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Long Road Day...Awards Presenter...New Show In December


Friday October 13, 2023


Friday morning and I’m a tad bleary eyed. 78 for the high in Music City today but we’re getting ready to drop into the 50’s for a high over this weekend.


Oh...and it is Friday the 13th. Just sayin’.



Not much sleep last night because of a long trip to and back from Little Rock yesterday with my friend Victoria Venier to pay our respects to our “Hits and Grins” partner Steve Dean’s father who passed away last week. Frank Dean. We stayed at Mr. Dean’s house more than once when we would play in the Little Rock area. Such a nice man. He lived to be 95 years old. He loved music and had a large record collection that we would talk about whenever we visited. In particular he loved Big Band music and those classic crooner singers.


Frank also served in the Navy for a few years. And his son Steve wrote a song in that style to honor his Dad and his service with our Freedom Sings USA organization titled “The Navy In Me” which is pretty special. He will be missed by many. 



So about 12 hours on the road yesterday there and back, so yea I’m a little tired this morning.



I was asked yesterday to present the award for best Trop Rock Radio Station this year at the Trop Rock Music Awards coming up next week in Gulf Shores. I was more than happy to say yes to that. The awards show is next Thursday night October 25 at the Erie Meyer Civic Center. That event is always sold out and the place is filled with Parrot Head fans from all across the country.



My Trop Rock friend Brent Burns will be singing one of our songs at the awards show titled “Small Town, Big Beach” which is the city slogan for Gulf Shores.


And two songs we wrote together are up for awards off Brent’s newest album. Those songs are “Lot of Beaches To Go”…the title track. And “66  MustangSummer of 82”.


And the album is also nominated for Best Artwork which was done by Colleen Bauer Keener.



So that should be fun, and maybe one of those songs will be a winner. We’ll see!



I just added a new show that will happen December 21 at Starstruck Farm here in Nashville. Starstruck Farm is now an event center on the east side of town where I live and it’s also the former residence of one Reba McEntire. The show will be 7-10 pm that night and all the details about what other songwriters will be sharing the stage, ticket price and more can be found there. Dinner and songwriter kind of thing that should be fun.




Our “Evening in the Round” trio starring Linda Davis along with Lang Scott & me recently did a showcase in Indianapolis where we played a 15 minute show in front of folks who buy talent for their venues. And from that it looks like there’s a better than good chance that we’ll be on a 3-city Texas tour come next September. Those look to be Marshall, Corsicana, and Mt. Pleasant. More details coming soon. 2024 is shaping up to be a pretty busy year.




Not good news. Look for Medicare Part B premiums to jump by 6% or more in 2024.


It’s that time of year when it starts getting dark early. Or as I like to call it, my LEAST favorite time of year. I miss longer hours with sunshine. A new study confirms that sunlight is good for us. It helps fight depression off. It increases our productivity. And sunlight improves our immunity as well.

And more research is suggesting that green bananas can reduce cancer risk. Significantly for some.



As of today Taylor Swift is 3-0. Thought you should know.



The “Golden Bachelor” TV show has done well enough that the producers are now considering doing a spinoff. Look for a “Golden Bachelorette” coming to your TV soon. Wonder if the show will include any younger men? If so they’ll have to retitle the show “The Golden Cougar”.



Yep. Tomorrow is the annual eclipse thing where people will take a lawn chair out and put on funny glasses to watch the partial eclipse. Happens about noon time here tomorrow. College football games are on at that time tomorrow so unless they show it during the game…I’m probably going to miss it.


And no I don’t think the homemade eclipse glasses I made and wore look funny at all.



I love this guy  I read about who rents odd stuff out. And people pay money for it!


He rents out cement blocks for holding tents down. They never break so he rents them over and over again.


But my favorite is the adult beer pong rental. He’ll rent you black and red garbage cans for human sized beer pong game. You get two soccer balls and 12 cans for the rental price.

You’ve got to love entrepreneurs and hustlers.



“Enraged Cow Injures Farmer With Ax”. (Proof that if you yank on an udder to hard bad things can happen.)


I’m writing with my Pennsylvania talented friend Troy Engle this morning. I feel a bluegrass song coming on. And then it’s feet up before a very busy week next year that includes a trip to Port St. Joe, Florida for the “Blast On The Bay Songwriters Festival” that start next Thursday.



Have a great weekend!










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