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Funny Song Write...Mo Mo The Missouri Monster Film...The Po Po


Wednesday September 27, 2023


Last Hump Day in September is here…Wednesday. A warm Wednesday. 88 for the high today.



I had some writing something fun with Wil Nance yesterday out it his place and got a tour of the new home he’s building and that he hopes is ready to move into come December or so. Up high on a hill, three stories with balconies that have a gorgeous view. And a danged ELEVATOR!  How does a hillbilly from Missouri (like me) wind up with a house on the hill?  Well, if you write a smash hit like “She’s Everything” for Brad Paisley and “Roundabout Way” for George Strait…it helps. Proud for him and his family as he’s worked hard at his craft for a lot of years and it shows in his songs.



I’m pretty sure the song WE wrote won’t build his garage, but I do think it’s going to bring some laughter anytime either of us play the song.


Wil will be joining me and these other great songwriters at the “Blast on the Bay” songwriters festival in Port St. Joe, Florida in just a few short weeks.




That old Missouri monster I sang about eons ago is still making noise. A couple of months ago a PBS reporter from St. Louis interviewed me about that supposed Big Foot that was roaming around Louisiana and put it in this piece that’s airing at Halloween. And she was nice enough to send me this LINK so you can get an early look at this six and a half minute walk down memory lane.


They used some of that first record I recorded back in 1972 that you'll hear in a couple of different sections of this mini-documentary. 


But they used a couple of interview clips and talked to the local folks who live there at the time as well as the organizers of that 50th anniversary celebration I played at last year in Louisiana, Missouri. One of the organizers said I was treated well…like a rock star or the Beatles which made me laugh. 



I could have never imagined that this song I recorded when I was so young or the story itself would live on forever…but it does and I’m happy to be attached it in this way. 



The plaque you see below was presented to me that night from a Missouri State Representative and it now hangs in the Louisiana Missouri Historical Society Museum.




I did check out the “Voice” without Blake last night with my wife. Reba is the new judge and my friend Jordan Rainer was the first person to join Reba’s team. Can’t wait to see how far Jordan goes in the contest after she got a 4 chair turn.



There’s no doubt the show misses Blake Shelton. It’s still going to be fun to watch…just not as much fun without Blake being Blake on the show. Hard to replace that kind of teasing up to trouble personality.



The new COVID vaccine has rolled out and some sleeves are being rolled up for the jab. A leading immunologist says the possible booster side effects will be fatigue, headache and or joint pain.


A leading dietitian tells us to avoid two types of grains to maintain a healthy metabolism and lose weight. Those would be Corn Flakes and Instant Oatmeal. Am I the only one who thought oatmeal was supposed to be healthy?


According to those health nuts in the know doing Zumba may be the quickest way to drop calories. It burns up to 9.5 calories per minute. So a 40 minute workout?  You drop 369 calories. (I was eating a bowl of cornflakes when I read that)



Don’t throw drugs out the window and don’t open your car door unless he asks you to. And don’t say stupid things like some of these folks did.


One kid told the cop after getting busted for weed, “Oh we weren’t going to smoke it. We were going to sell it”.


Another told a cop “These ae my pants, but those are not my pockets”.


And yet another told an officer after being pulled over, “I’m not operating my car, I’m traveling”.


I can only imagine some of the stories the police tell in their break rooms about what people said when they were pulled over. Silence can be golden or being polite when dealing with the police. I have one great story about that.



When I was young I took a trip across the west on a motorcycle by myself. I went from Osage Beach, Missouri through Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Vegas, Arizona, and the Grand Canyon and back to Missouri. I had my feet up on the pegs in Utah and I was sailing down a smooth Utah highway just admiring the unreal scenery I was biking through. And I was paying no attention to my speed. Blue lights. Dang! The officer asked if I knew I was going so fast and I politely admitted I did not. He then said, “beautiful scenery isn’t it”?  I replied, “Yes sir, it really is” waiting for him to hand the tickets.


And then surprisingly he handed me back my license and smiled and said, “I’ve got a bike too. Back your speed off a little”.


Just be nice folks. Sometimes it pays off. 




New England Patriot coach Bill Belichick said of the budding romance between Taylor Swift and KC Chief’s receiver Travis Kelce, “She would be the biggest catch of his career”. All of a sudden glum ole Bill Belichick is a comedian!


I HATE SNAKES!          

Snake season apparently. They’re out. So much so that some giant pythons have been wrapped around engines in cars lately. Geez. If that happened just once to me I would probably never ever check the oil again.


Being a big baseball fan I was sad to hear that the great Brooks Robinson of the Orioles passed away at age 86. Former team mate and Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer choked up talking about Brooks last night on the Orioles broadcast.


Brooks was the best third baseman to ever play the game in most baseball fans books. I remember him making some impossible snags and throws across the diamond…one against my Cincinnati Reds. And a gentleman to boot.



I’m writing with Brian White today who’s from Cincinnati who told me last night on the phone that Brooks was his all-time favorite player. Brian pitched in college so he’s a baseball nut like me. Brian wore Brooks number 5 all through High School and College and then named his daughter “Brooke” after Brooks Robinson. I’ll be asking him more about that when we write today.




“Houston Jack In The Box Worker Caught On Video Shooting At Customer From Drive-Thru Window Over Curly Fries”. Wow. “Ya want a Glock with that?”



I am writing with Brian White who I mentioned above along with his next door neighbor Wil Nance who I wrote with yesterday. Wil’s a huge Cardinal baseball fan, Brian and I are Reds fan so there will be some baseball talk I’m sure before we create anything new and musical today.


Have a great Wednesday!





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