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Parrot Head Double Header...Aldridge Honor...Awards Show Today


Thursday October 26, 2023

Thursday morning arises in Gulf Shores after a late night of laughter. And after another postcard weather day down here. And today?  More of the same with sun and a high of 79 predicted. Look up the word perfect and you’ll see pictures of where I’m at right now.



Wound up doing a double header of music. I was not expecting to play at Lulu’s here in Gulf Shores yesterday afternoon for the Meeting of the Minds Parrot Head event but Brent Burns pulled me up on stage and I did a few songs for the folks gathered there. Saw some friends who had been with us on both the Italy tour and the Rhine River Cruise we did a few years ago. Always great seeing old friends. 




Our little group fueled up at the Oyster House here in Gulf Shores last night where Brent’s son Buster has worked forever and he took great care of us. The blackened grouper with red beans and rice? I highly recommend. So good. Buster set his Dad up last night as a young, excited girl waitress came up and asked Brent if he was Brent Burns and could she please get an autograph?  Turns out Buster asked her to that which made for a great laugh at the table before the rest of the laugh filled evening began.



I’ll never be able to explain how FUNNY last night’s “Fools On Stools” show was. 



The Civic Center had a HUGE crowd of Parrot Heads at the late show that started at 9 pm. And because it’s a LATE show?  It’s rated R for sure with several inappropriate songs being played to large laughter. Dave Smith who I did not know joined me and Brent for our set and added some funny tunes. It was nice getting to know him a bit. 



At one point I got my Aussie friend Katrina Burgoyne up to take my place for one song we wrote together called “Stones” and that too got a nice laugh. And I got a nice surprise when I heard her announce on stage that she and her husband Steve (who’s a great videographer) are pregnant!  Awesome. Happy for those two. It’s Katrina’s first time for this Parrot Head gathering and I was glad to present her last night.



As you can see in in the one picture my friend Brent wore pink shorts on stage. That just turned into Mary Kay humor for me. And the crowd.


Matt Hoggatt who ALWAYS makes me laugh was in the last set with Donny Brewer who organized the event alongside Stoney Gabel from Texas. All three are very funny and Donny did a song the two of us wrote online last year titled “How Does She Get In Those Jeans”. Ya had to be there folks. And I’m surely glad that Donny invited me to be what is now one of the biggest shows every year at the Meeting of the Minds. 



I would just say that if you ever attend this event and you are not easily offended…get a ticket for “Fools On Stools”. Thank you again Donny for having me.



Today I’m presenting an award at the Trop Rock Awards show that starts at 4 pm back at the Civic Center here in Gulf Shores.


Tomorrow a 1:30 set with Kelly McGuire on the beach at The Hangout.



Tomorrow at 3 pm back with Brent Burns at Lulu’s.


Saturday…back home to Nashville.



If you want to know where I’m playing you can always check the Tour section of my website that I constantly update. A new one was added for Saturday February 17 of next year at the Hawkins Opera House in Hawkinsville, Georgia for our “Evening in the Round” show that stars Linda Davis with Lang Scott and me. Looking forward to playing in that beautiful old Opera House.




Consumer Report finds concerning level of lead and cadmium in a third of chocolate products and urges Hershey’s to make changes.


AI has predicted a third of breast cancer cases prior to diagnoses in a breakthrough mammography study.


The US Food and Drug Administration says that administering  vaccines for COVID-19 and influenza may increase the risk of stroke especially if taken at the same time, and especially for older Americans.



My friend Linda Davis just sent me this ranking of states that cuss the most when folks post online. Considering that my home state of Missouri came in at #5 and Tennessee where I live now is #4 and Ohio where I lived for 12 years is #2? I’m surprised I’m not dropping more four letter words on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. I take comfort in seeing that Linda’s home state is #1. So no matter how bad my posts get?  I can’t top #1.



To my musical friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge who have recorded several of my songs including their current bluegrass single “Wildflower Too”. Two days ago Gaston, North Carolina (where they’re from) declared October 24 to be Darin & Brooke Aldridge Day. How cool is that?  Congratulations! Could not have happened to nicer folks.




That’s what they’re saying. A new and “last” song from The Beatles will be available at 9 AM this morning. Titled “Now and Then”. I’ll be looking for that. One critic says it will move you to tears.  We’ll see.



From the actress Anne Bancroft who once said, “The best ways to get most husbands to do something is to suggest perhaps they’re too old to do it”.



Dolly’s “Rockstar” will be in movie theaters November 16. Music from her new album where she goes rock n roll with some big names. After the huge success of the Taylor Swift movie that’s playing right now more and more of these kind of big musical concerts are going to be offered up in theaters. Some believe it’s a change that will help get more people back to buying a ticket for a movie in a theater instead of watching it on their couches at home in “streaming” form. We’ll see. The fact that popcorn is so much cheaper at home might still be a problem. 




Up in Beloit Wisconsin a deer goes berserk, crashes through a restaurant window and makes itself at home before they finally got Bambi out of the kitchen. Pretty sure venison wasn’t even on the menu. 

 And they caught the whole thing on camera



I read that Dusty Baker is retiring. The manager of the Houston Astros who just lost to the Texas Rangers preventing them from returning to the World Series that starts tomorrow with the Rangers taking on the surprising Arizona Diamondbacks. Dusty managed my Reds for a few years, the Cubs and others and was a GREAT player himself. I’ll miss seeing that toothpick dangling out of his mouth in the dugout.



Woman Reveals Sleeping In A Coffin, Says People Call Me Weirdo, But It’s Super Comfy. I would think it’s also very quiet…especially when she closes the lid.



The annual Trop Rock Award show is this afternoon at the Civic Center in Gulf Shores. I have the pleasure of presenting a trophy to the Trop Rock Radio Stations and Shows and Personalities of the Year today. Thank you to the organizers for asking me to do it. It will be a show full of performances and trophies handed out to some deserving folks.



Have a great Thursday.


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