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Australia Rhyming...Laughter is Contagious...Holiday Prices


Thursday November 16, 2023


Thursday morning has done showed up in Music City. Beautiful here again today with a high of 77 on tap.



My writing appointment was with Katrina Burgoyne who is about halfway along to having her first little one with her hubby Steve. And she and he are getting ready to fly back home to Australia for the first time in a long time for the holidays to be with her Mom and family there. 5 years or so I want to say.



Musically she’s been working on a new album that will have a couple of songs on that we’ve written for sure. Sassy kind of stuff that fits her personality like this song “Wife Trial”.  Yesterday she played me what they’ve recorded of this song so far and it just rocks. Katrina is a HUGE Shania fan, and you can hear some of that in the recording she played for me.  So yesterday we wrote something else sorta kinda of that sassy vein as that’s what she’s going for.


And with Australia and a baby on her upcoming calendar it will be the last time I see her for several months. So I’m glad we found some time yesterday to catch up and add another song to her pile of “fun stuff” she’s collecting.



The new Christmas songs are ready to be played this year. I’m happy to have had a couple of mine recorded this year. Here’s one from Terry Baucom’s Dukes of Drive (great bluegrass band) titled “Christmas At The Old Homeplace” that I wrote with Rick Lang out in Maryland. Merry Christmas. I’ll be posting some others as we get closer and closer to Christmas Day.



Older adult women caregivers have lower death rates than non-caregivers according to a new study. It gives them a sense of purpose which is healthy.


Some good news here. Youth cancer rates are down 25% in the US.


Some experts say that rubbing your feet together before bed “Cricketing” makes helps you sleep better. Really? I play Possum myself and that works too. I think I’ll send my song “Crickets” that Joe Nichols recorded to the sleep folks and see if they won’t use it in their ad campaigns.



Kevin Hart will be the latest comedian to receive the Mark Twain Prize for his impact on American humor. He does make me laugh. And especially when he’s with his longtime friend “The Rock”. I still laugh every single time I see this clip when the two of them were being interviewed by a British reporter about their new film. 

And every time I see this it reminds me of how laughter is so contagious. Years ago Tom Griswold of the Bob and Tom Show told me that if you're radio partner doesn't have a GREAT laugh...find another partner. I do get that. Laughter makes you laugh. 



Restaurant menu prices they say are now rising higher than grocery prices. The bill does get your attention these days. I’ve noticed staring at my bill more than once thinking, “man, that seems high”. It’s not my imagination apparently. Some used to think eating out was cheaper than eating in plus nobody had to cook or clean up. That kind of thinking may change for some. For the record menu prices were up 5.4% in October alone.


Of course there’s the senior option that works for some where they order lunch, eat half, and have the other half for dinner that night. I’m just not that fond of reheating McNuggets.



During the holidays according to a survey, 50% of us have to undo a button on our pants or loosen our belts because of all of the food we’re eating. 66% say they postpone being healthy until it’s over. The average weight gain this year is expected to be 8 pounds compared to 5 and a half pounds from last year.


The good news is it’s Black Friday tomorrow and you can get a pretty good deal on bigger pants.



Wallethub says we will spend 957 BILLION dollars this Christmas. Wow. Some cities spend more than others. Here in Nashville they say the average Christmas budget will be $920.  Here’s the top 5 cities.


5…Flower Mound, Texas

4…Elliott City, MD

3…Frisco, TX

2…Bellevue, WA


And #1 is Palo Alto, California. The budget for those folks at Christmas is a whopping $3,596 on average. It’s obvious I need a friend in Palo Alto so I can get on their list.



There have been some really odd and or weird album covers through the years. But I found this one today that may be the weirdest. Please don’t ever pose naked with a banjo. Maybe a tuba…but please no banjo nudes.  Thank you.



Well, my wife and I got our passports renewed and expected a very long wait to get them as a lot of what you read says it could take 12 weeks or more for them to arrive.  I think our wait was maybe 2-3 weeks tops so that was a nice surprise. So now my wife and I are going to be looking hard at the calendar to try and pick a time to get over to Germany to see our daughter and son in law who have been there for a year already into a three year stay for the Army. We’ve seen some of Germany on a Rhine River Cruise a few years back (that I would HIGHLY recommend) but we’re looking very forward to seeing some more of it soon. 




How about the feral pigs in Canada crossing into northern Minnesota?  They are and the Governor of Minnesota is not happy about it. You know what that means right?  They’ll be building a Pig Wall to keep them out…a “beautiful” pig wall. Maybe.


How about this electric bike that Domino has now?  Complete with a pizza oven on the back for deliveries. Pretty cool. Although I’m waiting for the pizza drone before I order a meat lovers.



Woman Refuses To Pay Her Boyfriend’s Rent Because He Hasn’t Proposed Yet. Will he get down on one knee?  Stay tuned.



Busy Thursday ahead starting with me leaning back in a dental chair at a very early hour. And then for the first time I’ll write with this talented young man Ethan Phillips who moved here from Georgia to chase his musical dreams. Not only is he already a good young writer, but he’s plays guitar REALLY well. Check out this song he wrote by himself “Autumn that made me know I wanted to be writing tunes with this young man. 



And then tonight I’m playing at a little guitar pull with some friends for Ginny Foley who used to organize these kinds of evening a couple of times a year when she lived here in Nashville. She’s in Texas now, but still comes back to town once in a great while and when she does she always puts together one of these kind of nights. It will be great to see her and play some music with old friends.


Have a great Thursday!






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