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Last Night's Show...Frank Brown New Schedule...CMA Awards


Thursday November 9, 2023


Thursday morning and I’m waking up with a view of the ocean this morning.



I made the trip from Nashville back down to Gulf Shores, checked into the condo with that view you see above, and did a quick turnaround to join my friend Brent Burns for our house concert last evening at the Lyon’s Den in Foley, Alabama.



We had a great turnout, with folks sitting in their lawn chairs and hanging around a bonfire or two and taking in our 2 and half hour show last night. It’s always great to see so many familiar faces that seem to love it when Brent and I get together to do show and just cut up and be us. Thank you for coming!



And special thanks to Adam and Karen Lyons who are passionate about hosting singer songwriters in their backyard that has a sandy beach to sit in. Pretty sure Brent was thinking of couples like these who host musicians in their homes when he wrote and recorded “I’ve Got a Beach in MyBackyard”. Fun night last night.




The Frank Brown Songwriters Festival begins today. Our “Hits & Grins” trio was scheduled with me, Victoria Venier & Steve Dean to do two shows, the first one tonight. But things have changed because Steve is having to stay in Nashville for health reasons…and we’re certainly thinking about our musical partner and praying for him to get better quick.


So…here’s the schedule now for this year’s festival.  First off a new show was added for me and Brent Burns. That will be tonight at Tacky Jacks in Gulf Shores at 6:45 pm. 



Brent was not slated this year for the Festival but he sure is now. And he’s going to take Steve Dean’s chair for our “Hits & Grins” show. 9:45 tonight Brent, me and Victoria will be playing the Main Room at the Flora Bama at 9:20 pm. 



And he will also join us at Lulu’s (where he plays a lot) at 7 pm Saturday evening. 



And then tomorrow night (Friday night) is our Veteran’s tribute at the Flora Bama main listening room for Freedom Sings USA. We are surely going to miss Steve Dean for that as well as he’s one of the co-founders of this organization that pairs songwriters with veterans. We’ll do our best without him, and we hope to raise some awareness about what the organization does as well as saluting our veterans by performing some of the songs the songwriters have written with and about them tomorrow night. Should be pretty special.



Busy on the beach.



I missed them last night because of my own show last night, but I know enough to know that I need to go out and buy some bell bottoms and a hat as Lainey Wilson had a career night last night snatching 5 CMA trophies including the one for Entertainer of the Year. Congrats to here. Some kind of year for her.



I’ll be pulling up some of the highlights later today online. Including this nice moment when they paid tribute to Jimmy Buffett.



If you read this blog you see the names Darin and Brooke Aldridge a lot. The married bluegrass couple from North Carolina who I write with a lot. They just did a concert that was aired on PBS in an underground cave in Kentucky that’s pretty danged cool. So I thought I’d share the LINK here to that show for you to check out so you can see my talented friends in action. And…they perform the “Grand Ole Circle” the song we wrote together about the Grand Ole Opry that they’ve performed at now over 50 times. 




American life expectancy rates have now plummeted they say to a nearly 30 year low. Not the greatest trend.


The FDA has approved the Eli Lilly weight loss drug which will now be competitive with Ozempic.


I read an article that claims one can eat their way to healthier hair. Sadly, I found out that you actually have to have hair to make it healthier. Sigh.



I had to stop at Wal Mart after my show late last night to pick up a couple of things. While checking out I heard one of the late night clerks tell another that she just saw on her phone that the Wal Mart Black Friday deals had just been launched. It’s not the Friday after Thanksgiving, and it wasn’t even a Friday period.  How does that work? It was almost enough to make me go back and pick up the discount deal on Tupperware bowls. Almost.



In Hong Kong a Pizza Hut there is selling a Snake Meat Pie. For real. And they swear it tastes like fish. I just do not see me ever trying a pizza that might rattle and hiss at me. Nope.



Airline complaints have doubled in the last year. Federal officials claim there’s way too many for them to process. Delays, cancellations, tons of issues leading to an overwhelming amount of complaining.


With that…here’s an airline joke.


A passenger on a budget airline was asked by the cabin crew, “Would you like dinner”?


The woman asked, “What are my choices?”


“Yes or no”.



Sounds like the Republican Debate last night got a little nasty. I’m not sure why they don’t just have those debates in one of these.



Staten Island Woman Claims Her Fear Of Turkeys Led To Her Fall In Injury Lawsuit Against Hospital. (Apparently there were turkeys roaming the lawn)  I don’t know how judges keep straight faces sometimes.)



Two shows today here at the festival.


6:45 pm with Brent Burns at Tacky Jacks.


9:20 pm with Brent & Victoria Venier at the Flora Bama main listening room.


And in between I’ll be soaking up some of this.




Have a great Thursday!






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