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Funny Co-Write...Wildflower Too...House Concert Saturday


Friday August 25, 2023


The weekend approaches. It’s Friday! A cool 100 degree high expected here in Nashville today.



I wrote with Irene Kelley yesterday at my publishing company. Irene played at the Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival last weekend as did I and while we were there she shared a funny idea for a song she had. So yesterday we tackled that and had great fun with it. Irene is a terrific well know bluegrass artist, was an MCA mainstream artist at one time and has had had several stars record her songs like Alan Jackson did with this great country song “I’m A Little Bluer Than That.”  But like a lot of artists, she didn’t have a funny song in her catalog. So we solved that problem yesterday for her and laughed while doing it.

 Her current bluegrass single is on the charts and doing well right now “Yellow Brick Highway”. Good day yesterday.



On the way back home after my songwriting session I had the internet station “Banjo Radio” on in my car and on popped the Darin and Brooke Aldridge new single “Wildflower Too” that I co-wrote with those two North Carolinians. Love this song…and it’s always a thrill to hear something you helped create on the car speakers.




In Australia they completed a study that found poor sleep is one of the biggest factors for ending up in a nursing home. 125,000 Aussie citizens were part of the group studied that revealed those that get 7-9 hours of sleep are 23% less likely to end up in a home.


Shot season and some of the doctors and such are encouraging we get all three. Could be expensive depending on your medical plan. Pfizer and Moderna are looking at charging as much as 110-130 bucks for COVID shot this go round.


There’s an ADHD drug shortage that could make back-to-school season challenging and it coud have widespread impact according to one expert.



The only one of your children that doesn’t grow up and move away is your husband. (And no…my wife did not say that…I think. I’m pretty sure.)



Town and Country listed what they believe are the most beautiful small towns in America state by state. I was curious to see which towns they picked in the several states I’ve live in. Here they are.


Galena, Illinois. A beautiful Mississippi river town that I’ve not yet visited.


Nashville, Indiana where they have a little country music Opry that a lot of folks know about. Again…not been.


In my home state of Missouri they chose the town of Weston. I’ve been all over the Show Me State but must confess I had to look it up.


Marietta in the Buckeye State of O H I O. Nope…never been there either.


Tennessee?  Gatlinburg! Yes!  Just got back from there. Smoky Mountains, Hillbilly Golf and Moonshine on the streets. How ya gonna beat that?


And finally Wisconsin where they picked? No one. Somehow they left the Badger State off this little slide show. But there are a lot of beautiful small towns in that state. Any little town in Door County, Wisconsin would make the list like Egg Harbor. 




The heat wave has taken a toll on the vineyards in France. Winemakers there say to look for a lot higher priced wine in the future because of that. I can’t remember the last time a bottle of Mogen David jumped in price.



Pretty sure Michael Jordan can afford as much expensive wine as he wants. His net worth right now is reportedly 3.5 BILLION dollars. That Nike deal did him good. And if you’ve not seen the movie AIR which is all about that…you should. Really good movie that shows who smart Michael’s Mama was during negotiation time. 




In parts of Dallas Wal Mart is getting set to start drone delivery. Yep…eggs, butter, clothes you name it can be dropped at your door on in your yard or up on the roof in 30 minutes or less. That’s the promise.



Try entering the T-Rex races. Just like it sounds. 100’s of folks jump into a T-Rex outfit and race. And you leave from the starting gate at a race track. Finally. Something to replace pickleball. 




I’m writing with Mike Richards for the first time. My publishing company thought we might write well together so they set this one up. I hear great things about his prowess at writing bluegrass tunes with great titles, so I look forward to getting to know Mike today and creating something together with him.



Tomorrow night I’m at the Terry and Wanda Seay house concert in Franklin, Tennessee with my “Hits & Grins” trio.


Our opening act starts at 7 pm, Katrina Burgoyne a talented and funny Aussie. 


Then we play at 8 pm. BYOB and you pay at the door. Hope to see some of you there Saturday night.



Have a great weekend!