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Jimmy Fortune...An Australian Song...No Setup


Tuesday August 8, 2023

Tuesday morning arising in Nashville. 87 degrees today after more rain yesterday. But at least we did not get hit like the east did yesterday with those bad storms.



I spent the morning writing with Jimmy Fortune at his house and his neighbor and hit Christian songwriter Dave Clark also dropped by to help write an idea I brought with me. Dave and Jimmy are neighbors and longtime friends and collaborators and I’m just happy to be a part of that sometimes these days.



We caught up, talked about Jimmy’s statue they erected near his hometown recently in Virginia and the book that Dave is close to finishing about Jimmy’s musical career and life. Can’t wait to read that. Always a pleasure to sit in a room and hear Jimmy’s voice that Don Reid, the lead singer of the Statler Brothers that Jimmy was part of describes as the best male voice he ever heard AND the best female voice.  Jimmy can sing “high” and Don Reid said as much when he spoke at the ceremony unveiling his friend Jimmy’s statue. 



Fun morning with those two.



Check out this great video interview where Jimmy interviews our mutual friend Linda Davis in a little video program about songwriter that Jimmy hosts. You’ll see and hear them talk about the song “Looking For Audrey” that I wrote with Linda and Bobby Tomberlin. And they also talk about the song “Safe Haven” that I wrote with Jimmy, Sydni Perry and Hillary Scott that landed on the “Love Remains” Grammy winning album for Hillary Scott & The Scott Family. Some great stories told here. Check it out.



I got a nice e-mail this morning from Australia from Alan Mackey who’s a longtime country artist from Down Under letting me know that a song I helped him and my young Aussie producer friend Angus Gill write is being recorded and female artist TC Cassidy also from Australia is going to be singing on this song with Alan. It’s an idea Alan brought to the table and it felt “Spanish” to me from the story that developed about this girl dancer in Mexico who is central to the song. Alan told me in the note the instruments include nylon guitar and a cello and mandolin so that’s going to be exciting to hear when it’s done. Good news indeed.





Carcinogens have been found at Montana nuclear missile sites as reports of hundreds of cancer surface. That can’t be good.


The weight loss drug Wegovy was shown to reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes or heart-related diseases by 20% in a major clinical trial.


The CDC says the variant E.G.5 is now the most dominant COVID virus including a strain that some are calling Eris. (naming COVID viruses is sort of like naming hurricanes. New ones just keep coming ashore.)



My wife asked me, “Why don’t you treat me like you did when we were first dating?


So I took her to dinner and a movie and then dropped her off at her parents place”.



Or does it seem odd to anyone else that Zoom is asking it’s employees to come back to the office? Might be one of the all-time oxymorons.



Anyone that knows me knows I eat most things “plain”. No condiments, vegetables, salad dressing nothing extra. But even though I will order by saying, “give me a plain cheeseburger…just cheese, bread and bun”….often times it comes back with stuff on it.


So yesterday evening I ordered that cheeseburger at a local sports bar where I was watching the Reds come out of their losing streak against the Marlins. And the waitress says, “so you want it with no set up”? Turns out that’s waitress order speak for “plain”. At least in that bar. So I’ll now be ordering with “no set up” in the future to see how that works.



US Customs & Border folks in Texas just found 4 million dollars’ worth of meths hidden in vegetables. Wow. Maybe folks will finally stop asking me to eat my veggies now.




Someone just drove a Toyota Landcruiser underwater for 7 km. And yes…there’s a record for that that just got broken. Which means of course that one morning some guy woke up and said to his wife, “you know what I think I’m going to do today baby?” And then quietly put a wet suit on and drove off in their Landcruiser for the day.




Does Burying A Loved One In The Backyard Mean Avoiding Paying Taxes?  (I didn’t check. Y’all go ahead if you want)



Nothing big. Making some advance plans for a Friday departure to Little Rock for veterans songwriting retreat with Freedom Sings USA. But other than that?  I might go drive my car underwater for a few kilometers.



Have a great Tuesday!




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