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Jenny Tolman Unplugged...Thursday Night Show...Christmas Movies


Tuesday December 19, 2023

Hello Tuesday. It’s just 24 degrees as I start this blog today. High of just 42.



I was back writing with Jenny Tolman for the first time in a bit. She and her husband-producer-writer Dave Brainard built a recording studio in their home so we wrote a new song there yesterday. And I got to see their first born little boy Bear who will turn 1 year old New Year’s Eve. Full of life these days for sure and all boy. Normally Jenny, Dave and I write together, but somebody has to babysit these days. So the last time I was there Dave and I wrote while Jenny watched the boy and yesterday the two of them flipped roles.


Jenny shared with me that they are going to release some “unplugged” versions of her songs next year and at least one song we’ve written together will be on it. In fact it’s the first song I ever wrote with Jenny years ago as I was just getting to know her so that’s cool.


I remember that day when we first sat down to write and asking her who she was listening to artist wise? She told me she love the new Brandy Clark album that was out titled 12 Stories and I have worn that album out as well. So we bonded over that. And we both talked about what fans we were of Dave Brainard who produced that critically acclaimed record that included songs "Pray To Jesus".



And then a few years later Jenny met Dave and married him! 




What are the odds?  Meant to be. And that led to the three of us writing and having several of those songs recorded by Jenny like “That’s How I Married In A Honky Tonk” that did well for her as a single release and it was the title of her last album as well. Life can be a funny thing. 




Thursday night I’ll be playing a songwriter show at Reba McEntire’s old estate that is now an event center. They’ve put a stage in one of her barns and I’ll be on that stage in the "Grand Ole Barn” with my friends Steve Dean who wrote a number one hit for Reba “Walk On” and former American Idol star Lauren Mascitti. There’s a buffet at 7 pm then our show Thursday evening at 8 pm. Come join us if you can. Here's the LINK for tickets. 




I’ll be on WANT Radio in Lebanon, Tennessee later this morning to plug the Thursday night show with their morning host. Hopefully it will help get some folks to buy their tickets and come out and join us for the fun.



“I saw a sign one time that said ‘hemorrhoids awareness week’ at the doctor’s office. Let me tell you, if you got hemorrhoids, I’m sure you are aware of it. You don’t need a sign to tell anybody about it.



A new study reveals that apes have a better memory than human beings.


A health expert suggests NOT making our beds every morning. Because that locks in moisture we lose when we sleep and creates a perfect setting for dust mites to replicate. Okay then.


A study shows that plastic cutting boards cause ingestion of microplastics.



Some McDonald Fish Filet fans are complaining that the square piece of fish they put on a bun is decreasing in size. They’re referring to it as the “McMinnow”. I’ll check mine out the next time I order one.



Traffic has gotten so bad in Nashville and other parts of Tennessee that they are now talking about building toll roads in Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga to try and help. Maybe they’ll call it the Rocky Top Toll. Who knows.



The Huffington Post listed their Top Christmas movies on their website today. Everybody’s list would be different, including my list.


Their Top 5 includes:

5 …The Holiday with Jude Law 

4… Love Actually with Hugh Grant

3…Home Alone (In my top 10 for sure)

2…Elf with Will Ferrell

And their favorite is the Muppet Christmas Carol. Which is fun.



I lean towards the classics myself so my Top 5 might be.


5…The Bishops Wife with Carey Grant and David Niven

4…How The Grinch Stole Christmas…the animated version

3…Polar Express

2…Home Alone


And my favorite would be White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye.



And I’ll bet your list is different both of the lists above.



Business Insider polled a bunch of Millennials and found out that traveling is more important to them than advancing careers, owning a home, being debt free, or being in a relationship. The traditional way of working hard all your life and saving money to travel after you retire is changing. The thing about waiting to travel is that you hope when that time comes you’re in decent health to enjoy it. As opposed to finding a way to travel when you’re young and full of health and THEN turning your attention to a career. To each their own.



Scientific Breakthrough Of Humans-To-Whales Conversation Could Lead To Alien Contact. I guess I’m going to have to add “whale language” to my Duo-Lingo app.



I’ve got that radio interview coming up in a few minute to plug the Thursday night show at Reba’s old estate and then I’ll be joining my Australian friend Angus Gill online this evening at 5 my time, 9 AM his time Down Under. It’s going to be fun to catch up on his busy musical life and write something new.


Have a great Tuesday.