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Old Songs...Beach Festivals...Uno For Money


Wednesday August 2, 2023


And here comes the first Hump Day in August. The high is 87 today…first time below 90 in a while.



I’m on my first cup of java this morning and noticed this on the side of my cup. I just felt obligated to say I did NOT buy this cup…my wife did. And that makes me so glad that her vision is a tad impaired.




A lazy day around the Whyte House yesterday so I used it to make calls and pitch a couple of songs to a great bluegrass artist who’s close to recording a new album. For a songwriter it’s a great thing when an artist sends a note asking you to send them songs. And I’m pretty sure a couple of the songs are going to make it onto this project. Should know pretty soon.


It’s a funny thing about songs. One of the songs I think that will get recorded has been laying in my catalog since I wrote it way back in 2005 at a writing camp with Lisa Shaffer who was the original female singer in our “Hits & Grins” trio. We sat in a log cabin owned by Lisa’s Dad and Mom and wrote an idea I had with now big hit songwriter Wil Nance. It was one of those deals where Lisa had access to a couple of cabins and invited a few writers to hang out over a couple of weekends and write songs. I met Steve Dean who’s also a “Hits & Grinner” at that camp as well.


And now almost 20 years later that fun song we wrote around that table is going to find a home. Pretty cool.



I’ve got a couple of those coming up on my calendar.


Blast on the Bay is a great boutique songwriters festival in Port St. Joe, Florida. I’ll be there October 22 through October 23 with “Hits & Grins” playing at least three show. Beautiful part of Florida. Quiet. Lots of great seafood!



Then the following week I play MOTM “Meeting of the Minds” in Gulf Shores.  I have two shows scheduled right now with more to be announced. The big one will sell out…”Fools On Stools” That event is October 24-28.



And then in November it’s back to Gulf Shores for the FrankBrown Songwriters Festival…again with “Hits & Grins”. But I’ll also be playing a Freedom Sings USA show at the Flora Bama Main Listening Room with Steve Dean, Wood Newton, Bobby Tomberlin, and others where we’ll be singing songs that we’ve written with our veterans. I’ll be there November 9-11.




So pack your flip flops and come join me on the sand.



The Trop Rock Music Awards will be one of the big events at MOTM in Gulf Shores, that I mentioned above. The ballots are out for voting members and I was happy to see two songs I wrote with Brent Burns that he recorded on his latest album are on the ballot.  LotOf Beaches To Go” the title track. And “66 Mustang Summer of 82”. And the album is also up for “Best Trop Rock Album of the Year”. Congrats to my buddy Brent and congrats to all the great artists on the voting  ballot this year. 




That Mega Million ticket I bought yesterday is shredded…again. The good news is that nobody else won again either. The pot is now up to 1.25 BILLION!  Experts say the odds of winning is 1 in 302.6 million and that you have a better chance of getting bitten by a shark. 




55 million Americans will be under a heat alert today. Hot and getting hotter.


A new study says just 4 minutes of intense daily activity could slash the cancer risk against non-exercisers. Fast walking and stair climbing would fit.


Amazon Clinic Healthcare has now been expanded to all 50 states…and DC as well. If you want to see a Doctor online?  That may be your ticket. Soon will be looking at an AI doctor and nurse…I’m guessing.



This one from the late Rodney Dangerfield who made a LOT of jokes about his health and his doctor.


I went to the doctor and said, “Doc, every morning when I wake up and look in the mirror, I throw up. What’s wrong”? The doctor said, “I don’t know, but your eyesight is perfect”.



After reading that Paul McCartney has just announced another international tour with the band. He’s 81. And still rockin’. One of the best TV moments ever came on what is now the old James Corden late night TV show when he got Sir Paul in a car and toured McCartney’s old home town surprising a lot of folks. And…he did a surprise concert in a pub. If for some reason you’ve never seen that…check it out HERE.



Ever play the card game Uno? I used to love the game. Been a long while since I’ve been dealt in. But…if you’re a huge fan you can apply for the job of the Mattel Chief Uno Player. Mattel is going to pay someone they select to sit and play their new Uno card game Uno Quatro and teach the rules. How much?  $4,444 (Quatro dough) each week in a part time capacity. Pretty fun work if you can get it.




When I was doing morning radio shows the Edy’s Ice Cream guy would come by every now and then. He gets paid by Edy’s to taste ice cream, and then take ice cream to radio and TV shows for publicity. He always left some to take home. And I’m thinking, what a great job!  Wonder if Kraft needs a Mac and Cheese guy?



Some companies are signing employees up for what’s being called a Top Gun Experience. You sit in simulators; do dogfights I guess and learn to have each other’s back like pilots do and did the movie. It will only cost one $100,000 for the experience. And you know someone is going to sign up, drop all that money, and then throw up in the flight simulator. I think the bucket will set you back another $30.



Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas In Spacecraft. (I don’t wanna know)



Another free day! But I’ll be in one of my favorite places this evening…the ballpark.


Have a great Wednesday!












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