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Monday November 14, 2023


Monday morning and I’m back home in Nashville. 71 for a high today with lots of sunshine.



Friday night was our Freedom Sings USA show at the Flora-Bama for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. Pretty amazing night and it was great to see standing room only to honor and salute our veterans over Veterans Day weekend.




At 7 pm I did an hour on stage with Mutt Cooper whom I had not met. But Mutt served in the Navy so he’s a vet himself which made our set pretty cool. I did 4 of the songs that I’ve written with veterans through the years and the audience more than showed their appreciation for those personal stories that were turned into songs. 



And “Let Me Shake Your Hand” that I wrote about my buddy here Brent Burns got a loud reaction.


Then Wood Newton got up with Bobby Tomberlin and did some of the songs they’d written with our veterans and Wood also did “Riding With Private Malone” that David Ball recorded as well as this amazing patriotic song “Wave On Old Glory” that Billy Dean recorded.


We auctioned off some items, and folks were so nice to donate some money to the organization that will help fun more songwriter retreats with our Vets in the future. My thanks goes to Andy Haynes who heads this great festival for recognizing the importance of the organization and for giving it some prime exposure. A really good night.



Here's to all who have served our country including my brother Gary and his son Chris as well as Dodge Raymer back in Missouri who's family to me.



Saturday was my final night for the festival. Once again my friend Brent Burns filled in for Steve Dean at our “Hits & Grins” show with Victoria Venier. Steve missed the entire festival and had to remain in Nashville so we were happy to have Brent with us at his homeplace. 



He’s played at Lulu’s for 19 years and counting now!  We had a great group of listeners and old friends right in front of us that made the evening so enjoyable. In fact, thank you to my friends Larry and Vickie Hudson who gave me this little gift you see below.



The glass says, “It’s Not Really Drinking Alone…If The Dog Is Home”. That little phrase led to this Christmas tune by that name that I wrote with my friends Gerald Smith and Paul Bogart. Thank you guys. Made me laugh?


And the rubber chicken inside the glass? That’s from my song “Leave Em’ Laughin” that talks about a yellow rubber chicken…and it’s Vickie’s favorite song. 



We close the night with a little liquid celebration. You can try and figure out who was drinking what on your own.



Then it was I-65 north back to Nashville yesterday with a ton of great memories for this year’s festival. Another songwriter talked about how great it is to come here and see other songwriter friends and have time to catch up. Even though most of us live in Nashville, it’s odd how we don’t really see each other a lot. So this great festival allows lots of old friends to sit down and have coffee and catch up. Can’t wait to do it all over again next year. 




Some folks are paying $2,500 for a new full body scan that can detect more than 500 conditions. And it can detect early cancer signs…they say.


A study just concluded involving 7,576 Americans concludes that if you get at least 8 hours of sleep you will be less likely to suffer injuries like fractures, sprains, and strains.


An Alabama woman with rare double uterus is expecting a child in both. Think on that for a while.



The late Joan Rivers once said this about her husband. “I got a waterbed, but my husband stocked it with trout”.


And then there’s this classic from Joan.


I’m a double bagger. Not only does my husband put a bag over my face when we’re making love, but he also puts a bag over his face in case mine falls off.”



American Songwriter Magazine listed what they thought were the best performances at the CMA Awards Show last week. I was glad to see they named the Jimmy Buffett tribute as 2nd best. Their number one choice?  This Lainey Wilson performance of her new single “Wildflowers and Wild Horses”.



Those Cirque de Soleil folks are producing “Cirque de Soleil Country”. So if you’ve got a country voice and balance yourself with one hand on another country singers head?  You might have a chance to make the cast.



It will be interesting to see what country song choices they make for the show that usually features some amazing acrobatics.



That would be in Iceland right now. This Saturday they reported they have already had 1,400 earthquakes within a 24 hour period of time. Wow. That’s just a little too much fun for a vacation trip. The main worry is that volcano that they think is going to blow…which leads to the Keith Sykes songwriter thought of “I don’t know where I’m a gonna go when the volcano blows” that Jimmy Buffett turned into a Parrot Head classic song.



A survey says that only 8% of millionaires consider themselves rich. We used to think being a millionaire made you rich. Not so much anymore. Hard to keep up with everything going up including childcare. Big time. Get this. Childcare costs have soared 32% since 2019. Wow. If you are working parents with kids?  Keep Grandpa and Grandma close.



College football coach Jimbo Fisher doesn’t have to worry about expensive child care, a job, or inflation. Texas A&M just fired him…BUT they will have to pay him 75 MILLION dollars that’s left on his contract. Nice work if you can get it.



In France police stopped a $640,000 champagne heist. Thieves stole that much, but a tracking device led the police to the stolen bottles. And I’m sure some citizen complained to police about the loud popping of corks and that made have helped as well.



Back to writing. This morning I’m with Brian White and Bobby Starnes.  Bobby is a noted bluegrass writer, Brian has had big country commercial hits like “Watching You” as well as numerous Christian hits. And me?  I guess I’ll try to make those two guys laugh.


Have a great Monday!














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