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Finishing A Song..."Retired"...Happy States


Wednesday September 13, 2023


Wednesday be here…another Hump Day. Sunshine and really pleasant in Nashville today with a high of just 82.



I finished up a country song with Jerry Salley & Victoria Venier that we had started a month ago that turned out great. A drinking song…and you can’t get enough of those in country music. We had time to catch up on everyone’s busy life.



Victoria had been in Williamsburg, Virginia where they just launched a new Halloween Show at Busch Gardens down there for her and her husband Matt Davenport’s production company Matt Davenport Productions.


And Jerry is always busy producing acts for Billy Blue and Billy Jam Records as well as writing songs and playing shows himself. The two of us have been talking about doing a comedy-bluegrass concept album for the label that would be full of some of the funny songs I’ve written through the years. Something I could get excited about and I’m hoping will happen. So keep your fingers crossed.



I was in Waynesville, Ohio this past Saturday night for a show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott at the Keepin’ It Country Farm. I had forgotten to mention a cool thing that happened that night after our show was finished. 



Someone came up to me in our merch line, and wanted to buy my CD that has the song “Retired” on it that I wrote with Brent Burns and Ray Stevens recorded. I sang it at the show that night. 



This man who was buying the CD told me he had been at the show the week before when the special guest was Tim Atwood, a noted piano player (for a lot of stars) sang “Retired”!  How about that?  Tim heard Ray Stevens sing it one night and liked it so much they had recorded the song himself. So…check out Tim’s version of “Retired”.



Judging from this picture my daughter Heather posted with her husband Casey yesterday in PARIS…they somehow have a better life than I do slaving over songs. Geez. 




A man died after eating raw oysters near the coast and the fear is that a lethal bacteria spread from the recent hurricanes.


The CDC says the latest COVID booster shots are good to go next week for those who want to roll up their sleeves again.


A new report says marijuana use for adults 35-60 years of age has reached an historic “high”….literally.



I love business owners who are so honest don’t you?



WalletHub listed the happiest states to live in. Less traffic, good jobs etc.


5 New Jersey

4 Minnesota

3 Maryland

2 Hawaii


And the number one happiest state?  Utah.


Of the six states I’ve lived in only 2 made their TOP 20 LIST. Those would be Wisconsin and Illinois.


I did interview for a radio job in Salt Lake several years ago. Beautiful. The job never worked out so I guess I regret missing a chance to be happier than I already am. I guess.



If the job would have worked out in Utah I’m not sure I’d have chosen a home with HOA rules. There are some odd ones.


No blue trampolines allowed.

Don’t put the trash out until midnight

Dress rules for garage sales if you’re the owner

5-minute open garage door limit

No more than 15 pounds of pet


Which means someone has the job of bringing a scale to your door to weigh your gerbil?



That would be the guy who said to his girlfriend, “I love you with all my butt. I wanted to say my heart, but it isn’t as big as my butt”.



I’m back at the writing table this morning with Victoria Venier. Victoria LOVES horses…has a couple and she loves the west. So we’re tackling a cowboy-cowgirl type song today that will likely be something she can sing in our “Hits & Grins” shows, or some of her own. Looking forward to tackling that idea.


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