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Golf Joke...New CD Out....A #1 Bluegrass Song


Tuesday September 5, 2023 



Tuesday morning and it’s back to work. Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend…and I hope you bought a danged mattress! 90 for the high here today with a little wet stuff in the forecast.


Tis the season. Yet another tropical storm is about in the Atlantic and it too is expected to turn into a major hurricane out in the Caribbean.



Pretty much a Non-Labor-Labor Day around the Whyte House. The way it’s supposed to be right? I did get a few important things done though. First I got a Whataburger for the first time since one opened just down the street.



 I don’t know what it is with Whataburger but it’s a thang here in the south. Whenever I travel on I-65 South headed towards the beach, I usually stop with our “Hits & Grins” trio at the one in Montgomery. Now we have two that are open in Nashville so we can do our “thang” in town. Pretty good BIG burger on a bun y’all.



To my brother Gary and his wife Kay who celebrated another big anniversary yesterday down in Florida. Pretty big deal to marry your high school sweetheart and still be together and enjoying their lives as the most certainly are these days. Happy Danged Anniversary!


My brother is an avid and really good golfer. He’s literally drug me and pathetic attempt at golf around a course or two through the years and I’m amazed how good he is. With all that in mind ladies and gents…here’s a golf joke for you today. And no... me nor my brother wrote this.


A genie appears and offers a golfer 3 wishes.


“The only catch,” says the genie, “is that whatever you wish for, your wife will receive 10 times over.”


“OK,” the guy says. “I want to be the best golfer in the world.”


The genie blinks and suddenly the guy can feel a new golf swing…the grip, the takeaway, the power.


“You can now crush every golfer in the world,” the genie says, “except your wife, who’s gonna beat you like a drum”.


The guy is a little bummed about that, so for his second wishes to become the richest man in the world.


“It’s done,” says the genie. “But don’t forget that your wife can now buy and sell you ten times over.” One wish left.”


“OK,” the guys says. “For my last wish, I’d like to have a mild heart attack”.


(Remember myself NOR my brother wrote that joke)



It does look like I’ll be adding a show with my friend Brent Burns near Frank Brown Songwriters Festival time as the festival gave their blessing to us doing one. Cool. This year I’m playing the festival November 9, 10 and 11 with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier (Hits & Grins). So Brent and I should be announcing a separate show for November 7 or 8. Brent’s working on a venue right now and as soon as that firms up I’ll pass along the details.




The MOTM “Meeting of the Minds” is also in Gulf Shores…for the first time this year. October 24-28 are the dates I’ll be there with two shows on the books so far.


But they also will hold the annual Trop Rock Awards show on Thursday evening October 26. My buddy Brent is up for a few awards including Album of the Year for “Lot of Beaches To Go” that we have 8 co-writes on including the title song. Brent is also up for “Songwriter of the Year” as well. And his friend Colleen Baur Keener is up for Album Cover of the Year which is also for the album Lot of Beaches To Go. So good luck and congrats to both of them for this honor. 




That would be this brand new Scott Southworth CD which has a couple of songs we wrote together on it “Country No Matter What Country” and “Everything I Never Knew”. And the CD sounds great full of great traditional country songs that Scott specializes in as a true “Hillbilly Singer”. If you like that kind of “real” country music, you won’t hate yourself if you download a copy. Congrats to Scott.




Check out this promotional VIDEO of my friend Linda Davis talking about our “Evening in the Round” show this Saturday night with Lang Scott and me in Waynesville, Ohio at the Keepin’ It Country Farm. (For the life of me I cannot figure out why she looks so much better on camera than I do.)



A #1 SONG!

Just saw this morning that the Darin & Brooke Aldridge song I wrote with them landed on the #1 spot on this bluegrass radio chart for “WildflowerToo”!  Now that’s a pretty good thing to wake up to on a Tuesday morning after a long holiday weekend. Love the song and the performance from Darin and Brooke. Thank you to the folks at for loving our song!




Nobody is immune. The first lady Jill Biden has COVID. She was vaccinated and boosted and still got COVID.


Treadmills are selling for folks trying to stay in shape. Meanwhile the numbers for those Pelotons with a coach screaming at you on screen are dropping in sales. Hot during the pandemic lockdown…not as much right now.


Turns out that Alka Seltzer is the most commonly recommended medication for heartburn. Heartburn is a symptom of acid reflux…so it kind of makes sense.



How about this. The Rolling Stones are going to release a new album titled “Hackney Diamonds”. Their first release in 18 years. All of them are mid 70’s or higher and they’re still rockin’ it. Keep on keepin’ on. Love it. If you’re fortunate to truly LOVE what you do, why stop?



Arizona 10 Year Old Caught Speeding With Dad In The Passenger Seat. Uh huh. You’ll find this hard to believe but police found an open container of alcohol in the car. Wow.



Back to the writing table this morning with Adam Pope. He and his wife Amy are a terrific duo and they travel a LOT. But they’re in from the road long enough for us to tackle something new today and catch up on things. They’ve recorded three songs I’ve written with Adam or the two of them including this great little beach song duo “Alabama Coast”. 



Have a great Tuesday!





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