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Christmas...Missouri Show...Ice Cream


Tuesday December 26, 2023


Tuesday morning the day after Christmas. And the weather is still great. High of 57 today.



Our Christmas was pretty quiet. It rained all day but we didn’t care. My wife and I exchanged gifts and I got this winner. 



I’m a big ice cream lover and can’t wait to make our own in this bad boy. First sample coming up later today. 




And I also got this new ballcap from my wife. Not sure what she’s trying to tell me but I see me wearing this on stage and folks nodding their head thinking “isn’t that right”? 


And we snuggled up on the couch and watched “Home Alone” with our kids over in Germany on the computer. That movie still makes me laugh every time.


And I hope you and yours had a great Christmas as well. And now it’s on to a New Year in a few days. Hard to believe.



That would be the show in Missouri for GCMA (Gateway Country Music Association) that I’m looking forward to on Sunday January 21 back near where I grew up. The show will be at 2:30 at the Lions Club in Wright City Missouri. I actually played for a pretty good softball team that was sponsored by the Wright City Lions Club when I was young and playing a LOT of softball.


Tickets are $15 and you can get them in advance by calling 636-463-1143 or pay at the door. And there’s more info available HERE in this article the St. Louis Post Dispatch wrote. Looking forward to being home again.



Research is showing that it takes about 5 hours of moderate exercise to help lower or keep you blood pressure in check. (And I think you can also lower it if you don’t pay any attention to politics. Not confirmed.)


The states that are least vaccinated?  Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, and the lowest vaccinated state in Arizona. Only 16.1% vaccinated.


They’re saying that Millennials are the most prone to phone related accidents as tech injuries have jumped 20% since 2020. You keep your head in your phone and you’re liable to run into something.



This one from comedian Bill Connelly.


I worry about ridiculous things you know, how does the guy who drives a snowplow get to work”?



A leading real estate agent listed the top 6 places he’d retire if he had $500,000. 


6…Knoxville (Rocky Top!)

5…Scottsdale, Arizona

4…Ft. Myers, FL

3…Charleston, SC

2…Spokane, WA


And his number one choice is beautiful Bozeman, Montana.  I did a show just outside Bozeman a few years ago with our “Evening in the Round” trio with Linda Davis and Lang Scott.



I could see how folks might choose to retire there.



As long as the Duttons from the Yellowstone TV show don’t try to take you to the Train Station. 




There were no Powerball Christmas Day winners so the jackpot has now soared to 685 million. Just saying. Someone said that the chances of you dying on the way to get a lottery ticket is greater than you actually winning it.



It’s this time of year when it’s dark early and the weather turns cold that I start waiting for baseball to begin again. And if you’re a baseball fan like me you owe it to yourself to go to Spring Training for your favorite team if you’ve not done that. Nothing like sitting in the sun in Arizona or Florida in late February and March and watching your favorite pitcher on the mound.


Speaking of pitchers. A leading baseball publication just listed their top 5 Major League pitchers of all time. They are.


5…Bob Gibson. My all time favorite pitcher. I watched him pitch a lot of games as a kid. Amazing.



4…Pedro Martinez.


3…Walter Johnson


2…Randy Johnson who could strike fear in any batter like he did in this very funny VIDEO when Jon Kruck of the Phillies stepped into the box and wanted no more of Randy.


And their number one pitcher of all time is the Braves Greg Maddux. Hard to disagree. He was a painter.



Check out this classified ad. “For sale: cemetery plot, $200, so I don’t have to spend all eternity beside my ex!”  Okay then.



The whole focus today is trying to see if we can make ice cream in that gift my wife gave me this Christmas. How’s that for a big day?


Have a great Tuesday.