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New Writer...Birthday Party...Squirrel Warning


Tuesday December 5, 2023


And here it is…Tuesday morning with sunshine on the way and a high of 59.



I wrote with young and talented Caroline Owens at my publishing company. First co-write for the two of us. Caroline is a young bluegrass artist from a small town in North Carolina and she’s already signed to a record deal. My friend Darin Aldridge produced her first album which will be out early next year. She plays piano, guitar and a little fiddle to go with her singing talent which does have a bit of Alison Krauss quality to it.


She’s just now learning to write songs so I think I’m one of her first co-writers. So we had great fun getting to know each other and then create something together for the first time. It won’t be the last.


We did get a great laugh out of the day as well. When we finished her Mom was waiting for her in her car. I told Caroline that I wanted to say goodbye to her Mama and she said, “Okay…but she’s going to apologize for her car being dirty”. Sure enough when her Mom rolled the window down and I told her to be careful going home she said “well my car is so dirty”…and I looked at Caroline and we both busted out laughing. She knows her Mama.



My wife Kathy and I joined our friends Victoria Venier and her husband Matt Davenport as well as my longtime friend Steve Dean and his wife Lori. It’s Steve’s birthday this week and Victoria put together a nice surprise dinner party for him at a great Italian Restaurant. So it was a “Hits & Grins” party if you will.


It’s hard to believe this “Hits & Grins” trio has been around over 20 years now I think doing shows. Originally Steve and I started the trio with Lisa Shaffer who was with us a few years before deciding to move home to Kentucky and raise a family with her husband Kevin. And they did. The have a farm and three kids and everything is growing.



Victoria took Lisa’s place and the trio continues to roll down the road. When you play music together so many years it does become family. And we all know a lot about each other. So both Victoria and I brought gifts for Steve…the same thing. Ding Dongs. Uh huh. Like from Hostess. He likes to freeze then eat them and that’s his go to dessert when we’re on the road. He’s got a whole BUNCH of them to freeze now as well as a six pack of his favorite beer Dos Equis Amber. 



So it was a really nice evening with good friends.



Now Saturday night is the real date for Steve’s birthday. We celebrated last night because the trio has a show Saturday night at Puckett’s in Franklin, Tennessee. 8 pm start and reservations are highly recommended. So we’ll also have a little onstage celebration for his birthday as well this Saturday evening. Come join us if you can. 




They’re saying the increase in COVID cases going on right now are showing up the most in the Midwest and Atlantic states.


A nutritionist says there are indeed multiple health benefits that come from eating one ounce of almonds daily.


Plastic surgeons say that breast lifts are way up. (In this case you’d hate to hear their way down)





How about 78 year old Brenda Lee who’s “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” is number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts again…after all these years. And after all her years as well. She’s the oldest artist to accomplish this rare feat. Good for her. I still crank that song up every time it comes on the radio.



It’s now worth over 412 million. So Santa…you know what to put in my stocking this year big boy.



Though for the life of me I can’t see me pounding a nail with a banana. But it’s just too weird not to want one right?



The Fork Lift Driving World Championship?  I might have to watch a few minutes of this if it’s on any TV channel. Do they have a pit crew to jump over the wall to gas and adjust the fork?  




A recruitment expert says we should lie about 3 things at a job interview.


Lie about why you left your previous job. Don’t say the boss was a you know what. Even if the boss was.


Lie about why you want the job. Don’t say “for the money”. Tell them why you’re a good fit for that company.


And lie about your plans for the future. Don’t tell them this is just another job to hold you over until Chippendale calls and hires you as a dancer.


I can relate a little. I had a radio station fly me in for an interview for their morning show. Great radio station…warm climate. But I was working at a radio station that I loved being at and loved the city. So when they ask why I wanted their job I was too honest and said basically that I’m not sure I did. But that I would listen to a great offer. Yep…that was too honest. And a few months later the radio station I was working at did not renew my contract and I had to look for a new landing place. Like the recruitment expert said, I should have lied.



I’m back writing with Lauren Mascitti and Kristen Bearfield. Both ladies have been VERY busy so it’s going to be fun catching up with both of their busy careers. 



We seem to have great writing chemistry together every time we do get to sit down together, so here’s hoping a little magic happen again today.



Have a great Tuesday!