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Last Of January...Australian Gift....Pothole City


Wednesday January 31, 2024


It’s Hump Day Wednesday and the very last day of January. A high of 57 with sun today.


Meanwhile Anchorage got hit with 100 inches of snow!



I was online writing with Larry Frick who I’ve written with a few times. Larry resides in North Carolina. And he invited a friend of his Allie Lamb who’s from Nashville whom he writes with some as Allie had an idea she wanted to write. So it was my first time meeting Allie.



 Allie graduated Belmont University with a business degree. Belmont is where my daughter Heather graduated as well…so we have that connection that we talked about. Allie had an idea that was kind of “beachy” and since I write a lot of those kinds of songs with my buddy Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores, it wasn’t too difficult jumping in and helping her and Larry finish up the idea and turn it int a song.


Allie and her boyfriend play in a duo together and travel and play. This new song is one some folks are likely to hear them sing.




I got this CD all the way from Australia yesterday from an artist down under named Pete Denahy. It’s been awhile back but we wrote a song called “Long White Train” and it landed on this new CD of his. Pete thought his song idea could use a “fun” approach so somehow he found my e-mail and introduced himself asking if I’d consider writing with him. I said yes of course…and now we have this fun song together. 



In the liner notes he mentions that he plays in a trio called “The Surreal McCoys”. The motto is “guaranteed misery and twang”. That made me laugh. There’s some twang on our song…and a little light hearted misery as well. Mission accomplished. Thanks for the nice surprise Pete.



If you search Pete’s name in You Tube you’ll find some funny song-videos.



Some doctors claim if you drink 4 cups of coffee a day you can lower your body fat 4%. Drink before a meal and it can reduce your calorie intake at the next meal…they say.


A new health report claims men can cut prostate cancer risk with just a small amount of exercise.


Of 23 major professions listed in a survey nurses came out at #1 for most trusted.



We have got a bunch of them. 500 potholes have been reported in Nashville. 500! Some are huge. So if you wear dentures?  Add an extra strip of Polident if you don’t want them to come flying out. You not only have to keep your eyes out for the potholes but you also have to keep your eyes out for the cars that are SWERVING to try and miss the danged things.


Of course you could stick a few golf flags in some of them and have a go at it.



One of the hot plastic surgery procedures right now is something called “dimpleplasty”. Yep. A plastic surgeon can give you dimples. The procedure will set you back $1,500.


I’m going to have the surgeon make mine look like potholes.



Stacker released a list of the cheapest states to live in.







And the cheapest state to live in?  Mississippi. Housing costs are 32% lower than the national average. However…according to the Census Bureau almost 20% of Mississippi residents live in poverty, it’s one of the worst states when it comes to education and nearly 15% of its residents under the age of 65 have no health insurance.



I’m counting down the days until Opening Day baseball. 57 day if your curious. Some thought baseball would die after one of the long players strikes that forced a World Series to be cancelled. Not so much.


The Baltimore Orioles just sold to wealthy investors for 1.7 BILLION dollars.


And in Vegas the iconic Tropicana Hotel will be demolished so that they can build a zillion dollar playhouse for the Oakland A’s who are going to move there.


So baseball is pretty healthy these days.



Yesterday I stood in a UPS line to return a package. The line snaked outside the building. It took 20-30 minutes to get to the front of the line. That’s the second time in the last couple of weeks. Before that, there was never such a line so I’m not sure what is going on there exactly.


However, I did read yesterday that UPS laid off 12,000 of it’s 85,000 management jobs. Wow. What can brown do for you? And why is the line so danged long?



Officials In Tampa Bay Believe The Noise Coming From The Bay Is The Sound Of Fish Mating. Loudly. Something Marlin Perkins didn’t cover in his old TV show “The Wild Kingdom”.



I’m off to write with Jimmy Fortune today which is always a treat. Jimmy just got off a country music cruise along with my friend Linda Davis and Lang Scott and a bunch of other country folks. So I’ll get all the highlights before I start rhyming with long time tenor singer for the legendary Statler Brothers.



Have a great Wednesday.