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2025 Date...Tommy Smothers...Chipotle


Thursday December 28, 2023


Thursday morning. A bit cooler in Nashville today with a high of just 43. And they are still saying we could see a speck of snow tomorrow. Kroger run!



I got back to the writing table, albeit an online writing table and co-wrote a new gospel-bluegrass song with my friend from Maryland Rick Lang. Rick always sends good ideas before our appointment which makes the job easier for me as I’ll take what he’s written, tweak some of it, add a little and then by the time he pops up on my screen we’ve got a pretty good jump start on the tune. That was certainly the case yesterday and we piled a new one on the stack of songs we’ve written together now over the past few years. It will be fun to follow this song and see where it lands in the future.



Another date is going on the tour calendar for next year. A return trip to Stephen City, Virginia on December 6 in 2025 with Linda Davis and Lang Scott as our “Evening In The Round” trio will once again play at the Valley Bible Church there for our third “Faith, Love and Laughter” show. That’s right…2025!  Wow. Tell me we’re not working ahead here. Thank you to our friend Rhonda Haven for having us again.





MIT is studying a new vibrating pill as innovative weight loss treatment. (I had a vibrating thing once designed to help me lose weight…didn’t work)


Some Doctors fear the new COVID strain could trigger a heart failure pandemic across the globe. Emphasis on SOME doctors.


Food experts say pumpkin seeds are nutrient rich and they are a powerhouse for holistic wellness.



I was sad to read that Tommy Smothers passed at the age of 86. Man, I was a fan of he and Dick Smothers and the Smothers Brothers. I still have a couple of their comedy albums on vinyl. Their comedic timing was just spot on always. And their TV show, controversial at times during those times, was must-see TV for me when I was of college age. They had some of the best guests on their show as well. Glen Campbell, John Hartford, and a young Steve Martin to name a few.


When my friend Brent Burns and I play shows down on the Gulf Coast we shamelessly steal a great Smothers Brothers bit. Most of the audiences have no clue as they’ve forgotten the bit or they’re too young to even know about the Smothers Brothers.


The bit is…Brent will be singing and then it’s time for a guitar solo. He’ll say, “Take it Bill”….and I’ll say “No” in a deadpan look. We run that gag two or three times each show…and each time the laughs get louder. That’s what Dick Smothers would say to Tommy Smothers and Tommy would say “No”. Or…Tommy would just ignore Dick completely and then Dick would stop and the two would have a discussion. Here’s a great example of that in their "Boil That Cabbage Down" routine. Go about 377 seconds into this VIDEO and you’ll see it.

They were known for their comedy but they could actually sing well. Folk music kind of stuff back when Folk Music was a big thing.

Thanks for the great songs and comedy Tommy. RIP



Why are they running Valentine ads and gift suggestions already? I haven’t finished returning Christmas presents yet and gotten through New Year’s Eve. Can you re-gift a Christmas package and give that to your sweetheart as a Valentine Day gift?


If I win the final Powerball drawing for this year I’ll just leave my wife a bunch of cash. The final jackpot of the year could reach as high as 800 million bucks. And a losing Powerball ticket would not be a bad gift as it’s the thought that counts. At least that’s what I’m going with.



GoBanking listed the top six best beach cities that one can retire to on a $2,600 a month budget. They are:

Jacksonville, Ocracoke, North Carolina, Cannon Beach in Oregon, New Castle, New Hampshire, Ocean Springs, MS and St. Augustine, Florida.


My tractor tire filled with sand in the backyard did not make their Best Beach City list.



Lots of folks have eating habits. They’ll eat their favorite foods over and over again. Like NBA star Mikal Bridges who plays for the New Jersey Nets. He’s eaten Chipotle EVERY day for the last 10 years. Every single day. They surely must have a gold bowl they fill for him when he walks in.



A Harvard Study reveals that ad revenue from users 12 and under on the ole internet is immense. Almost a BILLION dollars’ worth. 959 million on You Tube, 800 million on Instagram and 137 million on Facebook.


When I was in country radio the demographic target was 25-54. That’s been lowered more and more to 18-34. But with social networking?  Every age is buying stuff apparently.



The Green Bay Packers have suspended a player for one game because he screwed up the coin toss last week. I think the head coach told him, “you had ONE job.”



Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs. Every week we see her cheering on her guy in KC. And that led someone to build this gingerbread house that includes her.



Joke…a guy says, “I was laying on the sofa this weekend and my wife asked what I was doing. I said, “Nothing.” She said,, “You did that yesterday”. I said, “Yeah, I know. I wasn’t finished.”



First time writing with gospel writer Belinda Smith in a while. Belinda has had a lot of success in the Christian world, she’s a motivational speaker, AND she’s got a quick wit and is funny as well. So I’m looking forward to rhyming and laughing with her today.



Have a great Thursday!