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Road Ahead...Mozambique...Weird Lawsuits


Monday November 6, 2023


Monday morning…start of a busy couple of days and then it’s road trip time again. Oh, and you turned your clock back one hour right?



A largely uneventful weekend as I took some more time to put this cold to rest. Whew. Most surely feeling better but it was a dandy to say the least. And I know a lot of others who are down with it as well. The good news is I’ll be “road ready” for the trip this week that includes a house concert with Brent Burns Wednesday night in Foley, Alabama.


And then Thursday through Saturday I’ll be playing at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival once again in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach with my “Hits & Grins” trio that features Steve Dean & Victoria Venier and me. Looking forward to that.



I did watch a movie that I liked over the weekend on Prime “Gran Turismo” which is based on a true story about Nissan racing finding a kid who was a gamer and played their very realistic racing game and turned him into a legit racer in real cars. Pretty amazing that it’s a true story. I can’t tell you one actors name, but they were all very good and the movie was fun and enjoyable. Two racing thumbs up from me.


Got to admit. I never really got into electronic games. I was more of a Donkey Kong kind of guy. But to my knowledge, it’s still impossible to have a career based on Donkey Kong skills.



Look what came in the mail? The new Jimmy Buffett CD. I sort of wore it out this weekend. Really great stuff Jimmy left us before he left us. Hard to pick a favorite for sure. Already “Bubbles Up” is doing well and it might be my favorite track but every track is an adventure with a lot of “Jimmy” stories tucked inside these songs. Like “Close Calls”.



And I love Jimmy's version of Mozambique written by Bob Dylan and Jaques Levy. And Emmy Lou Harris sings along as she did on Dylan's version. (Click on the link and watch a very cool video of them recording this cut in the studio)


As always Jimmy’s music transports the listener to a beach or a port of call. Yep, pretty good gift from the Son of A Son of A Sailor.”




Did you know that there are balance classes?  Researchers say having good balance can extend lives. Seniors tend to fall because they age and then some lose their sense of balance. 2.3 billion falls last year. So balance exercises and classes is not a bad idea.


A neurologist confirms that naps are good for you. They improve cognitive performance, promote brain health, they might lower your risk for heart disease, and they promote overall brain health. I’ve been taking naps most of my life because of years of getting up at 3 AM or so for radio jobs around the country. And even after radio, my clock never changed. Still napping. So I must be the poster “boy” for brain health right?


With rolling the clocks back comes this note that 5% of us suffer from SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s a type of depression that comes with daylight hours decreasing. Yep…my least favorite time of year.



Coming up. Do you know where your giblets are?  Or what they are? Me neither.


The turkey feast is going to be a little cheaper this year. More turkey to go around has dropped prices. You can get a 10 pounder for under $25 in places as there’s a 13% drop in prices. And cranberries are a bargain as well they say. Good news for those on a Thanksgiving budget. And I believe the gotta have item “Mac N Cheese” is holding steady price was as well. That makes me a happy camper.



Starbucks has announced they will have opened 17,000 new stores by 2030. Wow. We do love our Starbucks.


And the joke about Starbucks that I like?


What’s the fastest way to get Starbucks in less than a minute?


Answer: Tell the barista that your name is Fire. Everyone will run outside when they call your name.





Yardbarker released what they consider to be the Top 25 albums of all time. And though I know every publication or critic has a different list I can’t help but look.  Here’s there Top 5.


5…Greatest Hits of Diana Ross & The Supremes

4…Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975… The Eagles

3…The Immaculate Collection…Madonna

2…1962-1966/1967-1970….The Beatles (2 CD’s)


And their number one choice?

1…Hot Rocks…Rolling Stones




Ringo Starr said in a recent interview that the thought The Beatles might be over and done in a week or so. So much so that he’d made plans to become a hairdresser to support himself. Uh…he was just a little wrong. Pretty sure he still hasn’t cut a single strand of hair.



Get this. Heinz now has a ketchup that tastes like pickles. Why?  You got me. Soon as Heinz rolls out a bottle that tastes like Mac n Cheese though….I’m in.


I’ve mentioned this before but truly there is a Guinness Record for everything. Here’s the latest. A teenager solves a Rubik cube whileskydiving. He did it in just 28.25 seconds. Just seemed like something to do.


I can’t solve a Rubik cube inside my home. If I worked on it for a month?  I’d still have nothing. Of course I have the same struggle trying to figure out how to get the shrink wrap off of a new CD.



Courts are barraged with lawsuits. Some of them are people suing to sue I think. And there have been some really weird ones as well that surely made a judge or two laugh. Here are three…all real lawsuits.


A kidnapper sued his hostage for escaping. It was dismissed.


A man once sued Michael Jordan for looking too much like him. That one was dropped.


And a sleeping student sued his teacher for waking him in class. Unbelievably that one was dropped as well.



A restaurant in Georgia has added a $50 surcharge on their menu for adult who are unable to parent their children. Those parents that miss the memo that there’s not a playground at ever restaurant. That must lead to some really interesting and loud conversations when the bill comes.



Missing Pig Returns Home After Actor Kevin Bacon’s Plea. (Of course Kevin BACON would have a pig. And I’m not sure if my owner’s last name was “Bacon” that I’d ever return home)



I’m back to the writing table for the first time in a couple of weeks. Road work and then a cold cancelled all that. So I’m happy to be sitting and rhyming with Thomm Jutz today who will help get me back in the songwriting groove. 



Have a great Monday!


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