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Germany Connection...2025...Snow Shovel


Friday January 5, 2024


Friday morning and here comes the first weekend of the New Year. It’s just 28 degrees early in Nashville as I’m starting this blog this morning BUT it will warm up to 52 with sun today.



I had the pleasure of writing with Thomm Jutz again yesterday at his studio-home out in the country. Thomm has become one of my favorite newer co-writers over the past year. He and his wife are both from Germany originally and because my daughter now lives in Germany we’ve kind of bonded over that connection. 



We wrote a country song from an idea I brought and then immediately recorded it in Thomm’s studio after we finished it. He’s such a tasty and gifted guitar player and he just makes everything we work on sound so great.


After that Thomm recorded the song we had written last time we were together titled “Artists Hand” and both of us then turned both songs into our publisher. His publisher texted back on the “Artists Hand” song, “Jim Croce, John Prine, Tom T Hall…damn great work fellas”. It’s always great to hear that kind of glowing thing from you publisher but I had to smile because Croce, Prine, and Hall or all dead and I’m thinking it’s going to be tough getting that song to them.


Heck, Thomm worked with John Prine in studio some and he’ll STILL have trouble getting John to listen to our song.


Good day in the writing room and recording studio yesterday.



I’m back in Missouri on Sunday January 21  and will play the Gateway Country Music Associations winter show at 3 pm that day. I just got this poster that’s promoting the show that will be at the Wright City Lions Club that day. Come join us if you can.



And I added a second date for 2025 as well. 20 danged 2025.  One show in Virginia, and another in Texas for next year. Both of these shows with our “Evening in the Round” trio that stars Linda Davis with Lang Scott and me. So now I’m just waiting for booking to roll in for 2026.




A French study says there were nearly 17,000 could have died from taking hydroxychloroquine during the first wave of COVID.


In Italy they are having a surge of flu like illness that has their hospitals packed.


And in Israel sleeping pill use has jumped 7% since October 7 when they were bombed.



This one from the great comedian George Carlin who said, “Ever notice that anyone going slower than you is an idiot, but anyone going faster is a maniac?”



According to a survey those would be Pharmacy tech, restaurant host, and working the front desk at a hotel.

For stay at home jobs finding phone solicitors is tough. Glad to hear it.


Some folks have figured out a funny way to get phone solicitors off the phone.


Try saying, “I’m busy now, but I’m free at midnight. Can I have your phone number so I can call you back?”


Or: “What are you wearing?”


And then there’s this response, “Can you belch the alphabet? I can. Here, check this out."



NBC will use Snoop Dog for their coverage over in Paris this summer. How about that?  You can probably bet that he’ll be covering the “high jump” and “HIGH hurdles” for sure. Just a guess. 




For those who have to deal with that four letter word comes this new ergonomic spring-loaded double handle shovel that allows you clear your sidewalk or driveway without hunching over taking the strain off…so they say.


Or…you could just move here.



In Florida a women got into a dispute over a property line dispute. The argument got so bad the woman hit her neighbor with a hammer!  If I’m writing the headline for that story it would be “She Nailed Him.”.



After Dog Ate Through $4,000 In Cash, Family Spends 3 Days Recovering It.  (Maybe Bitcoins is not such a bad idea after all.)



I’ve got a double header today. This morning I’m songwriting with a young man from Georgia named Ethan Phillips as we try to finish up a song idea we started last month. Here’s an EXAMPLE of his talent.


And then this afternoon I’m online with Rachel Cintula who’s from New York who signed up for a coach writing session with me to help her work on a song idea of hers that was set up through my friend Brent Baxter’s company Songwriting Pro.


And then it’s the weekend and it's the final weekend for the NFL before the playoffs begin. My couch has an unlisted don't try to call me.


Have a great weekend!