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The Weekend...Missouri Show Article...Holy Rollers


Monday December 4, 2023


Monday…have you done any Christmas shopping yet?  Me neither. Pressure is on.


Beautiful day in Nashville. Sunny and a high of 56.



Mine started Friday afternoon co-writing with Thomm Jutz once again which is always a great experience. Thomm is a pretty fast writer as I am, so when I bring an idea already started it doesn’t normally take a lot of time before the song is finished. Friday’s song was a little artistic if that makes any sense so it took us a little longer than normal to get it to where we liked it enough to say “finished”. But it turned out great, as most things do with Thomm so that’s a good day in the office…or in this case Thomm’s studio.


One of the great bonuses I get writing with Thomm is getting to hear him play guitar. So good. He played with both John Prine and Nancy Griffith at one time so that gives you an idea. Here’s an example of his singing and playing alongside another co-writer of mine Tim Stafford who’s also a very accomplished guitar slinger. Enjoy.


And one other Thomm Jutz thing.  Thomm produced this great song “The Country I Grew Up With” at his home studio featuring some country giants. Bill Anderson, Bobby Bare, Jimmy Fortune and Vince Gill titled Bill Anderson wrote this song with another friend and co-writer Bobby Tomberlin. I’ve decided Thomm has too much talent. 




We did get our Christmas tree up yesterday…sort of. The tree is in the stand but we have to string lights and hang ornaments to complete it. But when it’s completed it always makes the house look even prettier than it already is. Since our daughter and son in law won’t be with us for the first time ever this Christmas we debated as to whether to put one up.



Our daughter Heather and Casey gave us a pretty cool collection of gifts from Germany where Casey is stationed with the Army. 25 gifts like an advent calendar where we get to open one per day. Today is day 4 and I got a pair of German beer socks. Uh huh. Socks with beer mugs imprinted all over them. I’m just hoping they don’t send me lederhosen on day 8.   



Admittedly I was on the couch a bunch for football this weekend. The highlights were that Florida State fans are loudly unhappy as the selection committee chose Alabama over them leaving them out of the championship race despite a perfect record. If I were on that selection committee I would not be staying in Tallahassee for a while. Nope.


Taylor Swift showed up in Green Bay last night and for the first time saw her boyfriend Travis Kelce with the Chiefs lose a game. To my Packers.


And in the Eagles-49’ers game for the first time ever a security guard got ejected from a game. A 49’er player and he got into it and both were thrown out. That security guard is going to blow up in popularity as the Philly fans cheered him loudly as he made his exit. 




I have a phone number now for anyone who wants to come see our songwriter Christmas show December 21 at the Grand Ole Barn at Reba McEntire’s old property here just outside of Nashville. 615-636-5137. Eventbrite is the online site for ordering tickets and I’ll have that link soon as they are updating info on this show with me, Steve Dean & Lauren Mascitti. Hope to see you there.




I’ve got a show coming up in January for the Gateway Country Music Association in Wright City, Missouri near where I grew up. I’ll be their featured entertainer for that 2:30 pm show on Sunday January 21. Thank you to the St. Louis Post Dispatch for this nice ARTICLE promoting that show. Looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends at this show.



US News and World Report says that 20% of us never wake up feeling rested. The best way to insure you don’t fall asleep at work they say is to do 20 minutes of exercise before you head to work.


11 states now including ours here in Tennessee are reporting a high number of respiratory illness cases. Flue and COVID cases are rising as well.


A researcher at the University of Adelaide in Australia says if you rent as opposed to owning your own place you are adding two and a half weeks of aging per year to your biological clock.





Have you seen this new addition to Rockefeller Center?  Wow. Up on top of the 69th floor you can now get on a beam that will lift you up and spin you around for a breathtaking view of NYC. 



Just like the construction workers did…sort of back in the day when they snapped this iconic picture of 11 construction workers taking a ride. Gosh…you’d have to do this if you were near right?  At least once for me anyway. And then I’ll need someone to perform CPR when I get off.




The EA folks who make a lot of electronic games are going to be able to let “gamers” use their own voice through some of the characters in those online games folks play for hours on end. I’ve never got into electronic games but attention getting to hear your own voice in the body of one of those game characters. Wonder if they can go old school and put my voice on the donkey in that old Donkey Kong game?  (I know…you’re making up your own jackass joke aren’t you?)



Here in Nashville police busted a big marijuana growing operation that was in an old, abandoned church full of booby traps. Pretty sure the congregation was filled with “holy rollers”. Pretty sure.




Actress Jane Fonda is about to turn 86 this month. On a podcast she told the interviewer who asked her about her love life that she would never date again BUT…if she did the guy would have to be in his 20’s because she doesn’t like old skin.


That made me smile because of a verse in the song “Retired” that I wrote with Brent Burns that Ray Stevens recorded. The verse is:


Saw a gorgeous widow cougar

Riding on a Vespa Scooter

With a guy no more than 35

I said are you worried about the difference

In your ages she said listen

Honey, if he dies…he dies



Utah Man Gored By A Bison After He Tried To Admit It And Admits He’s An Idiot. Hard to find anyone that would disagree with him.



I’m writing with a young very talented new bluegrass artist named Caroline Owens who’s from North Carolina where a lot of bluegrass folks hail from Caroline recently recorded a song I wrote with my friend Irene Kelley titled “Another Morning In The South” and that kind of opened a door for the two of us write together. She’s hanging with folks like Alison Krauss and Ricky Skaggs so that kind of gives you an indication of her talent.  Looking forward to getting to know her better and getting to create something together.



Have a great Monday!