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New Songs Out Today...Mo Mo Again...Little Rock Retreat


Friday August 11, 2023


Friday morning and I’m packed and ready to hit the road in a couple of hours to Little Rock. 91 degrees here in Nashville and not much cooler in Little Rock.




I had a fun online write with my beach pal Brent Burns yesterday morning as we put the finishing touches of a funny beach song that the two of us are going to unveil at this year’s big “Fools On Stools” show at MOTM…the parrot head gathering coming up in October in Gulf Shores. I’d share a little of the lyrics, but we’re going to hold that for the big event, and then we’ll have it available.



Brent is just back from a California trip and played a private show in one of those fly in communities where some folks came in their planes, got out and pulled up a chair to listen to Brent before they jumped back in and flew back home. How cool is that?



The two of us are also working on a separate show for just the two of us at MOTM “Meeting of the Minds”. More info on that coming soon.




My friend Jessie Ritter will have a “live” online veiling of her new song-video that Steve Dean and I wrote with her “Gone To SeeAmerica.”  9 AM central time the video will be up.  You can watch on her You Tube Channel this morning if you’d like or hit the link above to listen to the song right now. The song fits her and her family’s life style of traveling and performing. I’m glad she decided to release it as her new single.




This new Scott Southworth album is out today with two songs I helped write “Country No Matter What Country” and this song “Everything I Never Knew”. Both of these were written with Scott. Scott’s a really good traditional country artist and the songs on his new album are all great. Happy to be part of this one too.




Get this. I got a call from the PBS TV station in St. Louis wanting to do a Zoom Link interview next Thursday morning about the record “Mo Mo” the Missouri Monster that was the first record I ever recorded about that supposed Big Foot that was roaming around on Star Hill in Louisiana, Missouri. 



The story and the song still live some 50 years.


 This past year I did a packed concert in Louisiana, sang the song, listened to the crowd sing the song, received a plaque from a State Representative commemorating the song that was then place in the Historical Society Museum in Louisiana, Mo for all to see. 


 Unbelievable how this story and this song just continue to live on. We pressed just 1,000 45 rpm records of the song but yet somehow people remember. And the night I sang it in Louisiana the entire crowd sang the song back to me…LOUDLY.



The interview should be available on their website I would think. I’ll pass along those details when I get them.



Real Kosher Ice Cream has been recalled off of shelves because of Listeria contamination.


A leading Doctor was quoted in an article saying there are 2 foods pretty much guaranteed to add inches to our waistlines. Donuts and chips. (I was sure hoping he’d say broccoli and spinach)


As much as 60% of the country suffer from leg cramps. Oh yea. I’m one. At night…leg…toes. A Dr. told me once to drink a little G2 Gatorade before going to bed. Not regular Gatorade but G2. And it does seem to work as they are less frequent. Another Doctor swears that pickle juice really helps. Yuk. I’ll stick with G2.






Devastating. Some of the pictures are just hard to believe. 55 dead from those wildfires in Hawaii. My wife and I spent a few days in Kaanapali which is just north of Lahaina where the worst of the fires have hit. Beautiful. Truly beautiful place. It’s just hard to imagine it’s the same place I’m seeing now on the news. And so far no idea as to what set the fires off in paradise.



MoneyGeek just listed what they say are the least safe small towns to live in America. Population 30,000 to 100,000.


5 Wilmington, Delaware

4 Alexandria, LA

3 Houma, LA

2 Monroe LA


And the un-safest is Pine Bluff, Arkansas.


What’s with the state of Louisiana?



This from the late and brilliant comedienne Phyliss Diller who said, “Marry a man your own age. As your beauty fades, so will his eyesight.”



It’s off to Little Rock to join some other Nashville Songwriters for a Freedom Sings USA writers retreat. Tonight is the meet and great with a little songwriter show. Then tomorrow we write with our assigned veterans and then perform those songs tomorrow night in a concert that is free to attend. Looking forward to meeting yet another person who has served out country.



Have a great weekend.



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