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9/11...Little Girls...Farmers Almanac


Tuesday September 11, 2023

Tuesday morning arises in Music City USA.



Was about as slow as it gets these days around the Whyte House. No complaints. Got to the gym, caught up on some stuff and I’m good to go for the rest of the week which is pretty busy. And I certainly spent some time reflecting on 9/11. All these years later it’s still hard to process the madness of that day.


I was on air all day at WSM-FM that day covering the event. Trying to make sense of it. I remember playing nothing but patriotic music the entire time. “God Bless The USA” in particular…many times. I remember listeners calling in…some of them were scared…crying. Some were just flat out pissed and ready to fight back. As awful as it was, I remember how it pulled our country together. We were suddenly united as a country. Proud to be Americans. Ready to help. Ready to do whatever needed to be done. And how can anyone forget the incredible heroism of those firefighters, police, first responders and others?  It seems surreal now. Like it never happened. But it did. And we should never ever forget.




October 18 I’ll be part of a great house concert (private) here in town to help raise money for the organization Mercy Chefs. They go to disasters…hurricanes…floods…etc. and make sure that the first responders and volunteers are reward with GREAT food. Chef Gary Alan and Ann LeBlanc founded this great organization after seeing the impact hurricane Katrina had on New Orleans, Gary’s hometown. He was outraged by the quality of food he saw being served to those responders and wanted to make sure they got great hot meals. How great is that?



So I’ll be joining my friends Lang Scott & Linda Davis who are organizing a songwriters event to benefit them. Our friends Lauren Mascitti, Bobby Tomberlin and Tess Frizzell will be joining us that evening. Happy to be a small part of such a worthwhile effort.


TOO CUTE      

I wanted to share this cut picture of “Gentry” who is the daughter of my friend Paul Bogart and his wife Tonya. Paul and I wrote this song “While She’s Mine” that Paul recorded shortly after she was born. And look at her growing up!  Any Dad with a daughter I think can relate to what this songs says. Click on the link…listen…and see if you don’t agree.



Here are the top 5 COVID states right now. Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Arkansas. All 5 states are above 20% positivity.


Yesterday the FDA approved a COVID booster for ages 5 and above.


Add some cocoa to your coffee. At least that’s what some gastroenterologists do because it’s healthier for your gut…they say.


How much interest has there been in Jimmy Buffett since he passed?  So much interest that his album “Songs You Know By Heart” just landed at #3 on the Country Album Chart this week. A lot of folks are still digging out their collection of Jimmy Buffett albums and many are downloading his music. Some for the first time. That’s a pretty nice tribute to him and his music.



That’s what the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting. A cold snowy winter for a large part of the US. Including parts of Tennessee. If you get snow you have to look at the positive side of it like writer Clyde Moore does who once said, “There’s one good thing about snow, it makes your lawn look as good as your neighbors.” So there’s that.



Carrie Underwood has been singing the Sunday Night Football theme now for 11 years. It’s a pretty danged good gig as she gets paid 1 million per week. 18 million a year. And she’s been singing it since 2013 or so. And the entire song is 60 seconds or less. I’m going to offer my services to sing the theme song for Pickleball Tournaments and see if that pays anything.




Nashville is about to get self-driving Taxis. I just don’t see me jumping in one of those right away. Heck, if you don’t get a Taxi driver that you can’t understand, how do you even call that a Taxi?




It’s a well-documented story that Elvis wanted to record Dolly’s song “I Will Always Love You”. And then Colonel Tom Parker got greedy and wanted all the publishing. Dolly was heartbroken because, well…it’s Elvis. But she stood her ground and said “no”. And Colonel Parker would not let Elvis record it. The song made Dolly a fortune anyway, especially after Whitney Houston recorded it. But here’s a story I had not heard until I read it this morning.


Priscilla told Dolly that when she and Elvis got divorced, he sang the song to her as they were walking down the courthouse steps after the divorce had been finalized. So Elvis did sing it. He just never recorded it.



I’m pretty sure the only way any of us will ever get the kind of money that Dolly got from the royalties for “I Will Always Love You” will be if we hit the Powerball. It’s up to 522 million today. If I win I’ll go back to the clerk who sold me the ticket and sing “I Will Always Love You” at the top of my lungs.


FYI…wonder why no-one ever chooses to sing anything at the “bottom” of their lungs?



Man Explains Why He Lives With A Pigeon On His Head. (I can only guess how many times he has to shampoo his noggin’ everyday)



I’m writing today with my friends Victoria Venier and Jerry Salley at my publishing company. We’re going to try and finish a song idea we started several weeks ago that Victoria brought to the table. Looking forward to the rhyming.



Have a great Tuesday!




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