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Christmas Songs...Saturday Night Show...Weird Foods


Monday October 9, 2023


Start of another October week. Monday morning arises. And it’s Columbus Day. There’s a mattress on sale near you.


75 comfortable degrees today in Nashville for a high.



This weekend started early Friday morning writing with Rick Lang out in Maryland who sent me a great gospel-bluegrass idea ahead of our scheduled online writing session. So by the time Rick popped up on my computer I had a head start on it that he liked, so it didn’t take us long to finish that up.


Rick and I have had a couple of our Christmas songs recorded. “Christmas At The Old Homeplace” by Terry Baucom and the Dukes of Drive with his wife Cindy singing the lead on this one.


And Rick shared some good news with me that another song of ours “O’ Shepherd Boy” that was recorded by the noted group Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers is going to be their Christmas single and will be out in a few weeks. Pretty much made my Friday and I can’t wait to hear it…then share it. Soon I hope.




I was on stage Saturday night with Victoria Venier and Danny Wells at Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant for the first time in a bit. 




Great place for both music and fun and the three of us had such a great time. The house was full and folks were totally into the songs and the stories behind the songs. I’d mentioned before that Steve Dean’s Father passed forcing Steve to cancel being with us of course so it was so great that Danny Wells could fill his seat. And he was great and shared his songs like “These Days” by Rascal Flatts and “Check Yes Or No” by George Strait. In fact, on the last chorus the audience sang it back at us loudly!  A very cool moment. So thank you Danny for filling in and thank you to Puckett’s and the staff for having us back again. We look forward to many other shows there in the future. 




I too had a really cool moment at Puckett’s on Saturday night. I was talking to the audience about being in radio for a long while to set up my song “Face For Radio” and mentioned that I started my radio career at a 1000 watt radio station in Bowling Green, Missouri. And a loud “whoop” went up. And entire table was there from guess where?  Bowling Green, Missouri. They listened to that station KPCR “Kowpasture Country Radio” What are the odds?


And when I mentioned “Mo Mo” another loud whoop went up from their table. They knew that song. The first song I ever recorded about a supposed Big Foot creature back in that area. I won’t try to retell that story again here BUT…they are running the story on the PBS Station in St. Louis over Halloween and I’m a part of that interview. If you’d like to watch here’s theLINK. We talked for quite a while after our show was over. Nice folks. And that just made Saturday night even more fun.




My favorite sports time of year is right now. Saturday I flipped around watching several college football games mixed in with the baseball playoffs that are going on right now. My Reds barely missed being in the playoffs, as did the Cardinals who I grew up watching. So I was rooting for the Brewers since I saw so many of their games when I lived in Milwaukee but they were eliminated in the first round. Now I’m just rooting for good games and the underdog. 



I’m at the big Parrothead gathering MOTM “Meeting of the Minds” in Gulf Shores in a few weeks and my schedule has been tweaked just a little. Here are the changes.


Monday October 23 I’ll be a Lulu’s with Brent Burns for a funny 30 minute show and will not play Lulu’s on the October 24 as had been scheduled.


And then that Friday October 27 I’ll be back at Lulu’s for another short show at 3 pm. Those changes are up on my Tour calendar here on the website.  It’s going to be a really fun week in Gulf Shore with Parrot Head nation. Stay tuned for additional shows and changes as the festival is always fluid and changing.



A weight loss experts you can lose weight by eating with your non-dominant hand. I guess one gets tired of struggling with a fork and puts it down sooner.


Who knew? One third of all schools have no school nurse.


And how’s this for being lucky. A woman on a flight had a heart attack. On that same flight were 15 cardiologists who were flying to a convention. They saved the woman’s life. Lady…go out and buy a Powerball ticket. I like your chances.



Stealing this from a friend Joe Rucker who posted this on his Facebook page over the weekend. Made me smile a little.



A writer interviews several older Americans in their 70’s and 80’s. Here’s what the writer walked away with as their number 1 lesson for a longer, happier life: “Time is finite, don’t spend it regretting things”. And 89 year old woman shared, “Happiness is a choice, not a condition.” I could not agree more with both of those thoughts. When you think about it, why would you choose to be unhappy or worry about things you can’t control?  Especially when you only have this one short life to live?  I’ve never gotten why some choose to go that road.


I tried to capture some of that in the song that’s the title track of my 2nd comedy song album. The title track is “Leave Em’Laughin”. And though it’s funny, it rings with a lot of truth. And that truth is shared by an old fisherman named Joe in this song.



They’ve figured out that Taylor Swift has made a LOT of money off her New Era’s tour. A LOT. By the time they take out expenses they expect her take to be 6 BILLION dollars. And now that tour concert if packing movie theaters as well in the film version. Pretty soon she’ll be able to buy the Kansas City Chiefs.



The FDNY is using drones now to drop flotation devices in the water if they spot a swimmer in trouble. Kind of cool using the technology that way to possibly save some lives.


Drones are also being used to crop dust for farmers, they’re used for firefighting where they can drop constant water on the higher spots on fire, and they’ve even rigged drones to clean windows on skyscrapers.


Pretty sure of college kids learn drone technology that they won’t have any trouble finding a great job when they graduate.



How about this article listing 50 Weird Vacation Foods You Can Try In Every State?  I checked the foods in all the states I’ve lived in.


Illinois…the Chicago hot dog.


Indiana….Peanut butter burger (how did I miss those when I lived in Indy?)


Missouri…my home state.  They chose Provel Cheese. It’s a mixture of cheddar, swiss, and provolone.  Often used in Imo’s Pizza which is big in the Show Me State.


Ohio…Cincinnati Chili. No doubt. Skyline is my favorite.



Tennessee…Little Debbie treats. (Think Honey Buns!)


Wisconsin…Fried cheese curds. So good!



Box Of Giraffe Poop Confiscated At U.S. Border From Woman Who Wanted To Turn It Into Jewelry. (Can't wait to give my wife a Giraffe Poop necklace for Christmas)



I’m writing for the first time ever with Barry and Wil Hutchens part of the “Hutchens” group. North Carolina guys who are talented so I’m looking forward to spending some creative time with them today.


And I have to make time once again to buy a danged Powerball ticket as once again there were no winners. So the jackpot is 1.55 Billion now and counting.


Have a great Monday!





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