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9/11...Ohio Show...Skyline Chili Stop


Monday September 11, 2023


Monday morning and I’m back in Nashville.  88 for a high but man it’s been pleasant outdoors all weekend.


I’ll certainly be reflecting on 9/11 today  I was on air at WSM-FM radio for a very long time that day… 5 am until 7 or 8 pm before I went home after trying to make sense of the tragedy “live” on the radio. Certainly a day I will never ever forget. And I hope none of us ever forget.




Friday morning I was at my publishing company writing with Alex Miller once again came in without getting much sleep after having a show a couple of hours out of Nashville the night before. The good news is he’s young and has a ton of energy so he was good to go. And if you’ve ever been around my friend you know what I mean by energy. Knowing that ahead of time I got a start on an idea that turned into a bluegrass tune after Alex heard what I had after I had put it in a western swing kind of groove. And we both love both kinds of music. Alex is from Kentucky so I’m pretty sure it’s a law that you have to love bluegrass.


Song turned out great, we grabbed a Mexican lunch and then he headed home to KY and I headed to my house to pack for the trip to Ohio.



Our “Evening in the Round” trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself made the trip from Nashville to Waynesville, Ohio which is about 30 miles north of Cincinnati (my old stomping grounds) to the ‘Keepin It Country Farm’ owned by Richard and Donna Lynch.



Richard has a great band and they play traditional country and he himself built the venue he put on his farm many years ago as he is also a builder. And he gave the three of us a little tour on a Gator and golf cart of the soybean field that surround the venue and their house. Beautiful country. And he and Donna could not have been nicer folks. In fact, everyone working there were that way.



For me, it’s always great to go back to Ohio where I spent so many years. And there were quite a few folks there who came up to me after our show and told me that they used to listen when I was on the radio there and shared some great stories and memories of those days. The kind of stuff that touches your heart for sure. 



And one lady, Pat McAninch, shared this picture of me and the staff at WUBE radio when I first was hired there back in 1985. Wow…what a trip down memory lane this truly is. Good to see my hair again! 



Linda just wowed the crowd as she always does…ditto for Lang. It never ceases to be an incredible evening whenever I get to travel and play music with those two. And their daughter Hillary was playing just down the road about 30 minutes away as her trio Lady A was playing a concert right after the Cincinnati Reds baseball game last night. So Linda mentioned that and then the three of us sang one of their hits “I Run To You”. 



And I took the opportunity to play the Jimmy Buffett song “Pirate Looks At 40” to honor him in Ohio where the entire Parrot Head movement started. And I could see a lot of folks singing along as I did that.



Just a great evening, and we truly cannot wait until Richard and Donna ask us to come back. 



We were up early and rolling to Nashville but we made a brunch stop in Louisville for this treat…Skyline Chili.  We didn’t have time to hit one of the Skyline stores in Ohio, so Lang and Linda were nice enough to pull over at one of the two locations they have in Louisville so I could get my fix. Ya just can’t beat good friends. 




On Friday the CDC released data that says antibodies produced by prior infection or existing vaccines against the coronavirus were sufficient to protect against the new BA.2.86 variant.


The demand for COVID at home tests is high with a spike in COVID numbers. The good news is that this time they have plenty of them to go around for those that need them.


According to a new study long COVID symptoms create a greater burden of disability than heart disease or cancer.



Ever hear of #un bolillo p’al susho”? Me neither. The Mexican phrase means “”A roll for fright”. When one gets scared in Mexico they pass out rolls to eat….bread. And apparently there is some science to it. The bread calms the stomach acid that builds up when one gets frightened. They swear it works.

So the next time I see anything about Britney Spears in the news…I’m asking for a roll.



It’s been really hot in Phoenix this year. 54 days this year the temperature there hit 110 degrees! And there may be more of that kind of heat out there before they finally cool down a bit. Might want to pass on buying that property in the desert.


To my youngest sister Rita who lives up in Rochester, Minnesota. She and her husband Terry are celebrating their 30th anniversary today. Awesome.



There is a gift coming from the now late Jimmy Buffett for all the Parrot Heads. A new album will be out this Fall. Three of the songs are already available for downloads “Bubble Up”, “Like My Dog” and this song “MyGummies Just Kicked In.”


And check out this behind the scenes making of the video featuring Sir Paul McCartney in the studio playing bass guitar on this song. Way cool to watch.



The world famous Bluebird Café…the holy grail venue for songwriters here in Nashville is being developed into a musical. Uh huh. The TV show “Nashville” was a big hit based on the Bluebird. Don’t know why a musical won’t work either. As a songwriter, it’s still one of THE places to play in the world. Intimate, quiet, and always sold out. Everyone should see one show there…any show. I’ve been blessed to play there a few times. In fact, I recorded my first comedy song CD “Off The Wall” at the Bluebird. Can’t wait to see the musical someday.




Shoplifting has gotten out of control. One Walmart store in Atlanta has decided to put a police workspace inside the store to help combat all the theft that’s going on. A very different kind of Walmart “greeter” for sure.



“I get all kinds of weird looks at the gym. Can’t they bring their own pizza”?!



I didn’t schedule anything big on the calendar today on purpose to reset after a road trip. Next road trip will be September 18-19 with Linda Davis and Lang Scott to Indianapolis for private showcase for those who book acts for their venues in the Midwest. Looking forward to that.


Have a great Monday!


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