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A #1 Song...Reaction Video...Road Ahead


Monday January 8, 2024

Nothing we can do about it…it’s Monday. It’s going to be really nice in Nashville today. Sunny and a 55 for a high. I’ll take that everyday over the foot of snow some of the northeast is digging out of.



Friday morning had me writing finishing up a cool beach tune with young talented Ethan Phillips who’s destined to be a really great songwriter in this town that’s filled with a bunch of those type folks. He plays great which adds so much to how a song like this one turns out. He's one to keep an eye on as I'm sure we're going to see his name attached to some big hits coming down the road. 



I did an online coaching session with Rachel Cintula who was in Osage Beach, Missouri where I once played an entire summer with my band. Rachel signed up through Songwriting Pro that’s an organization run by my buddy and co-writer Brent Baxter that connects novice writers with pros to give lessons and or help them shape a song idea they might have. And that was the case with Rachel. She’s a lyricist only, doesn’t play an instrument but loves writing and the process. So she needed some tips and a melody to wrap around her idea. So that’s exactly what she did.


Rachel is from a military family. Her husband is deployed right now with the Navy so she’s with her parents for the year while he serves. God bless him. She worked Civil Service for several years herself. I really enjoyed the time with her and with any luck I’ll be seeing her at this show coming up in Missouri in a couple of weeks in Wright City that’s less than 2 hours away from where she’s staying. Looking forward to that.



What a pleasant surprise it was to find out Frida morning that the bluegrass Christmas song I wrote with Rick LangChristmas At The OldHome Place” is sitting at #1 this week on the bluegrass chart! Wow. That totally came out of left field. My thanks to Rick for the idea and for getting the song to Terry Baucom and the Dukes of Drive who are a noted bluegrass band.

Unfortunately we just lost the banjo bluegrass legend Terry Baucom a couple of weeks ago. On our song it’s his wife Cindy singing. So it’s a bit of a sad blessing knowing this was Terry’s last single before he passed. It was truly and honor to have him and his wife record this tune. 




It’s become a thing where folks get You Tube and react to songs and comment on them while they’re listening. Pretty cool to have one of those for the song “Grand Ole Circle” that Darin and Brooke Aldridge recorded and wrote with me. Check it out.



Sunday February 24 I’ll be playing the Westhaven Songwriters Night with my buddy Steve Dean at the Westhaven Residents Club in Franklin, Tennessee. 



Westhaven is an upscale living community that’s beautiful so I can’t wait to play their series. Show time is 6:30 pm that evening.



Looking at my calendar I can see that I shows the next four weekends in a row. Unusually busy for me for this time of year.


This Saturday January 13 I’m in Thompson Station, TN with songwriters Wil Nance & Lauren Mascitti.


Sunday January 21 in Wright City, Missouri for the Gateway Country Music Association’s Winter Show.


Friday and Saturday January 26 & 27 in Memphis with Freedom Sings USA writing songs with veterans. 



Saturday February 3 at Puckett’s in Franklin, TN with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier.



A scientific breakthrough leads to discovery of the first antibiotic that kills drug resistant bacteria.


A study reveals microplastics in drinking water affect behavior and immunity in mice.


Word is that highly contagious hand-foot-mouth virus is spreading here in middle Tennessee. Add that to COVID, Flu, RSV and who knows what else. I liked to ban the word “spreading” forever. (I’ll be that right now each of us know of someone or someone’s who are sick)



Black bears are spreading to middle Tennessee as well with a couple of sightings here in Nashville. I guess they’ve gotten tired of hanging out in Gatlinburg and the Smokey Mountains and are checking out the rest of the state. Think I’ll bring my trash can in just in case.



The Golden Globes awarded “Oppenheimer” as the Best Film of the Year last night. How did Barbie NOT win!? I did not watch the shows but the moment that seemed to get the most attention last night was when the comedian-host Jo Koy (who bombed) made a bad joke about Taylor Swift that resulted in a death stare from Taylor that will surely become a meme we’re going to see thousands of times.



Last year 2.4 million lightning bolts lit up American skies. The top targets were tall buildings, wind farms and Miami. Texas and Florida had the most deaths caused by strikes. The region around Disney World is the 4th most active place for lightning strikes. And worldwide there were over 2 billion lightning bolts.



The publication Bolde printed an article listing things one should never deny yourself from. A lot of the things they listed you would guess. But here are three things that stood out to me when I skimmed the article.


Saying no when necessary. You’re in a pretty good place when you can say “no” to things you really don’t want to do.


When necessary seize the opportunity for change. It keeps your life from being boring and the same ole same ole.


Laugh at yourself and the world as a whole. (My favorite by far. So healthy for you if you can manage to smile and not take yourself or the world so seriously)





I’ll be writing online with Tim Stafford over in Knoxville today…or Professor Tim as I should say as he’s now teaching bluegrass classes over in east Tennessee in his spare time. He’s the Artist In Residence right now at Eastern Tennessee State University which is a great opportunity with those students to work with such a pro as Tim is.  




The tonight I’m on the couch for the College Football Championship between Washington and Michigan. Michigan should probably win but man I like that QB for the Washington Huskies. We’ll see.


Have a great Monday.