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Canadian Homestead Song...Last Nights Show...Christmas Weekend


Friday December 22, 2023


Friday morning. Christmas weekend with Christmas arriving Monday morning. Yesterday was the shortest day of the year so that means starting today each day will start getting at least a LITTLE longer. I’m past ready for that.


With that said, we’ll have sun today in Nashville with a high of 61. Not bad for the end of December.



I had a great writing appointment with my talented red headed friend Andrea Pearson at my publishing company as we worked on a song that we had mostly written the last time we met and Andrea wanted to make the song even stronger. Good call on her part and it is a much stronger song about an old farm up in Canada that’s been part of her family for generations. It’s a wonderful true story that we poured into this tune that I’m pretty sure she will not only record but will shoot a video of the song on that property someday. She still sees that old farmhouse where her grandparents and great grandparents live just as I still see an old farm house my grandparents owned when I was growing up that was a gathering place for our family Sundays after church. So I was able to help paint her idea pretty easily.


It's one of my favorite songs I’ve written in a bit and I can’t wait for Andrea to share with her audiences wherever she performs and she’s performed all over the world and with some famous names. She’s sung and recorded with Reba and even gave Reba a painting that Reba hung in her house on the estate I played a show at last night. More on that in a second. 


And Andrea shared some great news that next year, it looks like, she’s going to be on tour with another artists performing all over the country with a full orchestra!  Doing classic country songs and more. I can’t imagine how great she’s going to sound standing in front of a symphony with that great voice that’s here. 




I’m grateful that she allowed me to be her co-writer on this wonderful song.



Gosh, what a very fun night at Reba’s old place Starstruck Farms that’s been converted into an entertainment venue now that Reba has sold it. This picture is of her old horse stable that we played in last night.


Very cool. Her old stables that you see below were converted into loft hotel rooms that they VRBO out to guests. Something to think about if you’re coming to Nashville. 



Thank you to Dan Modlin for having me, Steve Dean and Lauren Mascitti perform in this great new listening room last night. We had an absolute blast. They served a delicious buffet before our 8 pm show last night. 



 Steve did several of his #1 songs including the Rodney Atkins smash “Watching You” that Billboard Magazine just named the 37th biggest country hit of all time.


Lauren just needs to sing and she can bring down the house as she did last night with her great voice and songs like “Another Mans Wine”.


And I tried to lighten the mood with some funny songs like I always do. “Retired” in particular seemed to hit home with the crowd. And speaking of the crowd. I found out we had table full of folks from near Kansas City and one of them graduated from my college Central Missouri State University home of the “Fighting Mules”. So it was great getting to know some fellow Missourians at the show. 



We just could not have had a better time. And I’m hoping we’ll be playing there again in the not too distant future.




A study just out claims that night owls face a greater risk of clogged arteries. Get some sleep!


A health expert says we are more susceptible to bugs like the flu because of low humidity and we’re all together inside more. Not because of cold weather according to him. All I know is there’s a lot of it going round right now. My publishing company was shy of employees yesterday because so many were out with the flu.


Doctors are saying pediatric eating disorder hospitalizations are rising.



Patrick Mahomes the starting QB for the Kansas City Chiefs just thanked his big offensive linemen by giving each of them a personalized golf cart. Pretty cool. Meanwhile the starting QB for the New York Jets send his offensive line guys a hospital bill. 




The Dodgers have gotten REALLY serious about winning a pennant again. They just signed the Japanese pitcher that several teams were trying to sign AND they got Shohei Otani. In fact, the Dodgers signed 3 players and the total pay for all 3 of them is a BILLION dollars. To play baseball…in a warm weather climate. Pretty danged good work if you can get it.



Major League baseball has modified some more rules for the 2024 season. In an effort to keep speeding up the game here is now an 18 second pitch clock with runners on base. Four mound visits instead of 5. And the runners lane to first base has been widened to infield grass. I have zero problems with them speeding up the game. And if you’re a baseball fan like me and go to the park you’ll see and feel the difference. All good.



That movie came on a couple of nights ago and I watched it again. It had been several Christmases since I had done that and I was reminded of how great that movie is with such a great message for all of us. “Here’s to George Bailey, the richest man I know”. And he was.


I had the pleasure of interviewing the actress who played little Zuzu Bailey played by actress Karolyn Grimes  a couple of times during my radio career. Besides being incredibly nice she also had nothing but great memories and praise for that movie experience at such a young age. And she had nothing but praise for Jimmy Stewart whom she said treated her like her own little girl on the set. For the record…Zuzu is from Czech origin and it means “lily”. 



Oh…and believe it or not…Cary Grant was the first choice to play George Bailey…not Jimmy Stewart. Hard to imagine that movie without Jimmy Stewart in it.



It’s so warm in Minnesota that they cancelled their Ice Festival which is famous up there. Can’t have ice sculptures if the temperatures get to warm. And folks really don’t want to see ice puddles. 




Mayor Adams is saying the reason so many New Yorkers are leaving the state is because of rats. And the high price of almost everything in New York should also be added Mayor. And they’re moving to Texas and Florida where it’s warmer and taxes are cheaper. And they have no rats. Can’t imagine why they’d leave.



That would be this submersible super-yacht that’s for sale for 2 BILLION dollars. Gonna be really hard for Santa get this bad boy down the chimney.



My calendar is clear now until next Wednesday as Christmas is upon us. I’ll post a little Christmas Blog on Monday morning.


 Merry Christmas and happy weekend to all.