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A Bear...Vern Songs...Opry Song


Monday August 7, 2023


Here comes the start of a new week. Monday morning and once again skies are noisy here as we have another thunderstorm rolling through. High of 90 today.



This past weekend started with a songwriting session with my friends Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard and our little co-writer buddy Bear pictured below. 7 months old already. Mom and Dad are going to be chasing sooner than later.



We finished up an idea we started a few weeks ago and then tweaked a song we finished a few years back working to make it better. One of those songs we’ve all loved since it was written, but one worth pulling up a few times to try to make even better. And I think we pulled that off Friday morning. 



Jenny just released a new single and Dave and her and Bear all just got back from a couple of shows out west. One in Wyoming and one in Reno. So young Bear is going to be seeing a lot of miles down the road with Mom and Dad as they’re working to add more dates to their calendar. If they get near you, go check them out. You’ll hear them sing several of our collaborations like this one…”I Know Some Cowboys”.



I went and saw my friend Linda Davis and Lang Scott sing at the Texas Troubadour Theater at the first ever Vernefest hosted by the great songwriter Max T. Barnes who along with his Daddy Max T. Barnes wrote a ton of hits, and many of those were for “The Voice” Vern Gosdin.



 The place was packed. Linda chose to sing “Way Down Deep” while Lang chose “Dream of Me”. A great lineup of singers kept coming, each of them singing a song from Vern’s catalog. There were a ton of Verne industry fans in the house including former musicians, writers, and producers. I really enjoyed hearing all those great songs performed by a great cast of singers that joined Max on stage who then told some great stories about Verne and sang. 




Thought I’d share this new photo of my daughter Heather and her flyboy Army husband Casey Peterson who’s flying officers and dignitaries around in a fixed wing airplane just like the one pictured here in Germany. Like all parents, proud of our kids. And we can’t wait to get over and visit them soon and see some of the amazing places they’ve been seeing. 




I tuned in 650AM WSM the home of the Grand Ole Opry on the radio for almost 98 years and got to hear my friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge sing their new single “Wildflower Too” that we wrote together and they were kind enough to say that before they performed the song. That never gets old. One of the joys of being a songwriter is that every now and then you get to hear something you created on the radio. Thank you Darin and Brooke.




Just opened a second rooftop bar. This one is located in Gatlinburg to go with the one he’s already got rockin’ here on Lower Broadway in Nashville. Jason was there for the grand opening this past Friday at the Gatlinburg location and I’d bet he sang a song titled “Try That In A Tourist Town”. But I’m not sure.


I’ll be in Gatlinburg in a couple of weeks for the GatlinburgSongwriters Festival August 18 & 19 taking place at the historical Gatlinburg Inn. This year the festival is smaller but cool with all the songwriter shows taking place at the Gatlinburg Inn. Word is it’s almost sold out so if you’re thinking about coming get your tickets ASAP.



The FDA has approved the first oral drug for postpartum depression.


I read an article that claims Castor Oil helps grow hair back on the top of your head, on your eyebrows and grow eyelash hair as well. (And all this time I’ve been using Miracle Grow. Who knew?!)


A new study claims that nose picking spread COVID among health care workers.



“My husband and I committed to never yelling at our kids. Then we had kids”. I’m sure some of you can relate.



Amazon stocked jumped 11%. With that Jeff Bezos just made another 12 BILLION. Tip money for him. For the life of me I can’t figure out how this girl fell for him can you?




My songwriter friend Wood Newton posted this. Made me laugh hard too. But not THIS hard.



There’s been a bunch of music artists having to dodge stuff thrown at them on stage during their shows recently. Cardi B, Harry Styles, Kelsea Ballerini, and many others. What’s with that?  One expert opinions that it’s folks out in a crowd hoping to something that might go “viral” on the social networks. Some folks are most surely starved for attention…even the wrong kind.


I’ve never had anything thrown at me on stage. But, I did have a woman walk out of my show once after I sang my song “Religion Scares The Hell Out Of Me.” She was offended. Her husband however did not leave with her and laughed his butt off at the song. True story. Pretty sure he bought the CD with the song on it as well.



Yes. There is a “burp” record. For real. And a woman just reset the record by burping out loud at 107 decibels! Wonder what that trophy looks like?




It’s that time of the year when the Fairs breakout. Everything you want to eat is fried and on a danged stick. How can you beat that kind of nutrition?  I love Fairs for the unique events they have. At our local Fair this year one can go see “Poppin’ Penelope the Balloon Artist”. (I’m not sure I want my balloon artist to have the word “poppin’” in their name) There’s also a Husband and Mom calling contest. How can you not wanna holler?  AND just by going to the Tennessee State Fair this year you’ll get a free moon pie!


Have I mentioned how much I love fairs?



Man Tapes 68 iPhones To His Body Trying To Smuggle Them Into China. Uh huh. I’m guessing he forgot to put the phones on silent.



I get to rhyme with Jimmy Fortune for the first time since they put up a statue in his honor in his home state of Virginia. I’m sure we’ll talk about THAT some today before we start writing. 



And then I have to go back and contribute a little more to our economy by buying another Mega Million ticket now worth 1.55 billion bucks. If I win I’m changing my name to Bill Bezos.


Have a great Monday!


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