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Songs On The Radio...Freedom Sings Video...More Halloween Stuff


Wednesday October 11, 2023


Hump Day Wednesday. Here we go. More perfect weather here today. Sunshine and a high of 75. But it’s really going to cool off soon. The high this Sunday?  Just 55 in Nashville.  Makes me glad I’ve got some beach shows coming up soon.



I had a songwriter cancellation because my scheduled writer had been around his best friend who tested positive for COVID and did not want to take any chances of infecting me. And I do appreciate that. So…I pitched a couple of songs to a duo who are looking for new music, hit the gym, worked on some arrangements for a trip to Little Rock and back tomorrow morning and soaked up a little playoff baseball on the couch.



One of the great reward to me personally about being a songwriter is that every now and then you turn on the radio and get to hear that song that created one day. In this case the song “Wildflower Too” came on my radio as I was listening to Bluegrass Junction on Sirius-XM. My thanks to them for playing this song and to my friend Kyle Cantrell at BANJORADIO.COM who’s also giving this song a lot of spins right now. This song is a pretty good reflection of who my friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge are as they are from Carolina and travel with the wind a lot…wherever it blows them “again and again and again”. Very proud to have created this with the two of them, and they just recorded the heck out our song. Take a listen.




By now many of you know I’m part of the group Freedom SingsUSA. That’s an organization that matches up songwriters with a veteran and then the veterans story gets written into a very personal song. A few months ago several of us wrote songs with VA Nurses at a retreat in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I just got this amazing VIDEO from Freedom Sings that they shot at that retreat. If you watch it, I think you’ll be moved and it also does a great job of showing what Freedom Sings USA is all about. My veteran’s song that day was “Welcome Home” written with now VA nurse Christine Brooks who hunkered down from a missile barrage in the Middle East and made it home to tell her story. And THEN decided to become a VA Nurse.

 Within the video you'll see me singing part of Christine's song with her sitting right beside me. What an honor to do this.

I couldn’t encourage you more to check out the great video. And the album you see below that contains all of those songs written with those nurses is available for purchase at the Freedom Sings USA website linked above.




After the COVID pandemic backed off cruise prices jumped 43% during a vacation boom that went off after folks were tired of being penned up in their homes.


A new study says the best time to get an accurate test on COVID is 4 days into your symptoms.


A nutritionist says the best breakfast choices to keep your blood sugar staple is yogurt with nuts and fruits. Or whole wheat pancakes. Or egg whites with veggies. (I didn’t see bacon and eggs anywhere)



This picture just says it all for some couples don’t it?



So popular that they just named a snail after his iconic song. The snail species is called “Margarita” in honor of Jimmy and his iconic beach tune “Margaritaville”. I have to admit, the first time I heard that song I thought it was a real place. Took me awhile to figure out it was fiction from Jimmy’s creative mind.


I’ll be honoring Jimmy’s memory with a boatload of Parrot Heads and fans in a few days at MOTM “Meeting of the Minds” in Gulf Shores. I’ll be playing 4 shows. Check the TOUR section on my website to find out where and when. I’m pretty sure the “Fools on Stools” concert though is sold out. Yes, appropriately I am one of the “Fools”. Proud to be one. This will be a VERY funny show. 




Had to happen. Halloween costume shops say we’ll see some couples dressed up like Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chief’s Travis Kelce at Halloween parties this year. Odd perhaps, but not as odd as the couples dressing up like utility poles.

And you just know some drunk at a Halloween party is going to try and climb one.



Pretty cool Halloween lawn decoration here.




In case you missed the hundreds of ads, it’s the last day of Amazon Prime Days. Big bargains they say on earbud, TV’s iPads, and a lot of other electronics. Me?  I decided to take advantage of this deal on this little desk statue.



Here’s Larry The Cable Guys take on being fat. “Everybody talks about the disadvantages of being fat and out of shape, but nobody talks about the positives. Like when the world gets really scary you can comfort yourself by saying, I’m not going to be around that much longer anyway.”



I’m writing with Emily Ann Roberts who was a runner up one season on “The Voice” on Blake Shelton’s team. She just released here new album that’s so good and her single “Whole Lot Of Little” is a reflection of her infectious personality and her music as well. Tennessee girl with the accent to prove it…big time. She’s just fun to be around. And today her fiddle player Jordan Larsen is going to join us as well…so I hear something country coming out of the session today.



Have a great Wednesday.


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