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Thursday September 21, 2023

Thursday morning and I’m home in Nashville. 85 for a high today and I’m noticing some leaves are giving up and dropping off the trees already.



After 2 days of showcasing our “Evening In The Round” show doing what we do in Indianapolis before buyers from the Midwest we loaded up early and got back home to Nashville before noon. We had a great time not only playing our two showcases, but just getting to hang out together with Linda Davis and Lang Scott is always fun. 



Here’s how stupid it gets. On the trip home Lang showed me and Linda the picture you see below asking Linda if she snuck out in the middle of the night while he was sleeping?  She of course said not and then produced what he called “proof”…in the photo you see. A Cheeto. Linda likes Cheeto and Lang is convinced she tried to sneak out and grab a bag leaving this tell-tale trail like Hansel and Gretel back to their hotel room. For the record, Linda says it was not her Cheeto.



I also left this two day event with so many folks in one hotel wandering why the name badges are on steroids?  I never know why they are so gigantic.



Or why in the world there was a cornhole game in the Hampton lobby where we stayed?



Too much fun. And now we await to see how many folks might book us for their venues in 2024-2025.



The rest of my day was easy. A nap. Meanwhile Lang and Linda had a very full day as they were on the Opry last night along with their daughter Hillary Scott and Lady A. How special do you think that was?  Linda’s sister and her husband flew in from College Station, Texas for the event as well as Linda’s cousin Rhonda from Ruidoso, New Mexico. I hope some of you had a chance to listen in on WSM Radio to hear that wonderful moment.



I did have this nice little gift waiting for me when I got home from my talented Pensacola friend Jessie Ritter. Nice t-shirt. “Gone To See America” is the new song out from Jessie that I wrote with her along with our mutual songwriting buddy Steve Dean. Love the t-shirt. Love the song. And love the great VIDEO of this song as well. Check it out. 




The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced free in home Covid tests will be available again. Starting next week you can order them online at

A new study says that aspartame, the low calorie sweetener could cause memory and learning deficits.

The WHO is reportedly pushing China harder than ever for full access to determine COVID origins.



There’s a hot trend in China. Women buying fake belly button stickers or tattoos to help make their legs look longer. It’s place above their real navel giving the illusion that they are a little taller. Wonder if they make fake tattoos that I can stick on my head to make my hair look fuller?




I bought a Powerball at a stop on the trip home to Nashville from Indianapolis. Worthless…again. The good news is nobody else won!  It’s now up to 725 MILLION. One lotto winner bought a fireworks factory with her winnings. A woman who won bought new boobs for her and her two sisters. If my two sisters are reading this, I won’t be doing that if I win. You’re on your own.



A travelers survey is out listing the top airports and worst airports.

For the big boys, mega airports the top 5 best are:

Miami, DFW, Vegas, Minnesota and at #1 is Detroit. DFW is cool…but God help you if you have a short connection there and your connection terminal is on the far end of that gigantic airport.

The top 5 worst are:

Fort Lauderdale, Boston, Chicago, LA, and the worst is Phoenix.

In the Large Airport category our airport in Nashville came in as #9 for best overall. And that one is expanding and expanding. And getting better. When you stroll through BNA there are two or three restaurants and locations with “live” music being played.



They are reportedly dropping a billion or more dollars to try and cut down wait times for their drinks. Cold foo-foo drinks being the one’s that take the longest to get out on the counter. That would be welcome for those in a hurry for an iced latte six shot half calf sugar free cinnamon dolce. Geez.


Those long Starbucks orders inspired “Good Cup of Coffee” that I wrote with Steve Dean and Phil Barton.



I read an article this morning listing hot gadgets that could sell out quickly this shopping season. Three that caught my eye were a mini drone you can purchase for just $99.


Then there’s a mini omni ring light that plugs into your phone to help make you look better when you’re taking all those danged selfies or if you’re on a Zoom call.


May favorite is this screw-in-lightbulb security camera. Screw it in the light socket and you can view whatever it’s seeing on your phone.  I may have to get one of those and then a tall ladder my wife can climb to install it. 




Woman In Michigan Gets Stuck In Outhouse Toilet Trying To Retrieve Her Apple Watch.


It fell in…she stuck her head down and the rest is ugly. There are just some things not worth retrieving.



Back to the songwriting thing. I’ll be online rhyming this morning with my Pennsylvania bluegrass friend Troy Engle. And then this evening I’m going to put my feet up in the ballpark and catch a little Nashville Sounds baseball and root for Johnny Cash to win tonight’s mascot race



Have a great Thursday!








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