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Storyteller Stories...She Always Dance Alone...Judds


Friday December 1, 2023


Friday morning and it’s first danged day of December!  Some rain in Twang Town today with a high of 62.



My writing appointment was with Troy Engle yesterday morning. He was at his home in Pennsylvania, I was at mine here in Nashville. Say what you want but not all technology is bad. The ability to write with anyone anywhere is a great thing for creative folks. And during COVID it was a game changer for sure. Troy and I have yet to meet face to face but he feels like a very long time friend. And one of the great bonuses I get writing with Troy is the great Tom T. Hall stories I get to hear.  



Troy played with Tom and hung a lot at Tom T’s house and knew the Storyteller and his wife Miss Dixie very well. So I love getting to hear some of those stories about one of my favorite songwriters.  Yesterday we talked about what a musical masterpiece Tom’s song “Homecoming” is where he never uses the title of the song in the song itself. Click on the link for a great performance of this song from Tom T at the Bluebird before his death.


Troy told me that Tom T used to take songwriting trips as in he’d just go somewhere and observe people to get inspiration for songs. Like the classic “Old Dogs and Children and Watermelon Wine” that came from sitting next to a guy in a bar in Miami.


So there was some of that and then we wrote a song from an idea I had that talks about how some folks are more comfortable talking with God somewhere other than a church. So it was a morning well spent for sure.



It’s nice to see the song “She Always Danced Alone” getting some attention down under in Australia for Australian artist Alan Mackey that I wrote with him and his producer Angus Gill that’s out now. It’s got a very cool Spanish flavor and story that you can hear by clicking on the link above. And Saturday night it will get some prime time exposure on this show you see below that will feature Alan and TC Cassidy who also lent her voice to this song which is pretty cool.



Tickets for this show I'm part of at the Bluebird Café go on sale December 5 online at the Bluebird website. It’s always a blessing to get to play your songs in such an iconic listening room. I’ll be in some good company with Barry & Will Hutchens along with Jerry Salley, and there’s a pretty good chance we’ll have a guest or two show up. Remember every show there sells out quickly…so check out the website and order the second they go on sale at 8 AM Central if you want to have any chance of reserving a table. Hope to see you there.



Research is showing that the drug Rilmenidine has been showing signs of slowing down aging in worms, and some scientists believe it could work for humans.


The weight loss drug Altimmune just saw its stock leap 66% after positive results for dealing with obesity. (Wonder if stocks are down for gyms?)


The Mayo folks say the best two exercises for lowering your blood pressure are planks and wall squats. Of course as you get older you can still squat down but it’s hard squatting back upright. Don’t ask me how I know.



Have you seen this clip of Brenda Lee singing her iconicChristmas hit “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”…on a plane?! Love it.



Our daughter and son in law are in Germany but sent my wife and me a very creative Christmas gift this year. 25 German gifts came in the mail. And we’ll open up one each day like using an advent calendar while we’re facetiming them in Germany. Love that. I’m just hoping a pair of lederhosen doesn’t pop out of one of the packages during these 25 days.



It’s hard buying Christmas gifts for those you love. I appreciate the effort this girl made gifting this to her Mom…but I’m not sure how this went over. But…it’s creative for sure.



I’m way past needing anything for Christmas. But if you insist…Elon’s new Cybertruck is available for purchase today. It will just set you back 60 grand or so but I wouldn’t mind seeing it my stocking. And I think the danged thing is bulletproof.



If you have a Judd’s fan you’re buying for this new tribute album to the Judd’s might be a great stocking stuffer for them. Blake and Gwen, Carly Pearce, Dolly, and Wynonna sings a duet of a Judd’s song with Trisha Yearwood. 14 Judd songs are covered on it.



I mentioned the very weird story a few blogs ago about a man who had chopsticks stuck in his skull that they removed. He says he’s having headaches 5 months later. Ya think? I’ve been eating with my fingers ever since I read this story.



I’m back writing with Thomm Jutz today at his house-studio out in the country. Thom teaches songwriting classes for Belmont University here in Nashville, writes, is a producer, a great guitar player having played with both John Prine and Nancy Griffith and more. I know…the guy needs a danged skill set. And then we’ll be into the weekend with some college football championship games. If you need me…call my couch.


Have a great weekend!