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Cowboy Songs...Ugly Cruise...The Canyon


Thursday September 14, 2023


Thursday morning and we’re already in the middle of September. How many shopping days until Christmas?


It has turned cooler here in Music City with a high of just 83 today, and early this morning as I’m starting today’s blog it’s just 54.



I finished up a legit “Cowboy” song with my friend Victoria Venier who’s love of horses is second to nobody else. In fact, she’s got a brand new horse on the way to her pasture in just a few weeks that she showed me a picture of. So when I wrote the chorus to this idea, she came to the top of my mind as someone who would not only love the idea but should also help finish it. And she did just that. It turned out to be a waltz like the song “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys” is. At the very least, I know this will be a song that Victoria will be singing in some of her shows and maybe some “Hits & Grins” show with our trio. But we do plan on sending it to a few artists we think might fit this little cowboy tune as well. Love the way it turned out.




Our “Hits & Grins” trio will play at the “Blast on theBay” songwriters festival October 19-22 in Port St. Joe, Florida. I know they are putting the finishing touches on this year’s schedule as I’m tying this, so that should be released in just a few day and then I’ll be able to share our venues and start times. This is a great songwriters festival down on the “Forgotten Coast” that I’ve played every single year with the exception of the inaugural event many years ago. I see lots of familiar faces now when I play this festival because anyone who checks it out…comes back to it again and again. It’s that cool. So bring your flip flops and come join us in just a few weeks!




Always nice to see a song you helped write in bright yellow on a T-Shirt. This is my buddy Brent Burns entertaining on a ship out in the Mediterranean yesterday. 



They’ve already toured Greece and Turkey and the group is now headed for Jerusalem. My friend is living the song we wrote “If Not Now When” along with 60 or so fans and that’s a great thing. Am I jealous? You bet!



One health expert says to look for these symptom with the new COVID strain and sort of in this order. Congestion followed by a sore throat, ear pain or headache and then sinus pressure


Here in Tennessee our Governor Bill Lee says there will be no COVID vaccine or mask mandates. DeSantis in Florida leans that way but in NYC the Governor there is urging everyone to get on board with both.


Meanwhile a Rutgers study just out suggests certain mouth washes might stop the spread of COVID-19.




After reading this sign I thought of this funny-related song that my warped friend Heywood Banks wrote and performs…”The One Eye Love”.  Check that out and see if you don’t laugh a little.



That’s National Parks Day when you can visit some of our beautiful National and State Parks for free. I’ve been to several. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion, Smoky Mountain, and others. But this one?  Still my favorite.



Never gets old peering over the rim and being swept away by the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Go if you haven’t. Wait until sun down and watch the changing colors. Amazing. 



I took a helicopter ride once over the canyon. You’re flying along and you see the rim approaching. And when the chopper flies over the rim?  You feel like you got swallowed up in a water color painting. 




US incomes have fallen now for the third year in a row. Thank God the prices of groceries and gas and everything else have decreased as well right?  Uh huh. As someone says a lot of folks are thinking “there’s too much month at the end of the money”. And with that I give you this joke about inflation:

Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair.



Mexican Government Released X-Ray Scans Of Two Alien Babies It Has In Its Possession. I know some parents here in the states that think they are raising alien babies, but that’s another story for another time.



I’m back writing with Jenny Tolman today who just released this great new single. Normally her producer husband Dave Brainard joins us but he has to be in studio. So her little boy “Bear” will be trying to help us rhyme in his place while I’m there.



Have a great Thursday!




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