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Bluegrass Fathers & Songs...Online Interview...Memphis Weekend


Friday January 26, 2024


Friday morning and there’s a road trip to Memphis ahead today. 63 for the high here and about the same for Memphis today.



I met upright bass player-banjo player-guitar player-songwriter Eric Marshall for the first time. We’ve written online twice, but yesterday he was in town for the big bluegrass convention going on all weekend and we got to write something new face to face. Eric is from North Carolina and plays in a great group Carson Peters & Iron Mountain. His son Ben plays in that band with him, and young Carson Peter’s Dad also plays in the group. Two Dad’s and two sons. Pretty cool. 



I found out yesterday that at the age of 32 Carson joined the Army. He learned out to fix track vehicles but wound up being sent to Iraq as a gunner. Imagine that. Thank you for your service. The things you find out about folks when you sit down to write.


And we did write a very up-tempo-fun bluegrass tune so we had a great day.




A couple of months ago I did an interview with the online publication Canvas Rebel. Their mission statement is “to create a space for artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs to be able to learn from their peers through the magic and power of storytelling.


So they asked me questions about my career in both radio and songwriting and performing and more. Pretty cool and I appreciate them reaching out to me. Here’s the LINK to the article-interview if you’d like to check it out.



The FDA has issued a warning against the use of over-the-counter supplements that contain an antidepressant called tianeptine, due to serious risks including seizures, loss of consciousness and death.


A Harvard study concludes that the seeds of schizophrenia could be planted early in life.


Folks in the giving blood business say that giving blood is good for our health. You get a free check of your vitals before they draw blood, and it helps lower your blood pressure and lowers your risk of a heart attack. And every 2 seconds someone needs blood. So a lot of good comes from giving.



I guess if you talk to the psychic he or she can predict whether you're about to get your butt kicked or not.



I think I finally found something for my wife for Valentine Day. A REALLY tall pair of Uggs. They call these Candy Corn Uggs. And hey…they only set you back about $500! 


Actually if I gave my wife these ugly things I’d find myself sleeping in candy corn dog house.



Well…good old Tennessee likes to vape…a lot. We are the number one state for vaping. Followed by Kentucky, Oklahoma, Idaho, and Arkansas. Can’t wait to see the first woman vaping in a pair of candy corn Uggs.



A Bankrate survey shows that 56% of Americans can’t handle a $1,000 emergency expense. Wow. Save up folks. Stop vaping…you’ll save some of the dough you’ll need later.



Country stars Eric Church and Morgan Wallen purchased the rights to Field and Stream and they plan on resurrecting the brand. Clothing, magazine, online content and more. Cool.


I grew up with Field and Stream magazines. Growing up hunting and fishing when I was young with my Dad and Brothers…Field and Stream was like the outdoor Bible for all of that. They seemed to be laying around in almost every home at that time. And even when I quit hunting and fishing if I saw the magazine I’d have to pick it up and thumb through the pages.



That brand and magazine has been around 150 years or more.  Gonna be nice to see the new version coming from Eric and Morgan who are both avid fans of the outdoors.



A Chinese woman left her pets 2.8 million dollars because her children failed to care for her. Take care of Mom kids or your out of the will! 


Still the funniest song about a will to me is this one that my friends Gerald Smith and Thom Sheppard wrote, “Where There’s A Will, There’sA Relative”.



How cool. Florida is looking to roll out a Margaritaville license plate to honor Jimmy Buffett. Put it on your car and drive to Key West cranking Jimmy Buffett tunes. I’ll take one!



Caitlyn Clark who plays basketball for the Iowa Hawkeyes is a phenomenal basketball player. She can fire and sink from downtown on a regular basis and is fun to watch. And she’s helped increase interest in women’s basketball big time. Now comes word that her trading card just fetched $78,000 from a buyer. That breaks the record for a woman’s basketball card. Good for her…and good for women’s hoops. 




Courtesy of the tongue firmly in cheek Babylon Bee.


Cartels Switch From Smuggling Meth To More Lucrative Stanley Tumblers.



Busy day today as I’m off to a listening party this morning at Billy Blue Records to hear all the songs on the new Rick Lang gospel-bluegrass album “Blue Collar Gospel”. All the songs were written by my friend Rick Lang or co-written with other songwriters like me. So we’ll have a studio full of songwriters listening for the songs they wrote. I’m blessed to have two songs on it…one with the Oak Ridge Boys singing with my friend Jerry Salley. Pretty special stuff.


Then I’m off to pick up songwriters Irene Kelley and Wood Newton as the three of have to be in Memphis late this afternoon for another Freedoms Sings USA retreat with veterans. There’s a meet and greet at 5 pm tonight the tomorrow each writer sits down with one of our veterans and writes their story into a song that will be performed tomorrow night on a big stage with those veterans sitting right beside the songwriter that wrote their song. Always a great thing to be able to honor these great patriots this way.



They have us staying at the Peabody Hotel which is where the ducks walk and where Elvis Presley’s tailor has a shop. So we’ll soak that in and hopefully have time to hit a great Memphis Bar B Que place while we’re in town.


Have a great weekend!