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Same Line...Bluegrass Night...Christmas Parties


Thursday December 14, 2023


Thursday it is…all day. And a nice day as the temperature will sneak up to 62 in Nashville today.



An odd and flat out spooky thing happened yesterday during my songwriting session with David Morris who writes for Billy Blue Publishing as I do. He’s also a writer for Bluegrass Today the online publication that covers all things bluegrass AND he’s a longtime newspaper journalists as well.


I brought in a gospel bluegrass song idea that David liked a lot so we tweaked that a little then started trying to co-write a second verse. The room was quiet for a while as we were both trying to come up with something and finally said to him, “What do you think about this line?” And the line I had written was “that I would find salvation”. David blanched. And then turned his computer around for me to read the words he had on his computer. And those words were “that I would find salvation”.  I’ve never had that happen. Ever. Neither has David.


We both took it as a sign that this little song was meant to be. And I know for the rest of our lives we’ll both remember that moment.



My friend Kristy Cox was in the building writing as I was with David. It gave us a chance to talk about her new album which is almost completed and she told me I have 3 songs on it.  Woo hoo!  That’s always great news to a songwriter. She also asked if I was coming out to hear her and a bunch of other great bluegrass artists at a big charity event in town that took place last



Unexpectedly I would up at the Station Inn in downtown Nashville to hear Kristy and her band perform along with several other noted bluegrass bands, singers, and pickers for a fundraiser for a homeless organization here in town. The place was packed. I got to hear the young husband and wife team of Justin Moses and Sierra Hull “live” for the first time and they did not disappoint. Both incredible musicians. Check out this little LIVING ROOM VIDEO of the two of them swapping hot licks on their mandolins.


And Kristy went on late with a full band and ended her set with a song I wrote with Steve Dean & Daisy Mallory titled “Train”. So that was cool to hear your own song coming off the stage.


Fun night at the Station Inn.




A Gallup study reveals that Americans health in general has deteriorated since the pandemic. Less folks went back to eating healthy and exercising.


Who knew that there was a medical term for those who excessively search for health information online. It’s called “Cyberchondria”.


The government just put out a list of the 5 most stressful jobs. Here’s their top 5.

5…Phone operators 4…Judges and magistrates…3…Anesthesiologist assistants…2…film and video editors AND the number 1 most stressful job…Urologists.



I used to think the brain was the most wonderful organ in the body. Then I realized who was telling me this.



The first college football bowl games start this Saturday. Already! Looking forward to seeing a lot of those. I still can’t imagine though why the fine folks at Kohler have not yet sponsored the Porcelain Bowl.



Survey says that two thirds of US companies will have in person Christmas parties this year…roaring back from the COVID year when those went away. Which lead to one of the funniest Christmas office party songs I know about from Bob Rivers who’s a longtime radio guy out of Seattle. Check out the list of things NOT to do in this funny SONG.



I might not ever need to win a Powerball if the stock market keeps doing what it’s doing. A record high with a 500 point jump yesterday taking it to over 37,000 for the first time ever. I know…what goes up eventually goes back down…but just let me enjoy this now before it goes the other way.


What that old stock market saying?  The best way to make a million in the stock market is to invest 2 million.



Congrats to Army Sgt Maciel Hay who just became the first female in the armed forces to qualify as a sniper. Pretty amazing the skill sets our young soldiers have male and female.




If you’re a fan of those Ocean movies as I am there’s good news. George Clooney says they have a great script for another Oceans movie. This would be the 4th one. Always fun watching those…especially if Clooney and Brad Pitt are paired together again.



The folks at American Girl Doll have apparently been paying attention to how much money The Barbie movie has raked in at the box office. So they are developing a “live” action film themselves. Can’t wait for the Chatty Kathy doll movie somewhere down the road. 






I’ve got a day off today. And I’ll be using some of the day to pack for my trip to Chattanooga tomorrow for a Freedom Sings USA songwriter retreat with veterans.



Have a great Wednesday.