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Friday September 29, 2023

Friday morning and we’re into the last weekend of the month right into October…already. 86 today and up near 90 all weekend in Nashville.



At the last second my writing appointment got cancelled as I was on the way to my publishing company for that appointment. We rescheduled and I used the time to finish up a comedy song idea I had started with Wil Nance and Brian White a couple of days ago. One of those tunes they call “Bus Songs” because you can only sing them on the bus for your friends. 


And I spent some time on the phone with my friend Brent Burns in Gulf Shores as we’re talking about adding a show on Wednesday November 8 just before I’m down there to play the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. Details should be coming on that within the next couple of weeks. 



This year at Frank Brown I have two “Hits & Grins” show with “Hits & Grins”. One will be at Lulu’s and the second show will be at the Flora-Bama Main Listening Room.



I’ll be doing a very special third show at the Flora- Bama as well with our Veteran songwriter group Freedom Sings USA that should be very special as the songwriter will be playing songs written with our veterans. Do make plans to come join us for that if you’re coming to this year’s Festival.





The big bluegrass convention the IBMA is going full tilt boogie today through tomorrow in Raleigh and some awards have already been passed out.


In the “Momentum Awards” (newcomers) I was really happy to see young Carley Arrowood win for “Momentum Vocalist of the Year”. She’s a brand new Mom, and now she’s got this award to go with that. Carley’s very first bluegrass hit is one I wrote with Josh Shilling titled “Deeper In Love” and she and her band truly did the song justice. 



And another co-writer of mine Tim Stafford won for “Best Songwriter of the Year”!  So deserved. Tim is a member of the noted bluegrass group Blue Highway,  is a gifted guitar player, teacher author and of course songwriter. Can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.



Tim and I had this great single “Details” for Greg Dumas that we wrote with Becky Buller, and “This Is Where You Kiss Me” for Kirsty Cox that we co-wrote together.  

 Big time congrats to Tim and Carley!



My daughter Heather who’s living in Germany with her husband and Army pilot Casey is a creative soul to say the least. One of her creative skill sets is being able to sew and design. Over the past few days she sent this picture of a dress she just finished. Just thought I’d share it brag a bit on my girl. That’s what Dad’s do every once in a while.




Toby Keith has been out of the spotlight for a while now as he’s battling stomach cancer. But this week he received an award at the People’sChoice Country Awards. He admitted he has good days and bad days as a lot of cancer patients will tell you. And then he sang this song “Don’t Let The OldMan In” creating a very emotional moment. That song was used prominently in the Clint Eastwood movie “The Mule” and the first time I heard it I was so moved. It took on another level of emotion at the awards show.



A new study suggests that eating fiber helps improve inflammation as related to gum disease.


Research from a Delaware College of Health reveals that the dietary supplement nicotinamide riboside can successfully treat Alzheimer’s. Let’s hope that’s true.



It’s National Coffee Day!  If you check, you can find some places where you can get a free cup of Joe today. Krispy Kreme being one of those, and I’ll pass one on the way to my writing appointment later this morning. I’ll be looking to see if the “hot” light is on too. Might need something to dunk in the coffee.


And because it’s National Coffee Day it feels right to share this song “Good Cup of Coffee” that I wrote with Steve Dean and Phil Barton inspired by the long complicated orders I’ve heard while standing in line at Starbucks.



Yep…some folks are just really territorial about their spot for sitting in church.



It’s approved and it was on display at the Detroit Auto Show. I love that they call this thing the Model A. It’s goes 200 miles on the road and you can fly 100 miles in it. Commuting is going to take on an entirely different look in the future. Check out this bad boy. It’s not your great grandaddy’s Model A for sure.




In San Diego gas has hit 7 dollars a gallon in some places. Consider it the new San Diego fitness program as it will get more people out walking.



Someone has spent some time studying what are background looks like when we’re on a Zoom call. Their conclusion is that those who are in front of a houseplant or bookcase are the most trustworthy. If you’re in front of a cheesy backdrop like the beach or animals? Not so much.


Mine is a bookcase mess so I have no idea how trustworthy I am.



Woman Returns To Store She Allegedly Shoplifted To Demand Phone She Forgot. (I’m guessing that MAYBE the Police let her make one phone call on it before they took it away permanently.)



I’m pairing up with bluegrass writer Mike Richards today…our second time rhyming together. And then I’m going to unplug and put my feet up for football this weekend. I’m checking the schedule now to see where Taylor Swift is playing this weekend.


Monday morning I’ll be on the road early with Lang Scott & Linda Davis bound for Maryville, Tennessee where we will play another showcase for Tennessee venue buyers Monday evening at the beautiful Clayton Center for the Arts. So Monday’s blog may be very short because of the traveling we’ll have in front of us.



Have a great weekend!


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