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Wife Trial...Shows Coming Up...Christmas Movie Job


Tuesday November 26, 2023


Tuesday morning in Music City USA. We had some heavy rain overnight with more on tap today. High of just 62.



Rick Lang out in Maryland  and I wrote a new gospel-bluegrass song with me online that could be recorded by either a bluegrass actor or southern gospel quartet. A little old timey like some of those old church songs were back in the day when I grew up and went to a small church in Missouri. And there are still plenty of folks recording those kinds of songs so we’re hoping someone might like this tune enough to want to add to their list of songs to record in the future…we’ll see.



Two different “Songs of Rick Lang” albums will be out next year. One is a gospel-grass album filled with celebrity singers. And one will be a Christmas southern gospel album full of songs Rick has written or co-written with folks like me. And he was kind enough to share that I’ll have songs of mine on both of these projects. So, it’s tough to beat Monday that gives you a new song and good news all rolled up into one day. Great way to start the week.


I laughed when I saw this picture of my friend and co-writer Katrina Burgoyne singing our fun song “Wife Trial” during one of her energetic “live” performances. If you’re wondering why she’s giving the Johnny Cash salute here…listen to the song and that will splain it to you.  Thanks for recording it Katrina.




Here’s my show schedule for the rest of the year and January.


December 9…Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant in Franklin, TN with “Hits & Grins” (Steve Dean & Victoria Venier) 8 pm show.



December 12…World Famous Bluebird Café Nashville at 6:30 pm with songwriters Barry & Will Hutchens & Jerry Salley.


December 15 & 16…Freedom Sings USA songwriter retreat with veterans in Chattanooga.


December 21…Starstruck Farms (Reba’s old place) at 8 pm with songwriters Steve Dean & Lauren Mascitti



January 21…Wright City Missouri Lions Club for the Gateway Country Music Association Winter Show that starts at 2:30 pm.


January 26 & 27…Freedom Sings USA songwriter retreat in Memphis.


Complete details on all of these tour dates and other is available on the website.



The CDC has issued a safety alert warning for peaches, nectarines and plums linked to a listeria outbreak.

A new study is correlates that belly fat in one’s 40’s and 50’s to Alzheimer’s disease decades later.

4 more free COVID tests are now available per household through the website COVIDTESTS.GOV



It looks like the Army is sending letters to soldiers who refused to get vaccinated letters allowing them to rejoin now if they’d like since folks are not required to be vaccinated now. Recruitment numbers are down and they need more soldiers. Funny how that works.



Don’t forget to turn you bathroom scales back 15 pounds Wednesday night at 1 AM for Thanksgiving.


And speaking of Thanksgiving…today is the biggest day of travel. I feel for those who have to be at an airport. Or travel in a car, train or in anything else. I’d rather stay home and rewatch the “Those aren’t pillows! Scene in Planes Trains and Automobiles.



More women are going to be on more submarines according to the Navy.  14 crews have women now, there will be 21 submarine crews with women by 2027.


Quite the experience being on a submarine. Wouldn’t be for me.  I’ve been onboard the old USS Cincinnati down in Norfolk once where my brother in law Ken Morgan served and through his efforts I got to have dinner with the Captain and crew as I was down in Norfolk one Christmas with the radio station WUBE in Cincinnati to help spread a little Christmas cheer to the sailors onboard. We took Skyline Chili, Graeters Ice Cream and more from Cincinnati onboard the sub. It was a very cool experience and it gave me a new admiration for those that can handle being in tight quarters underwater like that. 



Happy Turkey Day to all those who are serving that won’t be home this holiday season.



I’ve mentioned it before but I’m a big fan of the Manning Cast where Peyton and Eli sit on their couches and watch the Monday Night Football game and comment like two brother would do…with special guests. Last night Mark Wahlberg looked like he did not want to be on the show. Weird. And I was looking forward to him joining Peyton and Eli as I’m a fan. Don’t know what was up with him…but he was not happy for some reason to be on the show.



Despite that…comedian Kevin Hart is now going to replicate what the Manning’s have done so successfully by doing the same kind of show on ESPN 2 covering NBA basketball games. Funny man so even though I’m not the biggest NBA fan?  This might be very funny to watch.



Sometimes parents get so frustrated they just have to post a sign…like this one.



Need a holiday job to make some extra money?  At CABLETV.COM you can sign up for a chance to watch 25 Christmas movies in 25 days and review them. If you’re selected they pay you $2,500 and you get free subscription service to several streaming channels.


Sounds like fun to me…sign me up!  I’ve always wanted post my comment about what I think about that kid that keeps sticking his danged tongue on that froze pole year after year after year in The Christmas Story.




In China, Thief Apprehended After Falling Asleep In House He Was Robbing. (You had one job!)


I have my last writing appointment of the week with Adam and Amy Pope today and then it’s all things Thanksgiving for the rest of the week and weekend. It’s that time of the year when things get a little lazier.



Have a great Tuesday!




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