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On The Road...Frank Brown Songwriters...Show Tonight


Wednesday November 8, 2023


Wednesday morning and I’m on the road to Gulf Shores again.



Tuesday was packing day for the trip that’s already underway by the time you read this. And going over songs to sing for the house concert tonight with Brent Burns.



And I went through some of the songs I’ve written with Freedom Sings USA and chose a few to perform at the special veteran’s show we’ll have this Friday evening at the Flora-Bama in the main listening room. And a few new songs for the two “Hits & Grins” show this week as well. 



200 songwriters will be on the beach down there the next few days. Should be great fun as always.



My friend Darin Aldridge sent me a song that young bluegrass artist Caroline Owens recorded that I wrote with my friend Irene Kelley. “Another Morning In The South” that will be on her upcoming album. Sounds so good, and to give you a taste of how talented this young lady is check out this song that’s out right now hers. Made my day yesterday.  Thank you Irene for the great idea, Darin for the great production and Caroline for loving our song. Can’t wait to share it soon. 




My daughter and son in law sent us some chocolate from Germany. Trust me…it’s really really good. And yesterday my daughter told me her husband Casey will be having lunch in Greece today. Geez. He flies military folks wherever they need to be and yesterday it was Greece. Land, have lunch in Greece with that great view then head back. Not a bad life if you can get it. Thanks for the sweets kid.




That would be me. I had dinner at my local sports bar Monday night and when it came time to pay? I did not have my money clip or credit cards with me. Embarrassing. So I had to make a trip back to day to take care of that…sheepishly. Geez. I’ve had a few of those hang your head moments in my life.


I shared a beauty with my songwriter buddy Thomm Jutz when we wrote on Monday that made him laugh. True story about what an idiot I can be.


I was on the morning show at WUBE Cincinnati years ago when out loud I ask my radio partner “what day is Cinco de Mayo this year?” She stared at me and finally said, “Uh, that would be the 5th of May.”  There was no hole to crawl into. It was out there for all to hear. Yep…they were listening to an idiot. 



Alarming. A survey is saying that 1 in 5 older adults don’t have someone to depend on in time of need. And that increases ER visits and food insecurity.


In England a trial of a new pill for breast cancer has gone extremely well. They’ve shown it reduces the risk by 49%. Anastrozole is the drug.


Statistics are showing that the US now trails dozens of developed nations for life expectancy.



I always find a laugh in a Babylon Bee headline. The online site that pokes fun at everything by adding a pinch of truth in what they write had this headline yesterday.


Family Makes Tough Decision To Put Aging Grandpa Into The US Senate.



Those are tonight with Peyton Manning and Luke Bryan co-hosting. I’m sorry to miss it as I’ll be playing a show tonight. Normally I put up a running commentary on my Facebook as the show rolls along and I’ll miss being able to do that. I cast my votes a couple of months ago. Anyone’s guess for Entertainer of the Year.


The nominees this year are Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, Carrie Underwood, Chris Stapleton, and Lainey Wilson who’s had a very hot year. I voted Chris Stapleton, but I would not be surprised if Morgan Wallen wins. We’ll see.


I’m a proud member of the CMA for sure, and proud that I was lucky enough to win one of those coveted crystal awards when I was in radio. President George Bush senior and his wife Barbara were in the Opry House the night Reba called my name.  Been blessed to be part of such a wonderful industry for a long time.



How about this deal. A company can now drone-fly a portable toilet to wherever you need one. Construction sites, tailgate parties, drop one by your deer stand…wow. Once again it occurs to me there is nothing one can’t have delivered. I’m looking to see if there’s a “crap” app I can download.



On the road. I-65 South to Hwy 50 straight to the beach in Gulf Shores. The blog tomorrow morning will have a water view. See you then.



Have a great Wednesday!







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