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New Shows...Funny Christmas Tune...Album of the Year


Tuesday November 12, 2023


Tuesday morning in Nashville. High of 57 with sun today dipping down to a cool 28 this evening.



With my songwriting appointment cancelled I had an open day to catch up on stuff. Got a little more Christmas shopping done. Thank God for the Amazon sleigh that keeps showing up and dropping off those gifts at the door.


I got some final details for my trip this weekend with Freedom Sings USA to write with veterans. This time we’re headed for Chattanooga, TN where myself and four other songwriters will perform a little concert at the VA Center on Friday night and then Saturday each of us will sit with a veteran and write that veteran’s story into a song that will be performed in concert Saturday night honoring those veterans. It’s always an unforgettable experience. I believe this will be the 11th veteran’s song for me.



March 15 I’ll be back in Mobile, Alabama for a comedy show with my friend and stand-up comedian Juanita Smith at the People’s Listening Room in Mobile, Alabama. 8 pm show and I think this is the 4th time the two of us have done this together in this small intimate listening room in Mobile. All the info is now in the TOUR section of my website.


I’m sure I’ll be adding another show near that March 15 date in Gulf Shores with my friend Brent Burns. Stay tuned for the details on that one. Always good to be on the Gulf Coast.



I’ll be back in beautiful Montrose, Colorado July 10-13 next year with Freedom Sings USA to write with veterans. This is the 4th straight year for that trip out there and that never gets old. Once again we’ll write songs with veterans and then have an outdoor concert the final night framed in the Colorado mountains. Can’t wait.



It doesn’t matter how often a married man changes his job, he still ends up with the same boss.



A third death has now been reported because of that cantaloupe salmonella outbreak. That illness is now spread across some 38 states.


Meanwhile 15 states are reporting high or very high levels of respiratory illness.


Research is saying we can reduce our chance of getting Alzheimer’s by working with a health coach.



Today if you buy a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts at the regular price they’ll give you another dozen for free! And I’m going to be going right by one this morning. And the last time I checked my willpower is not all that great. I’m never tempted to pull over and buy a bunch of kale or broccoli…even if they give it to me free. Even if you glazed kale and broccoli it wouldn’t make a difference for me.

I wonder if the green donuts Krispy Kreme makes during St. Patty’s day is healthy? Hmm.



Yesterday Taylor Swift who used to live her but now resides mostly in New York gave a million dollars to the communities here that were hard hit by that devastating storm this past Saturday night. She might not be your cup of tea musically…but it’s hard not to like her as a person as she’s quietly given a ton of money to great causes through the years. Good on her.



A bunch of years ago I wrote a bunch of funny redneck Christmas songs with producer musician Steve Ivey here in town. Steve created a made up band called Slidawg And the Redneck Ramblers and he invited me to write some funny tunes for that project. I was involved with at least 7 or 8 of those including this one that I’ve always liked “Daddy’s On Parole This Christmas”. Check it out for a redneck laugh or two.




Hasbro is having to lay off 20% of its workforce this year because demand for toys is down 8-10%. What’s with that?  Who doesn’t want a toy at Christmas?  I guess the kids are asking Santa to open mutual funds for them now.



Tis that time of the year when all the lists come out. Like a list for the Top Country Albums of the Year. Of course if you check 10 lists you’ll get 10 DIFFERENT lists. Saving Country Music is a noted online publications that promotes and draws attention to more traditional-Americana type music that a lot of Mainstream folks tend to ignore. But they put up their LIST of top 13. At #1 they listed the new Cody Johnson album “Leather” which is really great and features the current single about Cody’s wife titled “Painter”.


But it was great to see them list my friend and co-writer Emily Ann Roberts album “Can’t Hide Country” as 3rd best of the year.  Emily won The Voice one year with Blake Shelton as her coach and is getting ready to go on tour with him next year. And she is country as this song “Whole Lotta Little” demonstrates. And she’s an even better person than she is a singer…and she’s a really good country singer. Congrats Emily Ann!


My publishing company got power back after that tornado that rolled by very near it on Saturday demolishing some other buildings. So I’ll be there writing with Andrea Pearson this morning who has this new Christmas song out.


We were supposed to be writing with another friend Josh Shilling who’s been out on the road playing piano for Wynonna lately, but he had to beg off as he’s been out of power and has some clean-up work to do from that tornado. He lives in the same area of my publishing company and that’s one of the areas that was hard it. In fact Josh said a lot of Hendersonville looked like it had been hit with a bomb.  Unreal.


Have a great Tuesday!