melt away finally with temperatures up in the 40’s. With it getting even warmer today we’re finally going to see some grass outside our window and some asphalt on our little road that’s been treacherous for more than a week now. More than ready for that.



I got the showtimes for Dollywood where I’ll be playing with my “Hits & Grins” friends Steve Dean & Victoria Venier on Monday March 11 and then again on Sunday April 7.  



 We’ll play 3 shows each of those two days in the beautiful Palace Theater. Noon, 2pm and then one last show at 4 pm. It’s a beautiful theme park so make plans to come to Pigeon Forge-Gatlinburg and stop and see our show before you jump on the roller coasters. 




I had a lot of responses on my Facebook yesterday when I posted about Elle King being drunk on the Ryman stage to honor Dolly Parton’s birthday this past Friday night. REALLY drunk. And she dropped a bunch of F bombs. Have you see the VIDEO?


Hard to watch. So many country singers just dream about being able to sing on that hallowed stage and she pretty much desecrated it Friday night. It’s not the first time someone has been drunk on the Opry stage. Back in the day some of them would slip down the alley and grab a stool at Tootsies and have a cold one or three before returning for their performance slot. Legendary stories. But this may the worst of it.


First…I would hope she gets help. She needs it. The Opry apologized for her performance and language immediately. She has yet to do that. The daughter of Saturday Night Live alum Rob Schneider Elle King has much more of a pop background than a “country” background. So her values and roots are unlike a lot of the Opry stars…especially the old guard. She’s way more from the TikTok world than the Opry world and her performances reflect that.


She made some noise in country music with this song “I Don’tWanna Go Home” that she recorded with Miranda Lambert. And then a second drinking song "Worth A Shot" with Dierks Bentley. You seeing a pattern here?


I kept thinking that while I was watching her trainwreck that someone…anyone should have come out and unplugged her guitar and microphone and got her off the stage…for her good as much as the audience who watched it unfold. And even though Elle King is not from the traditional world of country…it doesn’t take much knowledge to know WHAT stage you are standing on. How LUCKY you are to be on that Opry stage with all that history. And it doesn’t take much effort to it the respect it deserves.


I’ll leave it with this again…I hope she gets some help.



A sleep experts list six things we should not do before trying to go to sleep. Don’t drink alcohol. Don’t drink coffee. Avoid bright lights. Don’t exercise. Don’t eat spicey foods and stay off the phone near bedtime.


A study is claiming that Alzheimer’s can be detected 15 years in advance with a breakthrough blood test.


Another new study is saying that if we treat loneliness and social isolation that people classified as obese might have a lower risk of health complications.



Rodney Dangerfield had a million funny one liners…and he got “no respect”. Here’s one that made me smile when I read it this morning.


“My wife has not talent. She can’t cook. I mean how can toast have bones?”



A NYC flight from the UK got delayed when a passenger looked out and saw a loose bolt on the wing. Although the Airlines announced it would not have affected the flight they did send out a couple of guys to screw the bolt back in. After what happened with Alaska Airlines recently one would think they might check on the bolts twice.


Saturday Night Live addressed that story in their usual funny way with this parody commercial of Alaska Airlines.




Last year layoffs surged 98%. And they think it will increase again this year. The tech industry lost the most jobs. Employers are cutting costs, labor is getting more expensive and then there’s the robots and AI technology taking the place of some employees. This may be a good reason to retire at your first opportunity. Hard to get laid off if your retired.


And then there’s this cyber-robot that can clean, cook, and guard your home. And somewhere is thinking, “what took you so long”?



Man Parties For Four Days Straight After Unknowingly Getting Shot In The Head. Pretty ironic that a guy is drinking “shots” after getting shot.



I’m off to finish up a song with Wil Nance and Irene Kelley today out at Wil’s little farm. We started this song idea Irene brought to Curb Publishing a couple of months ago…so we’re trying to put some finishing touches on it today.


Have a great Tuesday!