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Showcase Last Night...Road Ahead...CMA's


Tuesday October 3, 2023

And a good Tuesday morning to you from Maryville, Tennessee. 86 for the high today.



Linda Davis, Lang Scott, and I made a 3-hour trip over to Maryville, Tennessee which is just outside of Knoxville. And we made a stop at the new Buc-ee’s in Crossville because, well because it’s the law I think. We arrived at the Maryville College which has a beautiful campus by the way and their Clayton Center for the arts which is a first class theater in time for our sound check which was around 11:30 or so for our showcase we did last night for buyers from all over the Rocky Top state as well as a couple of venue buyers from out of state.



They gather, listen to a bunch of different acts, and then decide who they want to book into their theaters for the 2024-2025 season. To give you an idea, the act that was sound checking in front of us?  An opera singer hitting all the big notes. 




Our 15-minute showcase was at 8:30 pm last night. It’s hard to get across all that our “Evening in the Round” show is all about in just a quarter of an hour, but I felt great about how it went. We heard a lot of talented singers and performers last night including writer-friend Steve Leslie who was on just before us doing James Taylor songs…which he’s really good at.



What a great theater to play in! After the last performer (A Chicago tribute band)  finished last night we talked to a lot of buyers, many who expressed serious interest about bringing us into their theaters in Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky. Nothing would suit us better. 



Thank you to our agency Alkahest Artists who helped make last night’s showcase happen.



Here’s a look at the next few shows coming up on my calendar for the month of October.


Oct 7…Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant in Franklin, TN.


Oct 18… Private House Concert in Nashville.


Oct 19-22…Blast on the Bay Songwriters Festival in Port St. Joe, Florida.



Oct 22-28…MOTM “Meeting of the Minds” in Gulf Shores, Alabama.


Complete details on all of these shows is available in the “Tour” section of the website here.



I also took the time to vote for the CMA Awards this year. The awards show this year will be November 8 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville with Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning returning as hosts. They make for a pretty good pair so it should be entertaining and then I’ll get to see how many of the folks I voted for win…or lose.


I feel very blessed that I have one of those CMA crystal trophies myself on my bookshelf. It’s certainly an honor to be nominated…but if I’m being honest, it IS better to win one of those bad boys!



Flu season. Last year statistics showed that 26 million were sick with the flu. 290,000 were hospitalized, and 19,000 died.


Experts are saying the most common symptom from the new COVID strain Eris would be common cold symptoms.


Those in the know say pickleball is safer to play than tennis although there are a lot of strains, muscle pull and even a broken bone or two. But by far the majority of those injuries are 60 year and older players.



I’m in Maryville, Tennessee which is just on the outskirts of the Great Smoky Mountains. In fact, the mountains encircle us in this town which itself is very pretty. But this morning I read we had an earthquake very near us. 2.4 on the Richter in Bryson, North Carolina just a little south of Gatlinburg. We felt nothing but it was a bit of a surprise to wake up to that kind of news. It might have been enough to rattle a few moonshine glasses in Gatlinburg but I’ll have to check.


What’s the old earthquake joke?  A husband claims, “My ex-wife calls me “earthquake”. Because whenever we have a dispute, I’m aways at fault.”



Michael Jordan just became the first athlete to be worth 3 BILLION dollars. A lot of that came with his historic deal with Nike that the movie AIR covers with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in the leads. Really fun movie to watch, and we learn how Michael’s Mom helped make her son a three times billionaire. Two big thumbs up on this movie that I’ve watched twice already.




I read an article this morning that listed a bunch of words we could say that would replace curse words. For those not fond of dropping those kinds of F-bombs. Here’s my three favorites.


“Son of a Biscuit!”   

Pretty sure I’ve used that phrase a time or two here in the south.


“Son of a Motherless Goat”!


And then this one. “Fart in a Mitten”!

I don’t want to know how that one was created to tell you the truth.



Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks the entire Pumpkin Spice everything is out of control in the Fall.



It’s back to Music City this morning. Might have to stop at Buc-ee’s again because…we’ll it’s the law right? And…the baseball playoffs start today so I see me on the couch when I get home.


Have a great Tuesday!


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