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Old Gospel Memory...More On Jimmy...Shower Orange


Thursday September 7, 2023


Thursday morning just pulled up the driveway. 84 the high here in Twang Town today. Meanwhile, all the weather eyes are on Hurricane Lee in the Caribbean that they now suspect could hit Cat 5 status.



I wrote a new old fashioned gospel song with my friend Rick Lang yesterday from an idea he had sent me. Turned into something you’d hear a quartet sing like the Oak Ridge Boys, or most any southern gospel group with a good bass singer. Made me think a bit of my late Father who loved to sing the bass parts. Our family sang in church back in Missouri where I grew up. Mom Dad, two brothers, two sisters and me. The Whyte Family.


One of Dad’s favorite songs was the old Chuck Wagon Gang classic “Little Talk With Jesus” that had this great bass part in it. They call these kinds of songs “Call and Response” which I had never heard of until I started writing songs for a publishing company that has a southern gospel record label where a lot of those acts do “call and response” songs.


So in this case my Dad would be the “call” part of the song. His part is in parentheses here.


(Now let us) and the family response is “Have a little talk with Jesus”


(Let us) “Tell him all about our troubles”…and so forth through the chorus of that song. 


I think my Dad would love the song we wrote yesterday if he were still with us. And that’s good enough for me. Thank you Rick Lang for unknowingly tweaking my memory of a New Hope Baptist Church Sunday morning.



When I finished dialing I listened to almost all of the Jimmy Buffett tribute on Radio Trop Rock that my friends Eric and Gina Babin put together. It was terrific with a lot of heart felt memories from fans, radio folks like me and Trop Rock artists. And of course there was a lot of great music from Jimmy…and not just the songs most of us know by heart. Eric and Gina did a great job of airing some songs that were deep album cuts that were terrific that we may have forgotten about. Really enjoyed hearing that broadcast. Eric retired from a full career in the Navy, and he and Gina decided they wanted to live the Parrot Head lifestyle while working. So they take RV and radio station all over the country broadcasting the music beach lovers love. Great folks.




Hard not to be touched by this note Jimmy’s daughter Delaney (whom he wrote about in a song) wrote about her famous father. Filled with humor and sentiment it’s a nice look at who her Dad was to her…and the rest of us who helped steal her Dad away from her for a lot of his life entertaining us. Sail on.




And I did get to the ballpark last night to see our Nashville Sounds take on the Memphis Redbirds.

They were using that robo-ump again last night with AI tech calling the balls and strikes. Makes it hard for a manager to come storming out of the dugout with a cheek full of tobacco to argue. Gosh, Earl Weaver back in the day with the Orioles would not know what to do with himself.



And Lou Pinella would have no reason to toss a bag in a fit of rage over a bad call. Aww…I miss the good ole arguing days.





New data says the latest COVID variant is less worrisome than first imagined.


Meanwhile COVID hospitalizations are up 16%.


A concerning stat here. Cancer for those under the age of 50 has surged a whopping 79%. Those in the know attribute it to salt, red meat, and alcohol in the diets.



Wife: “What are you doing”?

Husband: “Hunting flies”.

Wife: “Oh, killed any?”

Husband: “Yep, 3 males, 2 females.”

Wife: “How can you tell them apart?”

Husband: “3 were on a beer can, and 2 were on the phone.”


(And that husband right now is sleeping in the dog house with the flies)


NEW WORDS has added 500 new words. As I’m reading the article informing me of this and that two of the new words are “Jawn” and “Shower Orange” I realized the article was not going to tell me what the heck those words meant!  So I had to look it up…in the danged dictionary. I suspect they may have planned that.


Jawn?  It’s a neutral all-purpose noun used to reference any person, place, situation, or object. Used a lot in Pennsylvania…especially Philly. So I still have no idea how to use that.


Shower Orange?  Referring to those that eat an orange in the shower. The hot water enhances the citrusy smell enhancing your mood. (I somehow don’t see me peeling an orange when I shower…but there you go.



I’d never heard the phrase “Sad Girl Shots” until this morning either. The Cincinnati Bengals young star QB Joe Burrows looks to be engaged. So a local bar in the Queen City is offering p $2 “Sad Girl Shots” to all the girls who are heartbroken because Joe is off the market. 



Pretty sure when I came off the market a bar offered up “celebration shots.”



The Duolingo app that helps you learn different languages is expanding and now offering music lesson. You can learn to read music, hear different notes and more all on the app. And now if I can get Duolingo to teach me how to easily unwrap a shrink wrapped package…I’ll sign up.



Bride Ends Up Marrying Father In Law After Groom Flees From Wedding. Sounds like a new reality TV series don’t it?



This evening I’ll be writing online with Eric Marshall who will be looking at me on his computer screen from North Carolina. Eric is a member of the bluegrass group Carson Peters and Iron Mountain that features Carson and his Father, and then Eric and his son. A family grass band for sure.



Have a great Thursday!



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