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Bluegrass Writing...New Recordings...Penguin On The Runway


Thursday January 25, 2024

Thursday morning arises with some heavy rain on the way for the second day in a row with a high of 63. How much rain? I called for an Uber yesterday and the guy showed up in an Ark.



I had a busy and fruitful day yesterday that started with a songwriting session with Caroline Owens who’s getting a lot of notice already at a young age. She’s nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year for SPGMA which is one of the big bluegrass organizations and their annual event and awards show is this week in Nashville and she’ll be playing with her band. Fingers crossed that she wins the award!


Caroline has such a gentle and pure voice that’s easy on the ear. Here’s an example of her singing.


I brought an idea that I had written quite a bit of that she fell in love with and we finished writing it together and then made a recording of the new song as well as the first song we wrote a few months ago together.


Keep an eye and ear on open for this girl.




I also found out yesterday that my friend Darin and Brooke Aldridge are in the studio and that they laid down tracks on a song I wrote with Lauren Mascitti & Kristen Bearfield that looks to be on the upcoming album for the duo. So with that I think I’m going to have at least 3 tunes on the upcoming project that will include their current single “Wildflower Too” as well at “The Grand Ole Circle”. Both of those songs were written with Darin and Brooke.


And then tomorrow I get to hear the Oak Ridge Boys sing on a song of mine. How cool will that be? So I’m blessed to have some new songs sung by some great artists coming out soon. Can’t wait to share some of those.




A study is showing that menopausal women who swim in cold water are reporting significant improvement in their physical and mental health.


A new long COVID study is uncovering high inflammation among patients.


The FDA has recalled two cough medicines over fears that it causes sepsis in vulnerable people. Robitussin Honey CF Max Day and Robitussin CF Max Nighttime.



For this guy who told a friend, “My wife has evil lessons with Satan every week. I don’t know how much she charges.”



Dolly Parton’s husband commenting that the outfit she wore at the Dallas Cowboys football game was too short. Dolly tried on the Dallas Cowboy outfit and modeled it for her husband Carl who according to Dolly said, “Well it’s a little short don’t you think”? And Dolly replied with “No! It’s not as short as theirs”. Dolly laughed and claimed that’s just her husband being funny.

Whatever…too short or not it bought Dolly a TON of invaluable publicity. Smart woman. In short shorts.



Jason Kelce the football player brother of Travis Kelce got a warning from his wife while they were attending the Kansas City Chief game against the Buffalo Bills last weekend. His brothers team won and he ripped off his shirt. But not before his wife said, “Don’t you dare!”. He ignored her. And he went viral. Dolly ignored her husband and she went viral.



That’s it…I’m no longer listening to my wife. I’m going ahead and I’m going to wear that speedo on stage during my next show. What does she know?



Who was at that game when her possible future brother in law ripped off his shirt. She was there…and so were he SENIOR Swifties. Yes…the girl is so popular that she has the older girls on her side as well.




Coming up. What to get her? I read an article claiming that jumper cables is not a great valentine gift. A guy actually gave that to his sweetheart. Maybe ex-sweetheart.

Yet another dude gave his sweetie expired coupons. Aww…true love. 

 Hard to buy for wives. Mine didn’t particularly care for the heart I made out of Slim Jim’s. She had no appreciation for how much time it took me to make that danged thing.


The Wall Street Journal just listed their best and worst airlines. Best? Delta…again. Worst? Jet Blue. Alaska Airlines was actually listed as 2nd best but this was before the bolts started popping off their airplanes. Be advised. I want all my bolts tightened please!



You know you’re in New Zealand when one of these waddles out onto the runway and they have to shut the airport down for a while until someone can get out there and grab the little guy. Must have been an interesting announcement on the planes that were ready for takeoff. “Umm…this is your Captain speaking. We’re having a bit of a penguin problem this morning.”.



The Chairman of Toyota came out and said he thinks EV cars will sell to no more than 30% of folks worldwide. He noted that one billion people in the world have no electricity. Pretty tough sale in those countries.



California is trying to pass a bill that would require all cars to have a speed limiting device on them. I’ve been to LA a few times. Considering how I’m always stuck in traffic jams when I’m there…why would they need a speed limiting device? How about a traffic limiting device instead?



Family Can Keep Emotional Support Chickens, But Rooster Gets The Boot, Officials Say. I can’t imagine that a chicken can actually provide emotional support…but hey…who couldn’t use the eggs?


I’m writing with Eric Marshall who’s part of Carson Peters and Iron Mountain. Eric is also in town for the big bluegrass convention that’s going on so for the first time we’ll write together in person. He and his son who’s part of the band live in North Carolina and we’ve written two songs together on the computer. So it’s going to be nice to REALLY meet him in person today.



Have a great Thursday!