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Road Ahead...Relax...Barbie Botox


Thursday August 24, 2023


Thursday morning in the sauna known as Nashville. 99 here today folks.



Bit of a lazy yesterday as I had a writing appointment that cancelled. So it turned into a phone day at my desk. For the most part, my phone doesn’t overwhelm me a lot with calls. But for whatever reason yesterday it was wearing me out a bit…but all good stuff.



One call was from my friend Terry Seay who is hosting a house concert with "Hits and Grins" as headliners this coming Saturday night at their house. Show time is 8 pm in Franklin, Tennessee. Terry told me we still have some open seats available, so if you’re near don’t miss this fun show. He also told me about some very cool surprise announcements he has in store that I’ll be able to share here come Monday morning after our show is done. So join me, Victoria Venier and Steve Dean and fill up these seats Saturday night!




I also spent some time talking to my beach friend Brent Burns kicking around a new funny song title…and also talking more about the huge Parrot Head event MOTM that will be in Gulf Shores in the middle of October. Formal wear the entire week will be beach shirts, shorts, sandals, sunglasses, and beach hats. I’m playing a couple of different events with more to be announced so stay tuned. And the big event is going to be this comedy night you see below. Need a beach vacation?  Come down for this gathering.




September is on us, and with that…here’s a peek at where I’ll be playing in September and October.


September 8 in Waynesville, Ohio with Linda Davis, and Lang Scott as our “Evening in the Round” show plays at the Keepin’ It Country Farm

September 18-19 in Indianapolis at a private event with Linda Davis & Lang Scott.

October 7 at Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant in Franklin, Tennessee with “Hits & Grins” featuring Victoria Venier & Steve Dean and myself.



October 19-22 at Blast on the Bay Songwriters Festival in Port St. Joe, Florida with “Hits & Grins”.


October 24-29 at MOTM…the big Parrot Head gathering and awards show in Gulf Shores, Alabama.


Full details on all of these shows are available in the calendar section of the website here.



170 million flu doses are rolling out for the Fall. The CDC folks say that last year 40-75% of folks were less likely to have been hospitalized if they were vaccinated for the flu.


A new study is suggesting that drinking 1-2 sugar drinks per day increases liver cancer risk by as much as 85%.


The FDA is cracking down on companies that sell unauthorized vapes to kids saying they will hold those folks accountable.



Wife: “You only hear what you want to hear”!


Husband: “Yes, I would love a cold beer”.



I was on the couch yesterday and caught a lot of my Reds playing a double header against the Angels and winning BOTH games. Been a pretty good year to be a Reds fan so far. I’m rooting hard that Nashville gets a Major League team sooner than later. Yesterday I mentioned the Chicago White Sox are talking about a move and that Nashville would be a consideration if they do such a thing…which I doubt. But…one can hope. Another plus was the Major League Players Association saying the players choose Nashville as their favorite city for a new team. TV would like it too I would think as the cameras would be able to catch a lot of country music stars in the stands on a regular basis. C’mon…bring it!



Did you know that in Europe they have a “Relaxing Championship” contest? FINALLY…a competition I could win a trophy for!  Check this out.



How about this 93 year old man from New Jersey…a lifelong bachelor who just married a woman he met at a wedding some 64 years ago?  He was the Best Man…she was the Maid Of Honor at that wedding. And all these years later…they’re hitched. Can’t stop love folks.




“Women Getting Barbie Botox For Longer Doll Like Necks”. Can’t make that kind of stuff up folks.



I’m tackling a funny idea that my bluegrass friend Irene Kelley wants to turn into a song. So this should be a fun day.


Have a great Thursday.



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