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Guitar Pull...New Single in Australia...Pick Up Sticks


Friday November 17, 2023


Friday morning and here comes the weekend. A little rain will sneak in today and our high will top out at 67.



I wrote for the first time with Ethan Phillips who moved to Nashville from Georgia in 2020…COVID year to chase his musical dreams. As Ethan said, “perfect timing”. It was a pleasure to sit and really get to know him and write a beach song idea that he brought with him, and you know how I love beach songs. We quickly found out we both love Jimmy Buffett and in particular his longtime sidekick songwriter pal Mac McAnally so we bonded over that for sure.


Ethan plays really great guitar so it was a treat getting to him hear both play and sing the song we glued together yesterday. I’d bet the ranch that this young man’s songs will be heard on the radio sooner than later. Very fun day.



I went to a little old fashioned guitar pull hosted by my friend Ginny Foley who is a lover of music and songwriters. And through the years she’s been a gatherer of musical friend who will show up and just swap songs and good times. She lives in Texas now, but once a year she comes back to Nashville, rents a house, and then invites her musical friends as she did last night. It was great seeing some old friends again like my Huntsville buddy Jim Parker who wrote this great song for John Anderson Chicken Truck”. And yes, the rest of us clucked along when he sang it last night. Thank you for gathering us again Ginny.



The song “She Always Danced Alone” is out today in Australia that I wrote with Alan Mackey and Australian producer Angus Gill. Another well-known Aussie TC Cassidy who’s recorded songs of mine in the past like “Before I Turn Out The Light” lent her voice to this song as well that’s about a mysterious senorita that always dances alone at a Mexican Cantina. I love this song and in particular the production on this. Sounds so good. So thank you to Alan and Angus for this one. 




The WHO says that loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.


The FDA just recalled another 27 eye products off the shelves. What’s with that?


US officials are releasing more RSV shots for newborns amid rising infections.



Dolly Parton was asked if she’d consider running for President. Her reply? “We’ve had enough boobs in the White House”.



It’s Black Friday. Deal time. I used to call it “Black Eye Friday” when people used to rush through the Walmart doors when they opened at the crack of dark just to get a deal on a crockpot. Now most people just shop for the deals online. Safer.



Next year you’ll be able to add a Hyundai car into your Amazon online cart. True. There is literally NOTHING you can’t buy anymore on Amazon.


I only buy boomerangs on Amazon because I like their return policy. (Old joke)



And of course you have to be careful these days buying Christmas toys for your kids online. Some fear that the electronic toys are spying on our children. Gathering info. Sigh. I grew up with Pick Up Sticks as Christmas gifts. Nearly poked an eye out once, but the stick never spied on me. 




Used to be you could count on watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special every year on CBS…for free. Well Apple owns it now and charges to watch it on most days. However, this year Apple + is going to offer it for free for two days November 18 and 19. So this weekend you won’t have to be a subscriber to watch it if you’d like free.


Pretty sure I’ll take advantage of that as that movie would make my Top 5 of Christmas movies for sure. Just for this SCENE alone.



This one taken from the Mullet Wrapper newspaper in Gulf Shores.


Son: “Dad, guess what? I’ve just got my first part in a play. I play the part of a man who’s been married for 30 years”.


Father: “Well, keep at it, son. Maybe one day you’ll get a speaking part”.



MSN just put together a list of the most beautiful places to visit in each state. So here’s the list of those places in states that I’ve lived in.


Illinois…Bahai House of Worship in Wilmette. (Nope…not been)


Indiana…Indiana Dunes (nope again)


Missouri…my home state…Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in KC. (nada)



Ohio…Union Terminal. (Yes…many times in Cincinnati. Worth a visit to that beautiful old train station the converted into a wonderful museum)



 Tennessee…Cades Cove. (In Smoky Mountain National Park…been many times. Peaceful. And look out for bears)


Wisconsin…Ice Caves (in the Apostle Islands up north. Too cold for me)


And here’s their COMPLETE LIST.



So big that the top trending name for dogs this year is Kelce…as in her boyfriend Kelce Travis of the Kansas City Chiefs. (I’m not sure what that says about dog owners)



Woman Had No Idea How To Tell Her 30-Year Old Daughter That Her Brother Is Actually Her Dad. (Should be an interesting holiday season for that family)



I’ll be writing online with my esteemed bluegrass buddy Tim Stafford over in Knoxville today. Tim was just named the Bluegrass Songwriter of the Year at this year’s IBMA Awards show in Raleigh. Deserved. So he can carry me and I won’t mind at all.


Have a great weekend!





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