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Australia Good News...Pearl Harbor Day...Selfies


Thursday December 7, 2023


Thursday morning in Music City. Up to 61 with some sun today.



I had my day come wide open yesterday as my songwriting appointment with Darin & Brooke Aldridge had to be rescheduled as they’ve been on a run of publicity for their new Christmas album that’s out right now. So we moved that to another day.



The good news was Darin told me they’ll be finishing up their new bluegrass album early next year a couple or more songs I’ve helped write will land on that great project. Can’t wait for that new project to be out. 

I've been very very blessed that these two have recorded so many songs that I'm a writer on. The two of them just received a major award for having over a million streams on their gospel song "Jordan" that also features Ricky Skaggs and Mo Pitney.  Congrats!



I got a nice note from my Aussie friend Angus Gill to let me know he’s just released a new Christmas song that we wrote together last year titled “Cheapskate Christmas” from an idea Angus brought to an online writing session. Turned out to be a pretty funny song and he tells me it’s going over great Down Under and is getting some airplay right now. Cool.



And he also let me know that the song “She Always DancedAlone” that we wrote with Australian artist Alan Mackey just landed on the Australiancountry chart at #33 this week. The song also features TC Cassidy on one verse and we’re all glad she could lend her talent on this little tune that I truly love. Why did the Senorita always dance alone?  Listen to the song and you’ll find out.



Today is Pearl Harbor Day. A day that will live in infamy. 2.403 Americans were killed that day and it launched us into World War II. It’s a reminder to stay on guard and be prepared.


If you’ve not ever toured the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor…the museum and the boat trip out where you can look down and see that battleship…I would highly recommend it.



 When you stand that memorial out in the water where all the names of those are lost are on a wall you can look out over the water and envision that attack on that fateful day.



When my wife and I were in Honolulu all those years ago it was very near Pearl Harbor Day. So much so that when we went to see the legendary Don Ho sing “Tiny Bubbles” at his show we got a surprise when he brought on stage maybe 20 or more Pearl Harbor survivors as it was Pearl Harbor week. That was very moving and of course they got a loud and long standing ovation.


And then Don an unforgettable story about his memory of that day. His Father ran a Cantina at the top of the bowl there in Honolulu. Don was a very young boy at the time. They heard the noise…went outside the Cantina and he and his Father stood helplessly as they watched those Japanese Zeroes bomb Pearl Harbor. My we never ever forget. 




Experts are saying that fasting could have a profound effect on Alzheimer’s in a very good way. Mice that ate on a time-restricted schedule showed memory improvement and fewer signs of dementia.


A Scandinavian study is revealing that too much exercise can actually speed the aging process…not slow it down. (In that case…I’ll look young forever.)


Now a study is suggesting that twice daily electrical stimulation may help boost cognitive functions. (All you have to do is turn on the news and you’ll be shocked at least twice)



This is the reason I wrote a song called “Get Over Your Selfie”. A gondola packed with tourists in Venice flipped the gondola over and they all ended up in the water. Why?  One got up to snap a selfie and over she went. As the lyric in the song says, “Get a little self-helpie…and get over your selfie”.  



My wife and did the Gondola thing in Venice when we toured Italy a few years ago. Not once did I think I should stand up and take a selfie. I did think about casting a line over the boat to see if the canal was stocked with bass.




Forbes just picked their top 5 most powerful women in the world. Guess who’s number 5?  Taylor Swift. Worth over a billion bucks now…that makes you pretty influential.


4 is Gorgio Melonie the Prime Minister of Italy.

3 is Kamala Harris

2 is Christine Lagarde who is the President of the European Central Bank


And the MOST influential woman in the world is Ursula von der Leyen the President of the European Commission. She’s #1 and she’s never sung one song about breaking up with a boyfriend!



A couple buys a Christmas tree and puts it up. 4 days after that a cleaner is in their house and he notices there’s a “live” owl hanging in the tree. Just a little bonus for the holidays.



Woman Who Threw A Burrito Bowl At A Chipotle Worker Was Sentenced To Working In A Fast Food Restaurant. (Here’s to the judge that came up with that creative sentence)


I’m writing with a couple of Arkansas writers online Brent Baxter and Casey Lee Penn. Casey who is a bluegrass artist is working on a new album for next year so we’ll be trying to write something that might work for her. Should be fun.


Have a great Thursday!