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A Writing Session...A Show Last Night...Beach Tonight


Thursday October 19, 2023

Thursday morning and I’m on the road to Port St. Joe, Florida. Right now I’m somewhere in Alabama posting this short blog.



I wrote on Music Row at Curb Music with Wil Nance and Irene Kelley. First time for the three of us together. Wil’s had a bunch of hits including a one chord song recorded by Joe Nichols “Everything’s a Thing” and Irene has had a bunch of hits she’s written for others and hits of her own. One of my favorites is a song of her’s that Trisha Yearwood cut “O Mexico”.  First time I’d been on Music Row in a while and it’s looking different as it does every time I make a trip there because of the constant construction of new hotels and high rises. My publishing company is away from downtown so I got a reminder yesterday morning of how I hate the traffic when you go downtown…any time…night or day…constant.


The great news is we really did get a good start on a terrific song from an idea Irene brought in with her. We’ll sit down once again in a month or so to try and polish what we have and make it really shine. Really fun day writing with those two.




I played a WONDERFUL event last night raising money for Mercy Chefs that provide unreal food for volunteers who work disasters organized by my friends Lang Scott & Linda Davis who invited me and several of their musical friends to entertain at this outdoor event last night including Lauren Mascitti, Bobby Tomberlin & Tess Frizzell, Cheryl White of “The Whites”, Ethan Phillips and Lang and Linda's daughter Rylee Jean.  It was a gorgeous night on the terrace of a home that you see in movies. It wasn’t no Double Wide folks. And we were pleased to enjoy the wonderful food and drink Mercy Chef served up. It looked like a football team of Chefs in the kitchen last night preparing the wonderful food. I’m still on a sugar high from that little pecan treat that was part of dessert.


My thanks to all involved and especially to Lang and Linda for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful cause and event. 




At Blast on the Bay in Port St., Joe where I’m headed this morning the organizers sent a note asking if our “Hits & Grins” trio would go to the school down there Friday morning and sing for the kids. So we’ll be adding that to our schedule come Friday morning at 9 AM. Happy to do it.


We did that a few years ago and Steve Dean in our group got the guitar class were in with to play that one chord song I mentioned at the top of today’s Blog “Everything’s A Thing”. There were about 40 kids all playing along on that one chord song and it made quite the RACKET! We might choose a different song this time.



And I added another show right before the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival on Wednesday Night November 8 at the Lyons Den. An outdoor backyard concert that we’ve played once before. Thank you to the Lyon’s for having us once again. The concert that is open to the public will be 6-8:30 pm that evening. A bring your own lawn chair and something to drink affair. Come join us if you can.



I’ve got to run. Back to a normal blog tomorrow morning from Port St. Joe and the Blast on the Bay Songwriters Festival. We have a VIP party tonight then tomorrow our “Hits & Grins” trio will play our first show at the Scallop Bay Republic at 5:30 pm.



Have a great Thursday!





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