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A Gospel Write...CMA's...Show In Ohio Tomorrow


Friday September 8, 2023


Friday morning…the weekend is on us…and once again I’m packing up the guitar and a suitcase for a road-trip tomorrow morning. 84 for the high in Nashville.


Meanwhile in the Caribbean they are expecting Hurricane Lee to hit Cat 5 now. Wow. 180 mph winds when it’s at that intensity.



My songwriting appointment was online last evening with Eric Marshall who lives in North Carolina. He’s part of the group Carson Peters andIron Mountain and they’re on the Billy Blue Record Label that I write a lot of songs for and was just back from a long trip out west with the band. This was our second time writing, and this time Carson brought a gospel idea he wanted to write and so we did. He and his group do a lot of gospel-grass tunes in their shows and they will start working on a new CD come first of the year, so this will be a song he can put on the stack for consideration. 




Jessie Ritter in Pensacola, my talented young friend who now has 2 kids just released a new CD "Living The Dream" that has a couple of songs on it we wrote together. One “Gone To See America” we wrote with Steve Dean. The other is a song called “My Favorite Color” that the two of us wrote. She’s doing a “story behind the song” kind of thing on her Facebook page right now which is cool, and here’s the story behind the “Color” song as told by Jessie and then she sings it.  Check it out and find out what inspired the idea.





To my extremely talented friend Josh Shilling who an incredible singer, writer, producer, and a big part of the Mountain HeartBluegrass group. It was Josh Shilling Day in his hometown back in Virginia yesterday!  Big stuff when they name a danged day after you. I texted and asked if there were any discounts to be had because of it being Josh Shilling Day.  Nothing. Just my luck. 



Josh and I have had some luck together getting a couple of cuts together including this one from the great Del McCoury that landed on his Grammy nominated album last year “Once Again”. Congrats to Josh on his big day that will now happen every year.



The CMA nominations came out yesterday. Lainey Wilson got 9 nominations…more than anyone.


For your Entertainer of the Year the nominees are:

Luke Combs

Chris Stapleton

Carrie Underwood

Morgan Wallen

Lainey Wilson



Luke Combs

Jelly Roll

Cody Johnson

Chris Stapleton

Morgan Wallen



Kelsea Ballerini

Miranda Lambert

Ashley McBryde

Carly Pearce

Lainey Wilson


The 57th Annual CMA Awards Show will air on ABC November 8.  And if you’re interested here’s the entire list of categories and the nominees.



A study from Australia reveals that marijuana restores quality of life for the chronically ill.


According to one dietitian if you want to lose weight don’t choose blue cheese, ranch, or Caesars to pour on top of your salad.


A leading immunologist says to get your COVID booster shot in the same arm you got the first one to maximize the benefits…for those who choose to do so.





Actor George Clooney is selling his little double-wide on Lake Como in Italy. He’s only asking 107 million for it. Propane tank not included.




How about the 7 year old girl who found a LARGE diamond in Crater Diamond State Park in Arkansas?  A big-un for sure. A 2.95 golden brown carat diamond. You pay $17 bucks to get into the park and look for gems. I’d say she covered her admission fee…and then some. 




Proof that some people put what they’re really thinking on a T-Shirt.



The Army, Navy, Airforce, and Coast Guard will fall short of what they need recruit wise. 25% short. They’re placing some of the blame on obesity and lack of patriotism for some of the Gen Z kids. We should start seeing lots of commercials that will try and change some of their minds.



At least some truth in this statement some keen person posted.

Kids in back seats cause accidents. Accidents in the back seat cause kids.



A new single was dropped at midnight from Jimmy Buffett. And it’s a great message song about life called ‘Bubbles Up”. So he left…but he left us something. 



I’m off to write with Kentuckian Alex Miller who’s in town again after doing a show with my friends Jerry Salley and Wood Newton over in Livingston, TN last night. I’m sure he’ll be a little bit bleary when he shows up so I’ll make sure the coffee pot is on before we start rhyming again.


And then it’s time to pack for an early departure for Waynesville, Ohio with Linda Davis, and Lang Scott as we have a show tomorrow evening at the Keepin’ It Country Farm owned by Richard and Donna Lynch that I’ve heard so much about. Looking forward to that…and the weekend!



Have a great weekend yourself.


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